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  1. I have a job interview tomorrow and I am putting my reference list together. How do should I write them? I kind of have a template but I'm not sure if this is right. Thanks in advance Name RN Colleague-ICU Hospital name Phone number email
  2. Programs

    So, I'm kind of interested in informatics. I'm finishing my BSN this fall and I'm not sure if I want to continue on but I know I do not want to do NP or CRNA. So, what programs are out there? Are there any online programs that are strictly online tha...
  3. Staffing Agencies

    I want a little extra $$. Which staffing agencies are the best to work for?
  4. The Dark Side of Unions

    From what the OP described, that's how my non-union hospital ran. And that's how my union hospital is run. However, I like working at my union hospital more. I am more respected.
  5. Detroit nurse wage lawsuit

    Just wondering if anyone is getting claim forms in the mail regarding the settlement of the case. Case is Cason-Merenda, et al., v. Detroit Medical Center. I've received a couple of forms. Just curious if anyone has turned them in.
  6. Making a change

    I work in a large SICU and have been thinking about transfering to PACU. I work at a level 1 trauma center. I'm just curious if anyone has made this change and how their transition was.
  7. Pay is going to depend on the cost of living in the area where you plan on working. I can see new grads in Cali making 40 bucks an hour because the cost of living is high. In Michigan, New grads start at 24-25 bucks an hour.
  8. Over riding a resident?

    Seems to me you cared more about yourself than you did your patient. It is really concerning for me to read that you are more concerned about the regular staff coming in at 7a.m. to complete orders that should have remained STAT orders to begin with....
  9. Who's responsibility is it?

    You were both in the wrong. You were both responsible. You both should have stopped bickering and went to see the patient.
  10. Over riding a resident?

    You were wrong, the resident was right. You should have just drawn the labs. I think you were putting them off so you wouldn't have to do them because it was 6am. Sorry, I call it how I see it. In the time you spent calling to "override" the intern, ...
  11. Exploitation

    They are only harder to find if you are not looking. Have you looked?
  12. I hate to say this but I work with a lot of former St. John's employees. Conditions are horrid. 3 patients to 1 nurse in SICU. Scary.
  13. Attractive nurses in danger?!

    One last thing, be careful. People have died working home health care. I know this, because my friend died 6 months ago on the job.
  14. Attractive nurses in danger?!

    Oh, and wear scrubs.
  15. Attractive nurses in danger?!

    Well, stop going on about how "attractive" you are. As far as I am concerned, it's irrelevant.