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Lauraingalls has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OB.

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  1. Lauraingalls


    I am currently an OB nurse who works in an LDRP. I do both Labor and Post partum. While I don't love PP I do like the simplicity and low stress. Especially compared to a step down unit. I enjoy the teaching and helping first time parents. It is usually a happy time and the patients want your help. I would encourage you to go for it. Those of us that have suffered sexual abuse have triggers and we never exactly know what they are. You are so brave and strong.
  2. Lauraingalls

    On-call requirements

    We have 24 hrs of call in a 6 week shift. We have to do 6 or 12 hr increments. I get called in for almost every shift I do. I HATE IT!!!!!
  3. Lauraingalls


    Well it can be some sort of nerve issue. I for one have carpal tunnel and experience numbness and tingling every day. Think of other degenerative nerve issues and you will find numbness and tingling as a symptom
  4. Lauraingalls

    Not all nurses eat their young...

    As a new nurse, I have had a great experience learning from the amazing experienced nurses on my unit. I am grateful for them.
  5. I have never pulled back for a blood return when giving an IVP med... I make sure it flushes but didnt pull back for blood return. Not done on our OB unit
  6. Lauraingalls

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    I massaged a patient's fundus so hard that I made her poop!
  7. Lauraingalls

    15 Minutes in the Life of a Nurse

    Great post! I wish doctors and administration could spend even 15 min in our shoes trying to manage all the things we do.
  8. Lauraingalls

    Low L&D Census, losing hours. Does this happen often?

    I am sitting here on call right now. We go by dates of last call. Our numbers have slowed recently and I am getting put on call at least one a pay period. I honestly dont mind because like another poster said, I am not hurting for money. But if I was the sole provider for our family, I would not be happy.
  9. Lauraingalls

    Nurse opinions on "Birth Rape"

    I am an L and D nurse. I do have those patients that crawl up the bed or clamp their legs. I never force an exam on them but calmly explain what I need to do. I also dont agree with the birth rape phrase. And yes the woman is on display especially when pushing and about to deliver. I really dont know a way around this. I am always very sensitive to a woman with past sexual abuse. But I need to do what I need to do to ensure a safe delivery of baby and at the same time keeping momma healthy. I dont look at the vagina as a sexual organ during this time, it is simply the passage way for the birth of a child.
  10. Lauraingalls

    If you go to a hospital get ready to YELL

    You know, a nurse should not have to deal with this yelling. I get that the doctor wants better treatment for his mother but don't we all? He is yelling at the wrong person. I bet administration never heard from him.
  11. Lauraingalls

    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    I am looking forward to the new ideas that this administration is trying to implement. Regardless of my conservative ideals, people will keep having babies and that keeps me employed. The majority of my patients are medicaid or undocumented since I am close to the border.
  12. Lauraingalls

    minimum staffing and lunch breaks - enemies??

    I work nights in L and D. There are nights I never get to eat and nights I never have a patient. It truly is feast or famine.
  13. Lauraingalls

    Need help with boundaries with my charge nurse

    Thank you for your input. We had another situation in which I was left alone handling a complicated C-section and I felt patient safety was an issue and I directly addressed it with her. It didnt go over very well but I said that patient safety was a priority with me. She had said that she would attend every C-section I was doing personally and point out all the mistakes I made afterwards. She said she would only step in if I was doing something grossly wrong. To me that isnt helpful at all.
  14. Lauraingalls

    Arizona New Grad Positions 2017

    Banner Hospitals hire new grads
  15. I am a newish nurse. I have been working on my unit since last summer and on my own since the fall. I pretty much get along with most of my co-workers. I love my unit and the teamwork atmosphere. It is a busy L and D unit. I work nights. Nights are different than days because most of our admits are in active labor unlike the scheduled inductions for the day. We generally work as a team when someone comes in. One nurse starts the IV, one gets consents signed, one gets the medications for delivery and so on. This way if the patient delivers soon (and they generally do) we are ready to go. There is one charge nurse in particular who I am having trouble with. Her method of teaching is letting you figure it out on your own. She doesn't jump in and help unless it is a true emergency with new nurses. The other night, I got an admission and I proceeded to do what is normally done. Another nurse stepped in to help me with the admission as well. I was told later by this charge nurse that I am to not accept help from anyone until I can quickly and accurately do the process by myself. I understand that I need to know all the steps in admitting a person (including the stuff our techs do). I was actually delayed in getting all the minute details done because she delivered a short time later and I had to stay late catching up on all my charting and inputting of orders. I personally dont think its right to not accept help from other nurses. I truly believe in the team approach. The other charge nurses I work with understand that I am new but am trying to get my feet under me including time management. They dont coddle me but teach while they are helping me (or we are helping others). This charge nurse is very condescending when speaking to me and feels the need to lecture me about how I am being taught wrong by other nurses. I dont say anything because I consider her my supervisor and I just put my head down and work. But it is getting to the point that I try to avoid working with her at all costs. I just had an annual review and it was a glowing report from my other peers. The nurse manager is aware of my issues with this charge nurse and has offered to step in. I am hesitant because of fear of repercussions. I just want to tell her in a firm way to stop but still respecting the fact she is my supervisor. Help!
  16. Lauraingalls

    New grad-Body/mind on high alert all the time due to anxiety

    I am a month off orientation so I get your paranoia. I usually spend my drive home after every shift analyzing what I did and the mistakes I made or things I forgot to tell in report. I then go home and when I go to sleep, I dream about work and usually it involves me forgetting to take care of patient or losing a patient- crazy things like that. I think about my job alot. I over analyze and I feel very hypervigilant at work too. One thing I do is utilize my coworkers and ask lots and lots of questions. I assume nothing and ask and ask and ask. Good luck to you.