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  1. RN1982

    The Dark Side of Unions

    From what the OP described, that's how my non-union hospital ran. And that's how my union hospital is run. However, I like working at my union hospital more. I am more respected.
  2. RN1982

    Detroit nurse wage lawsuit

    Just wondering if anyone is getting claim forms in the mail regarding the settlement of the case. Case is Cason-Merenda, et al., v. Detroit Medical Center. I've received a couple of forms. Just curious if anyone has turned them in.
  3. RN1982

    Making a change

    I work in a large SICU and have been thinking about transfering to PACU. I work at a level 1 trauma center. I'm just curious if anyone has made this change and how their transition was.
  4. RN1982


    They are only harder to find if you are not looking. Have you looked?
  5. RN1982

    Nurse killed in terrible accident.

    A resident here killed a patient on her way home from the hospital. She had been awake for 32 hours. That is ridiculous. Of course, she wasn't charged with anything but she will have to live the rest of her life knowing she killed someone, even if by accident. 12 hour shifts need to go, it's dangerous. 32 hour shifts for these docs need to go as well.
  6. RN1982

    Attractive nurses in danger?!

    One last thing, be careful. People have died working home health care. I know this, because my friend died 6 months ago on the job.
  7. RN1982

    Attractive nurses in danger?!

    Oh, and wear scrubs.
  8. RN1982

    Attractive nurses in danger?!

    Well, stop going on about how "attractive" you are. As far as I am concerned, it's irrelevant.
  9. RN1982

    Attractive nurses in danger?!

    Confident doesn't mean attractive though. Just because one is "pretty" or "attractive" doesn't mean they are exempt from being attacked. The OP should be more modest and just so ya know, the patients could care less about how "attractive" you are...
  10. RN1982

    Attractive nurses in danger?!

    good grief, not another thread like this. It's less about your "attractiveness" and more about your safety...
  11. RN1982

    Job interview next week!!!

    Thanks, I actually spoke with the manager already to set up the interview. I got the hours, the weekend hours and the call hours. It's not a bad deal. It's two twelves and two eights, days. I'm excited, I'm just hoping I can get this job. I need a change superbad.
  12. RN1982

    Job interview next week!!!

    Thanks. What should I say when they ask me why I want to leave my current position? I was planning on saying that I wanted to get experience in a different area of nursing or something to that effect.
  13. RN1982

    Job interview next week!!!

    As some of you know, I've detailed much of my struggle within the ICU and my frustrations. So I finally got up the courage to finally make the move to move on. I will miss the traumas and the interesting cases but I need something new and a bit different so I decided to apply for the PACU. I need to come up with a list of questions to ask the RN who will be showing me around the pacu. Can anyone offer some suggestions of what to ask?
  14. RN1982

    Our new boss writing everyone up!

    My friend's sister works at another area hospital and her boss is writing everyone up because it affects their raise. Nice cost-saving...idiots.
  15. RN1982

    Audio Recordings and Patient Abuse

    I had a patient tell me he was recording me. Said he was gonna sue me, "blah blah blah"...I said sure, whatever, record me, it's not admissible in court anyhow. He was a drug addict, very hostile with staff, think he was also on police hold, meaning as soon as he was discharged, he would be arrested.
  16. RN1982

    People think you are rich because you are a nurse

    What did she say in return? I cut my so-called friend off completely, took her off my facebook, blocked her phone calls but she only ever texted me so I can't block them. She even requested to be my friend again on FB and I ignored it.