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  1. mt_nurse

    Air Force October 2010

    just fyi for new grad nurses, if you want to get into the air force, you're most likely bet is to put down OB instead of Med-Surg because there is an overflow of new grad M/S nurses. that's what one of the new NTP students told me at work this past week. she wanted to be in M/S but ended up putting down OB as her recruiter told her to do so. i'm a newbie USAF nurse. the application process is still fresh to me, so if you have any questions just shoot away! happy new year to all!
  2. mt_nurse

    Air Force Nursing Bonus, Student Loan Repayment

    Everyone in my NTP class except for myself and two others have received their sign-on bonuses already! They received it almost two weeks ago. I'm wondering if this is "normal" to have your bonus delayed. I have read on the boards here and from others that the bonus usually comes within 30 days of finishing COT. I'm giving it until the beginning of August until I bring it up to my supervisor, but just in case, what could I do and who could I talk to besides my immediate supervisor here at my TDY? I've heard of one individual contacting AFPC directly, but I think that would be a break in the chain-of-command, and I don't want to get in trouble.
  3. mt_nurse

    US Air Force COT 10-06

    you can get as many uniforms as you want. you can do laundry as many times as you want.
  4. mt_nurse

    NTP in Scottsdale, AZ

    luvbug... the hotel will be paid for by the government. it will eventually be charged to your government travel card...for which you will get an accrual voucher. (this will all make sense when you get here.) you will get partial per diem of about $40/day for food (which is a lot!). i personally only spend about $15/day on food, so i'm saving a lot. that partial per diem will be given to you in the accrual voucher total (which you also use to pay your government travel card).
  5. mt_nurse

    NTP in Scottsdale, AZ

    did/do you have a car while you were there? i will not. having a car is a big plus. i think they're making it mandatory for the next cohort that you have one. was it difficult for those without vehicles to access transportation? you will need to carpool with your peers. there are times when you might not be able to carpool and that will be a problem. for instance...if you are going off on your own for an impact day like going off to the burn center. what kind of hours did you work? 12s? how many shifts per wk? 12 hour shifts... days... shifts depends on your preceptor's schedule... not more than three 12s because that's a usual schedule for a scottsdale hospital rn papers? journals? really??? what were they about?? how much of it is classroom vs clinical? it will be 85% clinicals. papers aren't huge. it's short and sweet. don't worry about that too much. there is also a group presentation. journals is informal and just once a week. i have an aunt that lives in chandler az (20-45min away) and a friend that lives in mesa. what is the likelihood that i'll be able to visit them? you'll definitely be able to visit them on your off days. they can also come visit you where you are staying. i'm graduating cot on a friday. how many days will i have to travel? is there someone there to pick you up at the airport? will i start work the very next monday? (i have heard that you do. is this true?) that number of days is in the back of your order. it varies. my suggestion is to come here the day that they the ntp supervisors tell you to report. try not to come any earlier. the people who came early straight from cot did nothing for a good five days waiting for the actual reporting day.:redbeathe
  6. mt_nurse

    NTP in Scottsdale, AZ

    Hey Spooky! I'm actually doing NTP at Scottsdale right now. Annabeap is right on with all the information...except we are the last class that will be staying at the Marriott. I don't know where the class after us will be housed at, but I know that definitely not at the Marriott as it was announced to us and the to hotel staff that our class is the last to stay here. If you have any other questions, just jot it down here and I'll answer them the best I can.
  7. mt_nurse

    2nd Degree BSN Student Considering Airforce Nursing

    i would like to find out what your experience is like in the airforce? i've only done cot and am two weeks in my ntp, but i can tell you that the usaf is awesome! just like with any other organization, you will have things to complain about. overall though, i think that the people in the usaf are awesome! there is a stronger sense of camraderie unlike on the civilian side. will i have an interview and physical the same day and where does the physical and interview take place? the physical comes first. it's called meps, and your recruiter will schedule that for you. the interview is done after meps, and it is dependent on when the chief nurse closest to you is available for interviewing. once your stationed and working at a hospital for the airforce, are there alot of travelling away from your base? as far as what i'm told and have found out, there is not a lot of travelling away from your home base. you will definitely be moving around much as a new grad nurse. what is cot and what does it entails? the main purpose of cot is to train you in officership and the ins-and-outs of the usaf. you will learn how customs and courtesies, usaf history, etc.. the physical component side is not too bad. you will have two physical tests, which entails doing push-ups for a minute, sit-ups for a minute, and running a 1.5 mile around a track. the required numbers are dependent on your age...if you are younger than or older than 30 years old. you can find the information on the following website: http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/affitnessprogram/componentbaselinescores.asp do i need to train physically before going into cot? it will definitely help to get conditioned for cot. you don't have to go all out with training. run at least 20 minutes per day, and do sit-ups and push-ups. build up on it day-to-day. you should be fine. as a single woman do i have a choice to live on-base or off base? you will most likely than not live off-base since the on-base housing is reserved for individuals with dependents. how are the work relationships between the nurses and doctors? does everyone work together as a group? no idea yet... but from what i'm told, there is more cohesion and not so much ego on the floors. as a single woman would becoming a commissioned officer hinder me from having/starting a family? i don't know, but it doesn't seem like it will. does health benefits start the day you go to cot training? yes! it does, and i can tell you from experience. three days after arrival at cot, i had a systemic allergic reaction. i had to get driven to the er on a lovely saturday night. i was given all sorts of shots and prescription drugs. i paid nothing. you are under tricare prime not just when you get to cot but right on the day you go active duty. i believe that is listed on your orders. i hope that helps. if you have anymore questions just ask. i'm a new grad doing ntp right now in scottsdale, az. i'll be able to give you more info about ntp and such as the days go by. my biggest suggestion for you would be to start the process asap. it took me about a year from the day i started my application to get to cot.
  8. mt_nurse

    COT 10-04 nurse to 10-05

    Congrats to 10-04! If you have any questions for COT 10-05, then just ask away in this thread.
  9. mt_nurse

    COUNTDOWN TO MAY COT - restart

    EZ card for meals!
  10. mt_nurse

    COUNTDOWN TO MAY COT - restart

    I did notice the following: - no need to purchase the mess dress uniform - AD trainees will be issued a EZ card pre-loaded with $300 that will be deducted from our pay. - included TIME FRAME FUNDS NEEDED in the expenses chart - more instructions about the uniforms... you need to get the rank sewn on! i haven't since it wasn't made clear in the instructions. =( i'll try to go tommorow and see if it can still be done on time.
  11. mt_nurse

    COUNTDOWN TO MAY COT - restart

    I was shocked to see the thread closed! But it's ok.. FYI, the official OTS website has been updated for 10-04!
  12. mt_nurse

    Countdown to May COT...

    I'll be sure to get my reserve ID card on Monday, so I can go shop at the commissary without being hassled. Thanks AF and carolina!
  13. mt_nurse

    Countdown to May COT...

    I was told that I couldn't shop at the commissary...with only my military orders and commissioning paper. How do you go about getting a CAC and an active Reserves ID card? My recruiter didn't mention any of these, but it would be nice to know. Thanks carolinapooh! -Maria
  14. mt_nurse

    Travis AFB

    No traffic problems.. We are an hour or so away from SF. To get to work you can take backroads. You will encounter traffic only if you decide to go to the Sacramento area or the San Francisco area on highway 80. Don't worry about traffic!
  15. mt_nurse

    Countdown to May COT...

    another question... i was able to go on base with just my AD orders and commissioning paper...and was able to buy things i needed at the military uniform/memorabilia store. when i went to the commissary, i was told i couldn't shop there. my AD status is stated to begin on or after May 17. will i be able to shop at the commissary on or after that date or will i just have to wait until May 24 rolls around?