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I didn't see a July 09 support group thread up, so I thought I'd get it started.

I'm taking the NCLEX-RN July 3rd for the first (and hopefully only) time. I figured I'd get it done before the holiday weekend so I could at least enjoy some of the time off instead of spending the holiday chained to textbooks...as I've done for the last two years.

Good luck to all of us in July!

I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle


As of today, I am now an RN!!!!! WooT!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

:yeah:CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting! :yeah:

I am in CA too! When did you take your test? I took mine on the 30th...I hope I dont have to wait long.

The trick DOES work. I did my exam 2 days ago and, just to be sure, paid for the quick results. I passed. Now I am an RN in Canada AND America, YEE HAA! Good luck to all who are awaiting their results.

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I just want to say thanks to this support group for keeping me sane while I waited to take my test. Good luck again to everyone!

@ JasmineRain: Hi! Thank you for sharing the pearson trick info... I very satisfied with your answer... now,i know

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