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I didn't see a July 09 support group thread up, so I thought I'd get it started. I'm taking the NCLEX-RN July 3rd for the first (and hopefully only) time. I figured I'd get it done before the... Read More

  1. by   Gem0607
    I take mine July 10th in San Diego I'm terrified because my friend just took hers in NC and said OMG that was the hardest thing I've done in my life that was the hardest I ever had to think. Soooo I'm thinking you &*%#! why did you just do that too me but hey she was honest but I'm freaking out. She had 75 questions 2 math and I believe 7 or 8 SATA she hasn't received her results yet but lucky her she gets quick results.

    I'm glad I found this thread maybe I will calm down because my anxiety is sooo high. My husband is deployed and he keeps telling me baby you're going to be fine you've passed everything else but I'm like this isn't everything else this is what will make me a little more marketable for a job I need a JOB. I know he is only trying to help but I think I'm under so much stress I can't see his encouragment all the time but I do tell him that I appreciate it.

    I've been doing Kaplan questions, Saunders and the review course questions that we had from school. I'm trying to plan out the next few days does anyone have any suggestions. If some were already given just direct me to them I'm so tired of reading its not even funny.

    Thanks for listening and everyone who will test soon will be in my prayers.
  2. by   loisalteza2000
    congrats tlc for passing the nclex!!! i hope we all follow your lead!!! keep the support coming!!! taking mine on july 17th!!! good luck to all of us who are still waiting for our D-DAY!!!
  3. by   loisalteza2000
    to Gem0607:
    try reading the random facts in this site. it's helping me a lot with my review...
  4. by   lilruRN09
    Took my NCLEX- RN yesterday at 8am.... wanted to know if any one else took their's on the friday before 4th of july!!! when should i check for quick results? tuesday or wenesday? I am losing my mind worrying!!! 75 questions: many SATA, prioritize, and med questions........ yeah i know it sounds like i passed but the questions on the test were crazy nothing like all the practice questions i did. Good luck to all the other july testers!! i guess i'll just keep praying and driving my boyfriend crazy...lol
  5. by   kato
    I didn't think they would upload today since it's July 4th, but I checked around 1 am and the site was down for updates. I stayed up until 3 to see my name I passed! My prayers have been answered Thank the Lord and all those who prayed to Him for me. I can't wait to start work in a couple of weeks!!!

    P.S. The Pearson Trick worked for me
  6. by   lilruRN09
    Kato, when did u take ur test and did ur name appear on your state's board of nursing? if so how soon after?...... thanx and Congratulations!!!
  7. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from tbd75
    I've read/heard this is the typical feeling for the majority. I believe you did well. However, I understand you must be anxious to know your results. At the least, you are done with the exam. Hopefully, the Pearson trick will help with the anxiety. Best wishes with the results.
    Well, the trick won't let me register, so while I'm not celebrating yet...it is a bit comforting to see. Makes me feel like maybe I did get more than 5 questions right
  8. by   Dreamer-RN
    Congrats kato!
  9. by   kato
    Quote from Ruthy87
    Kato, when did u take ur test and did ur name appear on your state's board of nursing? if so how soon after?...... thanx and Congratulations!!!
    I'm in California, it takes 3 days for it to be posted. They post 3 days later around 1 am so the site is down for updates, and it's ready to be viewed around 3. They "don't" update on Saturday, but I guess when they do updates, it's the early morning after, ie they updated on Friday July 3rd when it was really July 4th. So does that mean there are no new updates Monday morning? Anyways, I took it Wednesday, and found out Saturday. Some people here took it on Tues and found out Fri. I've heard of people waiting longer and thinking they failed, only to find out that they passed!

    Good luck, and stay positive. I honestly thought I failed at 75. I prepared a lot, but just didn't know what they were asking. And as I posted here and on other threads, they kept asking me the same questions over and over again so I thought I had failed so badly that they were trying to make me redeem myself.
  10. by   lorib3
    tlc0710 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is SO WONDERFUL!!!!!! I take mine monday and I am SOOOO nervous!!!!! Great Job!rdnrs: "just for you!!"
  11. by   lorib3
    Good Luck to EVERYONE taking the test!!!! I will pray for you all too!!! I take mine Monday....pray for me
  12. by   oguesswhat
    I take mine Monday too...yikes!
  13. by   star81
    Thanks for all the replies eventhough I did the trick and it would not let me . It could be because of the holiday they are behind. I'm still not jumping for joy I will wait till monday when I can get the results by email.