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I didn't see a July 09 support group thread up, so I thought I'd get it started.

I'm taking the NCLEX-RN July 3rd for the first (and hopefully only) time. I figured I'd get it done before the holiday weekend so I could at least enjoy some of the time off instead of spending the holiday chained to textbooks...as I've done for the last two years.

Good luck to all of us in July!


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I do not have my date yet but hoping to take the NCLEX by mid-July. At the moment, prepping for the exam and just want to be done with NCLEX. :wink2:


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I am hoping to take mine at the end of July but I am praying that we get through this after all the sacrifices we have made. Good luck to all whether it is your first time or retake, just don't give up. :twocents: :banghead:


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Wishing good luck to all July test takers.


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I would like to that my test in mid July, but I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. I was a very good student in school (A's and B's in my nursing courses). I have taken Hurst and I have the Lippincott Prioritization book, Saunder Comp review book with CD and Kaplan strategies book. I'm stressed out and I need some help.

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gah! I don't know when my test date is yet, hopefully the first week of July is what I'm aiming for...who knows though. I've only been studying now for about a week and already starting to go crazy, I just want to be done with it and get this all overwith! I already have a job lined up to start in August and I just want to enjoy my last few weeks of relaxation instead of being inside studying for hours:no:


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Glad you started this thread!! I am taking mine 7-7-09...I am really nervous, as I know that I am a horrible test taker..Hopefully I will be able to pass with the first 75?'s because I definetly start to see a decline in my scores past about that..I have been taking practice questions after practice questions, plus I have been using all the materials I have from Kaplan from our review we had at school!


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My goal is to take the exam in the mid or at the end of july,I want to get it over with.


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I rescheduled my boards for the first week. Keep me in your prayers.


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I will be taking on july 16, keep me in your prayers too guys :) il keep you in my prayers jarlesa and the rest who'l be taking the exam.


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I take mine 7-9-09. So so nervous! Keep me in your prayers as well! I will do the same!

I am just doing questions and questions. I just hope I pass!!!!!!


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i'm a recent member in this site! so far, i like it very much! i will be taking my nclex on july 17! hope we all pass!!! gud luck to all!!!

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