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  1. Finally understand the Facebook no-no's

    I've posted on FB to communicate with family when I've been sick, I could pick up the telephone instead or shoot over an email but sometimes its easier to make a quick post on facebook. Oh, I wasn't barfing at that particular moment which I'm sure ...
  2. Finally understand the Facebook no-no's

    What? Seriously? I'm posting on all nurses and facebook and I'm unable to work, the details of my illness are private, but i will say that I CAN put a laptop on my lap and still type and read. If not for the enjoyment of FB, AN, and an occasi...
  3. Help me with time management

    Your post doesn't really say what exactly you're having trouble with. Is it staying late to chart? Or do you just feel overwhelmed with everything? I get my vitals when I'm passing meds, this is also when I do my assessments. I'll peek in on my ...
  4. How would you interpret this order for pain medication?

    You gave the morphine at 0800, as that can be given q4h as ordered. Two hours later, the patient can have the lortab, the pt can have the lortab an hour later (at 0900) if warranted, it's nursing judgement and depends on the severity of the pain. ...
  5. asking for meds?

    Well most of these addicts that I speak of usually have some sort of chronic problem or something that has probably led to addiction and/or opioid tolerance. I don't work in our ER but I'm sure they have such a "list." I'm mainly talking about some...
  6. Do you take Ativan ?

    Yeah, you have a point. But I always heard that cops were on OUR side, guess that's not true! And I'd think a cop would understand a nurse being tired....
  7. Do you take Ativan ?

  8. Do you take Ativan ?

    What? I know you're serious but this sounds totally unreasonable on the laws part! Just curious, where did they collect your urine, surely not on the roadside! lol This just doesn't seem fair. I take a benzo at times, one with a very short ...
  9. asking for meds?

  10. asking for meds?

    I'm sure this is the case. But sometimes it gets so frustrating knowing that someone suffering down the hall needs the pain meds so bad but can't have anything yet, but someone, say, post op day 4 still gets the hard core stuff. This is county ho...
  11. asking for meds?

    Not where I work, the drug addicts (seekers) seem to get what they want, it's amazing the way doctors will give the addicts 2mg of dilaudid q2h but the ortho pt only gets 4 of morphine q4. Doesn't make sense but I see it all too often. I've hear...
  12. asking for meds?

    this post is so accurate that I just wanted to bump it
  13. asking for meds?

  14. What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    Watching a very seasoned nurse try to ram a Yonkers down some one's throat! Yikes!!!
  15. Ethical Issue -Missing Prescriptions

    I'm so sorry.