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  1. Yes, those 5 were the last new grads who had contracts with VMC. I am not sure how their application and hiring process went. All I know is that they'll be starting the new grad program in late August.
  2. They have contracts with VMC. So they have first dibs on any new grad program VMC has.
  3. I didn't apply to this program. But do you know how many spots are open? I know there are already 5 people who are sure to be starting that program.
  4. Manang Biday

    SNF in the SF bay area

    This is the link for SNF listings by county. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  5. Oh my goodness... there's a lot of us going through the exact same thing as new grads working at SNFs. I feel exactly the same way of feeling overwhelmed and anxious every time I go to work. I dread going to work... although I always try tell myself that I should not complain and that I am lucky I have a job. But then again, I fear that I might loose my license and I know I am not giving my very best to provide quality patient care (as I was thought in school), because otherwise, I won't be able to go home in time (and I rarely do). I really have no advice, but I know there are SNFs who have supportive DONs and staff, which would be very helpful as a new grad working in nursing homes. Good luck to us.
  6. Yup, I know someone who makes this much, maybe a little bit more... but it's in Oakland with more patient load. Most SNFs in other areas start new grads at $30/hour.
  7. Manang Biday

    If i don't find a job im going to go insane!!!!!!!!

    I tried applying at these companies. They used to hire and train new grads. However, they informed me that they aren't currently accepting nurses without experience. SNFs would be a logical choice. Go online and look for SNFs listings. Call each facility and ask if they're hiring. Most of them will say they're always accepting applications, and mostly are paper apps. Go to the facility and bring a resume to submit along with the paper application. Always follow-up after 3-5 days. Be persistent until you get a hold of the DON or DSD, especially if you know they're hiring.
  8. Manang Biday

    SNFs ratio

    For those who are working in LTCs, how many patients do you get? Does the patient load depend on which shift you work? Do you have enough time to spend with each patient and provide QUALITY CARE? Thanks!
  9. Manang Biday


    Here's the link for the BSN information packet. Overall, it's an okay program. There is a class in each semester that I think they should improve by updating the content and how it is taught.
  10. I think the safe route is make sure you have a job here before you move.
  11. Yeah, but the cost of living (and not just the salary) is high here too.
  12. Manang Biday

    New Grad in a Nursing Home

    I totally understand how you feel. We never had a rotation at a SNF in nursing school, so I am still adjusting with the SNF environment. Nurses are teaching me ways how to save time with passing the meds and charting early... and other things totally opposite on what was taught in school. I wonder why SNFs don't have a maximum nurse to patient ratio.
  13. Manang Biday

    New Grad in a Nursing Home

    I also started working in a nursing home, and I feel overwhelmed. I am still in training, and I am worried on how I would be able to pass meds, perform treatments, and complete documentation/charts for over 30 patients in an 8-hour shift by myself. I am seeing the nurses going overtime all the time, and feeling frustrated because of the lack of time and quantity of patients assigned to only 1 nurse. But, I am still happy and I feel blessed that I currently have a job, after 6 months of looking for work.
  14. There's another UC Davis posting for new grads (neurosurgical ICU).
  15. There's a new listing for UC Davis for a new grad position in a vascular/GI surg unit. They prefer applicants to have their clinicals in this unit, and I think it's how decide to call you for an interview. Here's the link. Check on RN/ new grads...