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PAERRN20 has 3 years experience and specializes in ER.

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  1. PAERRN20

    Geri-psych nursing?

    Thanks for the replies. How different is it from adult psych? Obviously more medically complex patients, but what else?
  2. PAERRN20

    Geri-psych nursing?

    Any nurses work in acute inpatient geri-psych? What is your typical day like? Typical diagnoses on the unit? Are you charge nurse or worker bee? Is this specialty competative? (I know there is a psych board, but there it's kinda slow so I thought I'd ask here!)
  3. PAERRN20

    An ER "First" for Me...

    I've had Toradol for pain and it is good stuff
  4. PAERRN20

    Trauma roon in your ED... who gets it?

    Anyone of us could get the trauma bays. In fact, we could get assigned 2 traumas at the same time. It sucks.
  5. PAERRN20

    splattered with CellCept in first trimester

    Call your OB ASAP
  6. Well in the ER I often start the IV, draw/order labs, start a fluid bolus, order an Xray, and sometimes give meds before the MD even got to see the patient. I was still within scope since these labs/meds/xray is all on a standing order protocol. But I will often suggest what med I want and the MD will write the order for me. ER nurses often have close relationships with the docs which allows this kind of thing. I find they trust our clinical judgement more often than not.
  7. PAERRN20

    Skin assessment in the ED

    My post above should say that the ED nurses AREN'T being lazy
  8. PAERRN20

    Skin assessment in the ED

    Sorry, but that is ridiculous. Skin assessments are about the last thing I am worried about in the ED. Who has the time to do a skin assessment when the patient next door is seizing and needs intubated? Or that level 1 trauma that just rolled through the door. Or the psych patient who is running through the hallway naked? The ED nurses are being lazy by not completing the skin assessments. And really, the ED is not the place for it to happen.
  9. PAERRN20

    How many of you have experienced medication errors?

    Sure they are avoidable but there as so many things that COULD go wrong, it's amazing that there aren't more med errors than there are now. You have the doctor ordering the med...what if he orders the wrong med, dose, route, or time? Error! Then there is the nurse who takes the order...what if he/she doesn't hear right, and orders the wrong med/route/time/dose/patient? Error! Then there is pharmacy...what if it doesn't get in the computer right? Or if the wrong med is sent to the floor? Error! Then there is the nurse giving a patient a different med than the doctor ordered at the wrong time via the wrong route because the pharmacy didn't send the right drug! Whew! That is just one example of what can and dose go wrong!
  10. PAERRN20

    Advice for ER nurse starting in LTC

    What's the reasoning behind this? I'll mostly likely work the 11p-7a shift.
  11. Hi everyone! I am an ER nurse making the transition to LTC by choice. I am tired of the trauma, drug overdoses, and narc seekers that plague the ER. I really enjoy working with geriatric patients....they are my favorite group! Anyways, I haven't started on the floor yet but need some advice. I am not a new nurse, but I am new to LTC. My only experience has been ER, so while I am comfortable with critical patients, I am not real comfortable will calling MDs, supervising LVNS/CNAs, entering orders, etc...basically "floor" nursing tasks. I will be the only RN in the building for approx 80-100 residents. I will not have to pass meds or do treatments. I'll just be the RN supervisor. In my state, LVNS aren't allowed to call physicians and take orders, so that will be my main duties. Does this sound doable. I have 3 years ER experience, although I have never been charge nurse. I am worried I won't be able to handle it! What is your best advice or tips for me?
  12. PAERRN20

    Hep c + needlestick

    Not much to add but you and your family will be in my prayers
  13. PAERRN20

    Subacute area of the ED

    Usually the holding area is called a "clinical decision unit"....most nurses rotate through all areas. Generally in my experience the ED nurses don't enjoy working this area since you have to call the admitting physician if there are changes, have to do MARs, etc. You do not have the autonomy you do in the regular ED.
  14. PAERRN20

    What do you pack in your lunch box?

    Just curious what everyone packs to take to work. I'm in a food rut and need some ideas of what other nurses eat to keep them going for 12+ hrs!
  15. PAERRN20

    Graduate program recommendation letters

    Have you taken classes at your hospital such as CPR, ACLS, etc? Perhaps whoever teaches those could write you a letter of recommendation?
  16. PAERRN20

    do you like your ER?

    Ok so you staffing ratio is fabulous! I'd love to come to your ED. Mine has 1 MD for 20 beds!!!