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  1. guest798886

    What should I have done about super low O2 levels?

    In any instance like that notify your clinical instructor or the Nurse immediately. I mean its okay (for now) now that you know, you wont let that happen again, right? so its a lesson. like the previous person said : "Often nursing students notice li...
  2. I really love how supportive everyone is on this site.
  3. This might be a dumb question, but just wondering if ATI has helped you while youre in nursing school or how has it helped you. I am starting clinicals and still getting used to this program. I have heard some mixed reviews about how its helped ppl a...
  4. guest798886

    What did you do in the ER today?

    Oooo i like this topic, we should do this for all types of nurses!
  5. guest798886

    Chamberlain College, Arlington VA campus

    any updates?
  6. guest798886

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Arlington Campus

    A lot of people from Chamberlain say its best if you do your pre-reqs at comm college or state school first before going there to say money. you'll be saving a lot.
  7. I got a C+ in AP1. Then when I took AP2, I failed with a C- and got a B+ the second time. I've gotten accepted into a nursing program. But in my other sciences, I got B's. Like the other posts, being a C student wont really help you once you get i...
  8. guest798886

    Taking Anatomy and Chem at the same time.

    I took Chem and Microbiology at the same time while working, and had the best grades that semester since i had to stay on top of things
  9. guest798886

    Is working as a CNA necessary?

    Necessary? No. Helpful? yes. The skills you learn as a CNA will definitely help during clinicals and in your courses, specifically Fundamentals of Nursing, bt since you're a 2nd semester student, it'll help from here on out for jobs. And like one ...
  10. guest798886

    Pharm apps on iPhone/iPad?

    What are some good pharmacology apps on iPhone that you guys have used?
  11. guest798886

    Taking TEAS before physiology

    I remember seeing A&P for a good amount of it. So honestly, taking it could've definitely helped.
  12. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
  13. guest798886

    What ACTUALLY works in nursing school

    Omg so helpful!!!!
  14. *nursing student takes notes*
  15. guest798886

    Pharmacology Flashcards (drug cards)