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Low Census??


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I was working 36-48 hours a week till Mid June. Balt/DC Metro area. July I worked 62 hours for the MONTH. August I went to Utah for 4 weeks, worked more than 40 hours a week in Salt Lake City. Came home Sept was slow, started picking up end of Sept and Oct. Finally after 14 months I landed a PERMANENT PT Benefited position with opportunity to work additional shifts starting Dec 1st. It is the economy, and poor planning on administration not hiring and orieniting new grads in lean summer times, now they are working short constantly.

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No, it's not that way here.


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Want some hours? You can come work in my crazy, overflowing hospital. We have had no beds for weeks on end!

Cancel, cancel, cancel.

Went to a beach resort area around Labor Day, it was like a ghost town.

I think people are not heading south for vacations due to the economy.

Wonder if the snow birds will all stay home as well, due to the economy?

It has been super busy here in central California. We are bulging at the seams!

VA Manhattan has been busy too! Slow in summer but busy in the winter.


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We are consistently seeing more pts every month. My director will be getting a great bonus.


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Not the case in my ER. Consistently hitting well above our monthly patient census, compared to last year. Our director will be getting a big bonus!

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Funny how no one is really saying "about the same." It seems to either be "low" or "overflowing."


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busting at the seams in missouri. they would work the dead if they could.


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I have only been called off 4 times this year!! we have been steady all year, except for some weekends. I truly believe its bc we hired hospitalists! it sounds stupid, but 3/4's of the pts that have been admitted since they started truly do NOT need to be in the hospital!

I was actually called off this a.m. in N. Virginia. But it's only the 2nd time all year and I was thankful for it. We seem to have highs and lows. I can fully expect to be called ON to come in in the coming weeks, and they are always asking us to work overtime when census is up, but hopefully, I am not wrong.

We DO have plenty of government type RN jobs here in our area if need be. I'd hate the commute, but I'd do it to keep full time work.


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I work in psych and while I haven't been called off, we've had 50% of our beds open recently. I wasn't expecting that with the cooler weather but it's been weird.

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Yes I live in SC... Got called off today. Finally had to break down and get a 2nd prn position at another hospital 2 months ago. It has been rough and getting a little scary. Losing 12 hours a week for 5 months begins to hurt the bank account after a while.

Im in Maine and statewide there is low census, many hospitals have had layoffs here, mine is still trying not to by not filling empty positions, decreasing shift differentials and two months without accruing choice time, changing the staffing grid, floating even more, etc. Defnitely scary. My vacation time is being used up for on call or called off. I don't understand where all the sick people went? Not seeking care due to economy? Pt teaching improved and they are actually taking care of themselves?


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Low census here too, I'm in Houston. I've been called off about once a week all summer. I don't mind at all :D. Though I'm sure I will change my tune once my PTO runs out...

Definitely low census here. Have been calling off 2-3 nurses per shift almost daily. I know of another ICU that is plain out closed.


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Summer in DC has been very busy - many tourists.....