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  1. ST. Rose ICU pay rate

    That isn't the correct link to St. Rose Domincan Hospitals, Dignity Health, in Southern Nevada. The local St. Rose hospitals do contribute and match to their employees 403 (b) plans.
  2. ST. Rose ICU pay rate

    UMC posts their rates publicly on the job boards. Both have good benefits. Both have unions for RN's.
  3. ST. Rose ICU pay rate

    It would pay > $50/hr.
  4. Interested in IR nursing

    Hey Deadpooh, from what I've seen, most IR's like to hire nurses with critical care backgrounds. The nurses on my IR team all hailed from ICU, ER, and a couple from IMC. Good luck with your application! IR is a dream job if you ask me. It's why there...
  5. Las Vegas L&D Salary at different hospitals

    Valley Health System doesn't even crack $40/hr for 5 years of experience, let alone 3. Just an FYI.
  6. Las Vegas L&D Salary at different hospitals

    St. Rose Dignity Health. Two hospitals. Highest RN wages in town (acute care). 3 years exp L/D = $44.22/hr.
  7. You won't be excluded with your ADN. They will likely have you sign a "will complete BSN within X amount of years". Which you're already going to have going. Apply for Intermountain Healthcare's mom/baby new grad programs. They are the dominant hosp...
  8. Where to go after the ICU?

    Be prepared to feel like a new grad again for some of it and be willing to take call! Brush up on everything cardiac. It was a steep learning curve but absolutely worth it. Doing stemis and heart caths, pacemakers is amazing. I can’t imagine ever goi...
  9. new grad- cath lab interview help

    It is highly unusual to have a Cath lab consider a new grad RN. Awesome opportunity to interview. I would brush up on rythym recognition. And think about if you can handle being on-call a lot of the time. It's required. Good luck on your interview. I...
  10. Where to go after the ICU?

    5 years of ICU here.... switched to Interventional Radiology and Cath Lab. Never looking back. Perks are way better. Literally everything is better. So glad I did it.
  11. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Yes. Just like PT and OT services do. Nursing ought to have this option as well. What type of nursing do you do now that you've left vascular access?
  12. New to Cardiac Cath Lab

    This textbook saved me when I transferred to Cath Lab. I am so glad I had it. My preceptor, a seasoned Cath Lab nurse, still refers to it for answers. "Topics cover all aspects of the catheterization laboratory including cardiovascular anatomy, radi...
  13. Low Stress Specialties

    Stress Lab. Despite its name. It is easy and routine. Most the time
  14. allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Joined in 2013. Site and topics were much more enjoyable back then. Fun contributors and interesting topics galore. Those posters have been driven off now. I avoid most threads here due to many already stated reasons. Wish the old AN would come back....
  15. It doesn't count. You aren't an independent ICU nurse if you're in a residency program. How could that be counted-