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Lauraingalls has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OB.

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  1. Lauraingalls


    I am currently an OB nurse who works in an LDRP. I do both Labor and Post partum. While I don't love PP I do like the simplicity and low stress. Especially compared to a step down unit. I enjoy the teaching and helping first time parents. It is usual...
  2. Lauraingalls

    On-call requirements

    We have 24 hrs of call in a 6 week shift. We have to do 6 or 12 hr increments. I get called in for almost every shift I do. I HATE IT!!!!!
  3. Lauraingalls


    Well it can be some sort of nerve issue. I for one have carpal tunnel and experience numbness and tingling every day. Think of other degenerative nerve issues and you will find numbness and tingling as a symptom
  4. Lauraingalls

    Nurse and patient

    Sorry your doc is making you feel guilty. As a. Labor nurse, I reassure lots of patients who come in to our triage wondering if it's labor. We would rather you keep bothering us then showing up crowning. Generally if you are having cx 2-3 minutes ap...
  5. Lauraingalls

    Is working on a Med-Surg unit necessary?

    I started out on labor and delivery. No med surg experience here.
  6. Lauraingalls

    Documenting injection the MD gave

    I refuse to chart meds that I dont give.
  7. Lauraingalls

    How many patients you guys take on your duty?

    Our unit is a rural OB with Postpartum and triage included. Labor- 1-2 mostly 1. Postpartum - up to 6 patients or 3 couplets. Triage- 3 patients at a time usually is my max.
  8. Lauraingalls

    Not All Nurses Eat Their Young...

    As a new nurse, I have had a great experience learning from the amazing experienced nurses on my unit. I am grateful for them.
  9. I have never pulled back for a blood return when giving an IVP med... I make sure it flushes but didnt pull back for blood return. Not done on our OB unit
  10. Lauraingalls

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    I massaged a patient's fundus so hard that I made her poop!
  11. Lauraingalls

    Don't do the physicians work!

    I feel like all I do is take phone orders. But we still do some paper charting along with computer charting..... Because charting in only one system is way too easy!
  12. We have a schedule buddy and we self schedule. I like to work my 3 shifts in a row. Luckily so does my schedule buddy.
  13. no words. Just offering a hug.
  14. Congrats!! Now the real learning begins!! I graduated 6 mo before you and I feel like nursing school just is the beginning of all the things you need to learn nursing wise. Hope you love your job!
  15. If I have a shift change delivery or c-section I will be there an hour late. I would say that I stay late at least 1 out of my 3 shifts. Labor nurses have an insane amount of charting and I chart by hand and on 2 different EMR systems. It is crazy bu...