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  1. Gem0607

    I Am A Nurse Too

    I think thats the thing about the "school" nurse position I have. Its on the military base at the child care centers therefore, no breaks just weekends and holidays but the pay is more than the community school nurse positions. I take care of children 6wks old to 5 years old.
  2. Gem0607

    Winston Salem State University

    At cedybug not trying to be rude or anything but this topic was/is meant to be positive. If you weren't satisfied there or felt they weren't helpful, I'm very sorry. I graduated from there 4 years ago and passed the NCLEX just fine. Everyone will have a different opinion but at this time make another thread. Thank you.
  3. Gem0607

    Winston Salem State University

    I've known a few people that have did the Accelerated program there as well. I don't know all the ends and outs of it but I haven't heard anything bad class wise. Everyone I knew graduated on time and enjoyed their experience.
  4. Gem0607

    Winston Salem State University

    I absolutely loved my time there. The professors and clinical instructors that I had were always readily available to lend a helping hand and give advice. Some things within the university were slow to come by and even in the admin office in the Nursing Dept however, that didn't stop the learning/teaching process. I highly recommend their program and to check out the NCBON for their passing rate for the NCLEX. I could go on and on about my experience there because I met so many good people and learned so much.
  5. Gem0607

    FNP program options for low GPA

    Skwhites09, Capella. She said she had to write a mini paper about her goals and had two people write recommendations for her.
  6. Gem0607

    FNP program options for low GPA

    I have a friend who is enrolled in a Master's program that required no GRE and their GPA requirement was 3.0. However, she only had a 2.9. So there are programs out there.
  7. Gem0607

    Am I being low-balled on pay?

    With ***** *********** they pay higher than $17/hr. I want to say their pay was $21/hr.
  8. Gem0607

    I Am A Nurse Too

    I have battled with this. I feel like my friends and a cousin who is a critical nurse nurse feels this way. However, being a school nurse has been very rewarding to me thus far. I'm not saying I will stay here forever but right now this job is a very good fit for my family. I AM a NURSE my license and job description say so and the love from the children does as well.
  9. Good luck to anyone starting back for this Nursing school year. The end is almost near no matter what semester you're in. One day and one test at a time you will soon be a nurse. Stay focused, calm, cool and collected. Believe in yourself and make the right choices. Enjoy your college years. Go RAMS!!!
  10. Gem0607

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts?

    I am a school nurse so M-F 8-5 here. I think clinic jobs are 8 or even some health positions. When I was a home health nurse I would work about 8hrs a day. It was 4hrs with one client and then 4 with the other.
  11. Gem0607

    Free time/vacation time while being a nurse?

    Are you not able to couple your days so if you wanted to take a week or so you would only be technically taking off for 48-96 hours. Also, after your contract is up consider doing travel nursing. I have lots of friends with whom I graduated with that aren't married and don't have children and they love it.
  12. Gem0607

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts?

    I left 12hour shifts because of my husband's schedule and having a toddler it just didn't pan out when daycare closes at 1800. I took a job with 8hr shifts no weekends and no holidays and my starting pay was more than the hospital. I honestly do miss my days I used to have during the week because I was able to run errands and clean. Now working the 8hrs I have no time unless its during my lunch hour to run errands and on the weekends. I can say I do love having an hour for lunch vs hoping to get 15 mins at the most sometimes. At this time in my life, 8hr shifts is what helps my family function well but when my child is older I may very well consider the 12hr shifts. Especially when we go on our vacations and I only have to use PTO for 2-3 days vs a full week if I plan my days correctly.
  13. Gem0607

    Job Market around Cherry Point/Havelock

    I'm a nurse as well as a military spouse aboard at Cherry Point. On base at the clinic they most often times go through agencies and you need one year of experience before getting hired through them. The two hospitals are Carolina East and Carteret General and both have new grad programs that are really good. I worked at Carteret General and really enjoyed my time there. Due to time restrictions (military wife and a baby), I choose another nursing career as a school nurse on base that would allow me to come in and get off at a decent time to drop and pick my child up in case my husband was away for training or something. I think Carteret will be having a New Grad cohort in the fall maybe as well as Carolina East so stalk their websites. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  14. Gem0607

    It's getting very quiet in here!

    That's the only difference between my "school nurse" job and the traditional school nurse. I'm at daycare centers so no summer breaks here. We still get all holidays and weekends off though.
  15. Gem0607

    Military Base Nurse

    I'm actually a nurse on a base now. We are in charge of the child care centers as well as the before/after school programs and summer camp programs. Just looking for any other nurses out there. I know we are slowly coming into existence. At my husband's 1st duty station there were no nurses only the directors and caregivers making the calls.
  16. Gem0607

    Moving to NC in 2013

    Right now I work at Carteret and they just finished their summer new grad cohort. They have positions open right now though FT, PT and PRN.

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