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Dreamer-RN specializes in ICU, Informatics.

MSN student (Health Informatics)

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  1. Dreamer-RN

    Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?

    WINI = Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics Congrats on passing the exam, NIinHelp!!
  2. Dreamer-RN

    Paging Dreamer RN

    Helper117, I PMed you.
  3. Dreamer-RN

    Interview advice

    ikarus7401 has provided some great tips!:) In past interviews, I brought my prepared notes in addition to took notes during the interview (used the information for writing my thank you letters). The prepared notes served as reminders for points I wanted to emphasize during the interview (derived from company and position research). Panel interviews can be daunting at times. Therefore, I understand getting nervous, especially when lots of questions are fired. I just do the best I can with answering the questions and building a good rapport with each person. For Clinical Informatics Educator positions, you'll most likely receive questions pertaining to your education skills while Clinical Systems Analyst positions would be more concern about your technical skills (in addition to project management).
  4. Dreamer-RN

    Interview advice

    rnformaticsr4me, Need a little more information in order to help. What positions are you interviewing for? What is your hunch regarding why the final interviews are not turning into job offers?
  5. Dreamer-RN

    Pass the Informatics Nursing Certification Exam!!!

    ikarus7401, we'll see about that! :)
  6. Dreamer-RN

    Pass the Informatics Nursing Certification Exam!!!

    Thanks! Think three key factors contributed to my success: work experience (both my past experience in IT and current experience in NI), ANCC Informatics Nursing Study group, and having taken a Nursing Informatics course over the summer. Overall, the exam was moderately difficult. Meaning for questions pertaining to just Information Technology thought they were easy because I have a strong IT background, but for questions relating to NI, the level of difficulty range from moderate to challenging. Having completed the Informatics study group (highly recommend), there were no surprises because it prepared me well for the exam. Therefore, that helped to create the perception of "didn't surprise" me.
  7. Dreamer-RN

    Accepted New Position!!!

    Congratulations and best wishes with your new position!!! :balloons:
  8. I took the Informatics Nursing exam today and passed!!!! I'm so excited to be certified in my specialty!!!
  9. Dreamer-RN

    nursing career without touching people

    Sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. Just want to caution even in Nursing Informatics, employers are expecting experience (Information Technology, Clinical nursing, and/or both). It would be difficult to enter the field with no experience. A degree alone is not enough. Best wishes to you!
  10. Dreamer-RN

    Advice on certificate vs masters in nursing informatics

    Kwansima, have you tried applying to Informatics positions? I have similar education (Bachelors in C.S. and Nursing) and work experience. Applied to various Informatics positions and received a lot of interview requests. I landed my first Informatics position without having a Master's or certificate in Nursing Informatics. At the moment, I am working on a Master's in Administration (with Nursing Informatics focus).
  11. Dreamer-RN

    Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?

    Congratulations!! Glad to see the ANCC Study group was helpful. I took that course and hoping it pays off.
  12. Dreamer-RN

    Your Input is Needed

    Interoperability, Meaningful Use and its impact on Nursing Informatics, Nursing Informatics and Quality Improvement, Clinical Decision Support for Nursing Practice
  13. Dreamer-RN

    Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?

    Chris, your post made me slightly nervous for the exam! I'm planning to sit for the exam in August. I am enrolled in ANCC's Informatics Study group. Hoping this study group, completing a Nurse Informatics course this summer for my MSN program, and work experience will be enough preparation to help me pass the exam. Hope your second time will be a charm! I think it will. Best wishes with the preparation.
  14. Dreamer-RN

    I passed my certification exam!!

    Congratulations rninformatics! :balloons:Thanks for the tips!
  15. Dreamer-RN

    Number of Nurses Certified in NI

    In addition to the other ANCC NI certfication requirements, you may qualify if your MSN program fulfills the following practice requirement: - Have completed a graduate program in nursing informatics containing a minimum of 200 hours of faculty supervised practicum in informatics
  16. Dreamer-RN

    Studying for the NI Board Certification / CEUs

    Hello Chris, congrats on obtaining your MSN! Unable to answer your questions but wanted to wish you well with your preparation. I intend to take the NI certification exam in the Fall.