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I'm an American living and working in the Philippines

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  1. Celestial2311; the best thing you can do is immigrate to the USA and then apply for a license once you have obtained via immigration. The information the person told you from the Social Security Administration is incorrect. Individual states have the ability to discern who is and is not qualified for licensure as a healthcare professional in their state. While NCSBN provides an administrative network to unify the states via the standardized NCLEX examination and many states have joined the Nurse Licensure Compact it still does not override the sovereignty of each state. As an Australian, you are not bound by the same retrogressive process that countries such as China, India and the Philippines are. You should speak with a migration professional about your options, if you've been working for at least 5 years or have a master's degree then you qualify for a professional migration visa which completely bypasses retrogression as retrogression only affects employment-related and lottery-based visas.
  2. Hushdawg

    NCLEX Application Center (NEAC) Comments and Reviews

    I cannot recommend that anyone use their services. A few years ago when I first became aware of their services they really were a full-service oriented organization but now the full burden of gathering and completing documents still falls upon the nurse applicant and so all you are really getting for your money is them filling out the state form and checking to see if you have all the papers and then use of their express shipper discount (which they should discount further since I have learned that they bundle multiple applications in a single packet yet charge each applicant a full shipping rate). Seriously, take a day to focus on the application and you can do it yourself. NEAC staff won't go to chase after all your documents in the Philippines, you'll still have to ask family to do that so what is the point, really?
  3. Hushdawg

    nclex rn application in Nevada

    The full text is: "2. **Validation of English Language Proficiency If you have graduated from a nursing program in a country or territory where the principle language is English, i.e. Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, Trinidad, Tobago, South Africa, Ghana, Jamaica, Barbados, or United States/territory, you are NOT required to validate your English language proficiency skills to obtain a license in Nevada. If the principal language of the country where you completed your nursing program is a language other than English, you are required to take and pass any ONE of the following options. You are required to complete an English proficiency exam regardless of your country of citizenship or language of instruction. " Officially speaking, the Philippines has TWO official languages according to the Philippine government: Tagalog and English. It can be argued that English is a principle language of the Philippines especially considering the large volume of English education that is incorporated in the basic levels of education. THE 1987 CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Article XIV, Section 7 reads: "For purposes of communication and instruction, the official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and, until otherwise provided by law, English." Therefore, I would encourage discussing this matter with Nevada Nursing Board a bit further. Regardless; English proficiency is needed for VisaScreen certification, so you're gonna have to do it sooner or later anyway for most visa categories. Though in all honesty the proficiency exam results will expire before you complete the visa process anyway. :/
  4. Hushdawg

    Nursing Graduate from Phil

    I believe the common solution that most find is to take the LPN course without any reference to the course they took in the Philippines and therefore start over from scratch. Really sad to see it since it means the nursing education in the Philippines was pretty much wasted.
  5. Hushdawg

    philippines vs. american trained nursing

    I don't think it's fair or accurate to refer to colleges in the Philippines as "doubtable" since some of the nursing schools in the Philippines have world-class credentials and provide high quality education. UP, UST, UE and Atteneo (to name a few) are highly prestigious universities and many people come from all over the world to attend and gain nursing degrees from them. I think that Mazee needs to analyze the cost-benefit ratio of studying in the Philippines versus studying in the USA. It may be more affordable to do an entire BSN study at UST (for example) than an equivalent university in the States. The added benefit of having life experience in another country is incalculable in my opinion. One major caution though is with regard to licensure in the States, being a foreign educated nurse means that the education has to go through another layer of scrutiny and one may have to submit information to CGFNS for evaluations or even additional exams prior to gaining licensure via NCLEX. Some states, such as Illinois, require that one have licensure in the country that he/she was educated in. IL, for instance, will not even grant a waiver for people who were US Citizens at the time of graduation, in spite of the fact that non-Filipinos are not permitted to sit for local board exams in the Philippines.
  6. Hushdawg

    using NEAC (manila) for NCLEX application

    This center used to provide a very good service but they changed everything back in the later part of 2010. They are not providing good services anymore and I would strongly advise against using them.
  7. Hushdawg

    NCLEX Application Center (NEAC) Comments and Reviews

    They used to be a good service but the service changed over a year ago. They don't provide much of anything and they charge more for the fees. US retrogression is so harsh now that you really do have time to prepare yourself. Take a weekend, research to choose which state you will apply to (where you will live and work in the USA) and then download/read everything on the Board website for that state for international applicants. Read carefully, follow all the instructions and you can do it yourself. Just take a whole weekend to focus on it and save your money.
  8. Hushdawg


    I've been to GeoLearning. It was a review center set up by Geo Nurse to train and educate nurses to go to the USA. Geo Nurse is incorporated in Florida but serves hospitals all over the USA. I think that they were using the EB3 visa for nurses in areas with extreme nursing shortages; but the last I heard that visa was suspended in December 2009 so I don't know what they are using now. If they process you through on a migrant visa, be aware that you may be able to get that migrant visa from someone else without binding to any kind of contract. Talk to an immigration attorney based in the USA before signing any contracts binding you with the promise of a migration visa. Don't sign any contracts unless you are completely sure that you want to be tied down to that company. What if you get another opportunity and the contract keeps you from taking it? be careful and be aware.
  9. Hushdawg

    Working and studying in the UK

    I left off the company names because I don't want anyone to accuse me of trash talking them. First off: you are going to be LIVING in the UK. Stop thinking about things in terms of Pesos and start thinking in terms of Pounds (GBP) I can tell you what the average student carer with a nursing education background can earn but not a midwife as the course is longer. Gross annual income is about GBP9456 After taxes you'd look at GBP8448 Which leaves you a net monthly of GBP704 Typical expenses for tuition costs, food, lodging amount to GBP490 so you would net a balance of GBP214 to spend on "fun" or send home to the family. Currently the exchange is P70.6 per GBP which means your net monthly balance after expenses would be a little over P15,000. Once you complete the education and can work a full schedule every week then you'll earn much more than that. Remember minimum wage for a caregiver is GBP6 per hour and once you've completed the caregiving course you can work a full schedule and perhaps overtime. With 40 hours per week that amounts to GBP240 a week or GBP960 a month which equates to P67,700 per month. However, like I said before... you have to think in Pounds, not Pesos since you are living in the UK.
  10. Hushdawg

    Working and studying in the UK

    I know there was a 2-year Student-Caregiver option extended to a limited number of Midwives from Philippines. Did that change along with the other things in March? I need to talk to my UK migration friend about that.
  11. Hushdawg

    BEST review center for IELTS in MANILA???

    I've attended lectures at many of the IELTS classes. Niner will help you get the IELTS score you need but they do not actually help you use the English language with any more efficiency. What is the use of passing an exam and not completely knowing how to use the language? I prefer the approach by American English Language in Makati. They teach English language along with IELTS testing concepts so you actually improve the way you use the language instead of just learning tricks to pass the exam. Rachell Allen reviews is also good for this, the review instructors are very diverse there and will teach Nurses for Academic and skilled workers for general in the same class. They do this because they keep very small class sizes to maintain a high level of one-on-one contact which is essential for language education. Niner's class setup is disturbing with upwards of 30+ people in a class to teach language, it's ridiculous. My friends in British Council and IDP Australia agree with this assessment of Niner's methods as well. Niner also uses misleading advertising claims that they are ranked as the top agent by BC and IDP. All that really means is that they pass on more IELTS registration forms to the agencies than anyone else. Neither British Council nor IDP Australia issue official evaluations of IELTS review centers. Don't buy the hype.. buy real language training and get your money's worth.
  12. Not only that but the legal department of Consumer Affairs for the State of California (the Board of Registered Nursing is under that department) has determined that an ITIN is not a valid replacement for an SSN and therefore will not be accepted any more.
  13. Hushdawg

    Say NO to LPN Progams in Philippines

    They aren't. LPN is a gateway to the Level 3 Caregiving course. They go in as student Caregivers on the back of the LPN education. In New Zealand they go into a Nurse Assistant program which is (I think) currently one year. So you are right. They aren't working as nurses; however the LPN does generate a gateway for them. That being said.. it is the same gateway generated for Midwives and Caregiving course graduates.... so it would be up to the individual as to which path is better. Personally I want to see nurses work as nurses.
  14. Renewals vary from one state to another and they have slight differences for foreign RNs than US RNs. Besides that, any information I give now would be irrelevant by the time you have to renew the license. Just focus on getting experience as best as you can. There are hospitals in Saudi, Dubai and Kuwait that will give you US-level experience. If you have the funds to process through, you can take bridging courses in Australia or New Zealand and obtain a job there. However a lack of experience will make it harder to land a job once the bridging course is complete. We're hoping to see Noynoy expand the NARS program to help Filipino Nurses become employed at least long enough to qualify for work abroad. The 1st Annual Fun Run to raise awareness and promote unity among Filipino nurses is happening this December. Check out Rachell Allen offices to see how you can participate. This event is aimed at raising awareness to the problems nurses face in the Philippines and give nurses a chance to make the government pay attention.
  15. If you already have eligibility, they will not revoke it. If you already have your eligibility to take NCLEX then you are fine, no need to worry.
  16. Hushdawg

    not RN at philippines

    Every state requires a local license from the country of origin for non-citizens to apply for licensure. Individual evaluators may be able to make exceptions if you can prove that you are in the process of citizenship (meaning that you have documents submitted and are merely awaiting processing) but they would be bending the rules to do so. If you are currently a permenant resident in the USA and have not filled the length of stay requirement to begin citizenship proceedings then you would not be able to convince an evaluator to bend the rules on that regard. In fact, I only saw it one time when a nurse who had married a US citizen was in the USA on a spousal visa which has a slightly faster course to citizenship. The reason the evaluator bent the rules for her is because there was clear evidence that she was not going to be leaving the USA. That was a few years ago... a lot has changed since then. In today's environment it is my professional opinion that you would be unable to convince an evaluator to bend that particular rule.