Meaning of your username?

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MECO = main engine cut off; when the space shuttle reaches low earth orbit (space!) the engine is turned off.


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MECO = main engine cut off...when the space shuttle reached low earth orbit (space!) they cut off the engine. I was born on the 28th.

Where the heck have you been?

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Well, my avatar is of my favorite bird (chkickens) but my avatar specifically is of my chicken who is named Jaja. She is a lovely, massive 8 pound Silver laced Wyandotte who happens to be 7 years old (which is somewhat old for a chicken). Anyway, if you look at the picture of her you can see she is shrouded in sunlight. I KID YOU NOT, nearly every time I look at her in my shaded yard there is always a ray of sunlight on her it is so strange, but lovely. Yeah, I kind of went off about my asked about user names! littlelimabean is something my husband calls me. BTW, penguins are fantastic!!

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Oh, dear...please tell me you didn't have her teeth. [emoji33]

No! Thank goodness and I am blonde! Guess I could have been Mary Ingalls but she was too bossy and then was blind.

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Played alto sax here. Definitely not a first chair kind of player!



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I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! Hence, *Potter



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I bet you're adorable IRL!

Awww, thank you!



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Mine's an existential question.

Can I graduate?

On the surface, it was a question about nursing school at a time when I was figuring out my oddness was an actual condition. Underneath, it is a question about my state of being. Can I move on from the state I am in to something better? Can I leave the negative and bitter behind as I move through the complexity of life?

So far, the answer has always been "Yes!" Although, sometimes, it has been "...eventually."

(I have no band experience, sorry. I was one of the closet Trekkie/Star Wars, literary nerds. I like physics jokes and Jane Austen. My brother, however, was amazing on trombone.)



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My first name , that I'm an Lpn and the date of my birth .


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Name of my dog (yorkie) which means July in turkish



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I'm a dude, who works in ICU!



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When we were accepted to nursing school, a friend of mine and I excitedly (and jokingly) decided that we were going to be such good students that not only would we get a BSN and RN after our names, but a BNE as well....Best Nurse Ever! :woot:

No, I don't think I'm actually the BNE...but in nursing school, it was an easy username to come up with!