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littlelimabean01 has 5 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Geriatrics, Trach Care, Diabetes.

I graduated in 2007 as a Practical Nurse and left the field in 2011. I just re-entered in 2016. My previous experience was in LTC and a skilled/sub-acute facility and private care. I am currently working in a LTC/skilled nursing facility trying to get my "feet wet" so to speak. I became a nurse solely because my love and respect for the elderly. I love the elderly like people like cute children. I think they are adorable and love to spoil them!

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  1. My heart breaks for you. You were so right going into starting as a CNA to get the basics down of care that is essential for every patient you serve. When you complete your nursing degree you will be in charge of CNA's and again it was smart to learn...
  2. littlelimabean01

    Patients Say the Darnedest Things

    I have plenty things to say, but this one sticks out in my head from 10 years ago. I had a patient who was on a lot of pain meds, and she was allowed to go out and smoke with her also heavily medicated friend unsupervised. Well, later that night shor...
  3. littlelimabean01

    Resident fall feel like....

    Falls are not your fault unless you were being negligent, which it is obvious you were not. Do you have an aide on staff with you? If you do not you should. You are one person, of course you can do a great job by yourself, but unfortunately some fall...
  4. littlelimabean01

    Within scope of practice?

    Wow, You are lucky. I agree with Mi Vida Loca. Absolutely, you should embrace this as a learning opportunity. I love when doctors respect and seek nurses opinions. After all we are the ones there with them for 8,12 hours a day. BKchick you should tak...
  5. littlelimabean01

    No Orientation for a Shift?

    I currently work in LTC and very unfortunately zero orientation to say a different "cart" is extremely common. Its pitiful and in my mind dangerous because you don't know base-line information like what someone's normal BP is or behaviors...My curren...
  6. littlelimabean01

    Interviewing after Resignation

    Wow, you sound like the position I was in I had 4 peg tubes and 14 accu checks and 7 scheduled insulin shots that was included in my 6am med pass, as I work over night too. I found myself having to cut corners just to get my job done and I felt very ...
  7. littlelimabean01

    Do you think I did something wrong here? Advice?

    I am going to agree with everyone here. If I would have saw a total of 12mg of Comadin to be given daily. It would have set a red flag off in my mind too. Sure, that could be a one time dose, but daily?? I would have done what you did went and got or...
  8. littlelimabean01

    Holding "Ordered Meds"..... What are the rules?

    You went to school, and are required to use "prudent judgement". Meaning that what the majority of nurses do in the situation you are speaking of. If you feel you need to hold a med based on the parameters for giving the med Documentary is key. Take ...
  9. littlelimabean01

    Why is it so hard to find a job?

    My advice if you have not tried, try applying to LTC/skilled nursing (aka nursing homes). You will gain some very valuable experience concerning peg-tubes, trachs, medication knowledge, wound care and even management because you usually will have to ...
  10. littlelimabean01

    Using Hand Sanitizers - Is a squirt and go method enough?

    I agree I like to wash my hands and Often! I rarely use sanitizer because I think it breeds super germs like the over use of anti-biotics. But yes, we sometimes don't have a choice and have to resort to sanitizer. Before I was a nurse I was a waitres...
  11. littlelimabean01

    Nurses are truly underpaid

    I am an LPN and work LTC I was happy with my pay at 16.50 and hour when I had 20-24 residents. I got upset and pay was not the issue when they assigned me to 32 patients!! Really?! That is not safe for my residents nor my license. I put in my resigna...
  12. littlelimabean01

    Public Schools and transgender bathrooms.

    I'm so sorry I hate this issue. I don't know how this will effect you as a school nurse. But I would advise you document anything that students report to you and also contact their parent(s). This issue is off the wall, and the actual percentage of "...
  13. littlelimabean01

    Meaning of your username?

    Well, my avatar is of my favorite bird (chkickens) but my avatar specifically is of my chicken who is named Jaja. She is a lovely, massive 8 pound Silver laced Wyandotte who happens to be 7 years old (which is somewhat old for a chicken). Anyway, if ...
  14. littlelimabean01

    Why do some nurses "hate their jobs"?

    I entered nursing because of my love and respect for the elderly. Pay was not a major concern , but it was always pretty good and comfortable living. What turns me off the very ,very most is the nurse to patient ratio. I am one who wanted to do LTC a...
  15. littlelimabean01

    Joke notes

    Alright, everyone ready to be creeped out? I'll share another one, just understand that these are Joke notes. I love my patients, but still have an atypical sense of humor. 2400: Resident up in W/C pleasantly confused, cooperative with staff for car...