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  1. arelle68

    Fired from Job, still don't understand why

    Jaznia, I feel that you should quickly get that promised recommendation in writing, and make lots of copies of it for your job search. My concerns would be, firstly, that someone from the clique will get the "pushover" manager to change her mind about giving you the recommendation. Secondly, I would be concerned that one of these people who lied about you will say more lies and hateful things about you to people who call there. I know that it would be against the law, but that does not mean it won't happen. Just my thoughts. You will be in my prayers in your job search and interviews. I know about unfair firing from my own experience.
  2. This is not the way it is supposed to be! If it is as you say, patients treated like criminals, you feeling threatened, and actually being hit, then things are not being done the right way. Where I work, there is enough staff support to keep other staff and patients safe. Patients are not to be treated like criminals! That is outrageous! If my environment were like yours, I would want to change it too. How to change it: Staff education:Respectful Workplace, Non-violent Crisis Intervention, De-escalation Techniques. It will take a while to get attitudes readjusted. Just know in the meantime that you are the one who is right about how patients should be treated. You be the first to make the changes by treating everyone with respect. You feel threatened because patients are out of control. They are no doubt upset about being treated like criminals. A lot of the irritable edge will resolve when that changes. There are still dangers involved in working with patients who are actively psychotic, or just antisocial. That is why you need staff who are trained in non violent crisis intervention who also know how to take a patient down if they have to without anyone getting hurt. You also have to have plenty of staff available and/or law enforcement standing by. Sometimes when you have to enforce a Treatment Override, you just have to wait until the next shift comes on, and then use the extra staff to get it done. I am sorry that your foray into psych nursing is going like this for you, but there is a better way to do things, and you are right to be concerned about what is going on around you now.
  3. arelle68

    How to bring in a nurses union in a non union state?

    I live in a "Right to Work" state, where all employment is "at will". I worked a very (very) sub-standard nursing home in my small town. I spoke up and told the auditor what an abusive, dangerous, and exploitive environment it was. I got fired the next day for stuff management made up. When I pointed out to the executive director that they had violated their own policy in firing me, he read me this "Right to Work" and "at will" law. Yes, they certainly can fire you for any reason, or for no reason, and they do. Free at last! Free at last! Thank GOD ALMIGHTY, I'm free at last! I have a way, way, way better job now, and I am so, so happy! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I don't need a union. I've got HIM to take care of me!
  4. I would have posted "No, don't do it" if I had been asked about 2 months ago. I had been in LTC from the time I graduated until then. I have worked 8 hours without getting to eat drink, or go to the bathroom. I have carried a load of 28 patients, some of them acutely ill, with state in the building. I have been abused in all kinds of ways from all different directions: staff, patients, facility. I can't count the times I cried myself to sleep over things I couldn't do for my patients. I have been perpetually understaffed to the point where I could not ensure that my patients were being changed and fed. I have been frightened that my enormous, ridiculously rushed med-passes could not possibly be safe for my patients or my license. I have been sick with stress, and felt like my nerves were wrecked. Thank God, after years of praying for deliverance, I have a job with a state hospital. It is very, very different form working for a for-profit corporation. The care is about the patients instead of about money. It is a different world. I could do psychiatric nursing for the rest of my life, and love it.
  5. arelle68

    Comfortable Shoes

    I had a terrible case of plantar fasciitis. I couldn't hardly walk, and I was crying for hours after my shift. I saw a podiatrist and he told me to get Brooks Addictions with a Powerstep from ProTech orthotic. I've never had shoes so expensive or comfortable. My feet never bother me anymore.
  6. arelle68

    Sick and exhausted

    How very terrible! I pray that the Lord will comfort you during this time of sorrow and loss. I hope that you can get another job and get away from these people soon. So not right how you and your baby were treated. Sick, sad world!
  7. arelle68

    Reasons for inhumane managerial behaviour

    There are so many job-hungry nurses right now that the profession, if you can still call it that, is like a meat grinder. If they don't retain you, no big deal to them. There are plenty of nurses who want your job, however abusive the situation may be. That is why my last manager felt free to call my house and scream at me for calling in sick while I laid in bed in terrible pain with a sprained back. Absolutely horrendous. This in the USA. God help us all!
  8. arelle68

    Reality check: new grad in SNF

    I got about two and a half weeks two years ago, then they told me to sink or swim. I swam, but only by the GRACE OF GOD!
  9. arelle68

    morning sickness but not pregnant

    IMHO you need to see an MD who won't blow this off.
  10. arelle68

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

  11. arelle68

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    22-24 very demented residents (heavy psych needs). 17 walk and talk (Think seventeen 5'8" two-year olds who are not potty-trained). One nurse, two CNAs, and one shower aide for 5 hours of the shift.
  12. arelle68

    NYC Hospitals Named In Lawsuit Regarding UnPaid Overtime

    I never, never, ever get a lunch break. There just is not time. My patients are not safe if I step off of the floor because I don't have enough staff. I just cram food in my mouth and keep running. To get my paycheck, I have to sign a piece of paper stating that I had all my break time uninterrupted. I am a liar every time I sign it, but I need my paycheck. I guess they have all the bases covered.
  13. arelle68

    EC responds to NCSBN survey ...

    I received and filled out the survey. The way the design of the survey was confusing, and may yield inaccurate data damaging to EC and EC grads. I believe that this is why EC warns that it may not be in the EC grad's interest to fill out the poorly (or suspiciously) designed survey. The appearance of this survey does not bode well. I shredded mine.
  14. arelle68

    I fell down on my behind and I'm pregnant!!! Advice!!!

    You'd best head for the hospital.
  15. arelle68

    negative urinalysis, positive symptoms

    Does she have fever, flank or pelvic pain, pain or burning upon urination, or a change in the character of the urine. A UTI can cause confusion, but so can a host of other things
  16. I wonder if the OP is an administrator fishing around for takers...uhh..suckers)