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Debilpn23 specializes in long term care Alzheimers Patients.

50 yr old married mom of two

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  1. What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?

    I still need to learn this , and I'm in my late 50 s
  2. Commuter I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences
  3. Superstitious

    A small nursing home I worked at in the 80's had no room 13 ,on either floor.
  4. 12/3: Aggravation and Agreements

  5. License info being sold

    I don ' t blame you .
  6. Thankful To Be A Nurse On Thanksgiving

    I am thankful for many things . I'm thankful for my husband of 36 years . He drives me crazy sometimes but I love him. I'm thankful for my 2 daughters ,and granddaughter. I'm thankful for my mom and 3 siblings evenif I don ' t see them often as we...
  7. WILTW 10/29: Trauma for breakfast

    I miss the An app too. I thought I had lost An forever, but was able to find it through FB
  8. Florida LPN pay rate

    I reside in Florida ,The Fort Myers area , I have had a few jobs , ranging from $17.00 -$23.50 an hour .
  9. WILTW 10/1/16: Lights up to Activism and Bonus Points

  10. When Hospice Goes Wrong

    Viva I am so sorry for your loss . Also for what you went through with that nurse. I am sending you a big hug.
  11. Combative Patients/Body cams/Walkie talkies

    Thanks it was annoying me also. I have a lot I'd like to say in response too.
  12. How often did YOU see the school nurse?

    I was a Ff in 1st grade .Until my mom told the nurse to send me back to class. I don ' t remember having one in Junior High . Don ' t recall going to see her in High school
  13. Congrats O. C so happy for you !!!
  14. Totally agree Commuter.
  15. Glad to hear your son ' s surgery went well.