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    Geri-psych unit

    Wondering what a geri-psych unit is like. Anyone ever worked on one of these units? Do you have IV's, G-tubes, trachs? Or more just medication management and behavioral therapy? Much different than a regular psych unit? Thanks for any replies!
  2. What is the proper length of time to stay at a job you don't like? 6 months? 1 year? Do you think a future nurse manager would look poorly on an RN that was out of the nursing field (but a health-related field) for a year?
  3. Hi guys. ER nurse of almost 2 years here. Never have worked anywhere else, thinking of picking up some shifts in med-surg. Wondering if I can do it? Obviously it is different on the floor, but how much different? Can anyone enlighten me? Any ER nurses actually enjoy med-surg? Thanks!
  4. Sorry for such a blunt title but this is a question I have been pondering since accepting a new assignment. I will be working in long term care, and haven't had a day on the floor yet. However, I do work in the ER now and whenever a patient dies, the MD talks to the family, so I never have to be the first one to break the news. Obviously I would not come out and say the patient died so bluntly. I am more worried about how to respond when the family asks questions. For example, what if I don't know the exact time of death? Do I say the patient was soundly sleeping at 0300, but on rounds at 0500 the patient had passed away? What if they are a full code and they obviously gone? Sorry for such questions but this has got me a little nervous!
  5. Hi all. I am not a travel nurse, but I have a question many of you might have the answer to. Can you hold an RN license in 2 different states? I am not looking to travel if that makes a difference. Just that I live close enough to work in either state. Also, can you work in both states? Say I have a part time job in one state (Ohio) , and another part time job in another state (West Virginia)...is that ok? Sorry if these questions are silly. Thanks in advance! :redpinkhe
  6. PAERRN20

    Geri-psych nursing?

    Thanks for the replies. How different is it from adult psych? Obviously more medically complex patients, but what else?
  7. PAERRN20

    Geri-psych nursing?

    Any nurses work in acute inpatient geri-psych? What is your typical day like? Typical diagnoses on the unit? Are you charge nurse or worker bee? Is this specialty competative? (I know there is a psych board, but there it's kinda slow so I thought I'd ask here!)
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    Dansko Outlet?

    Anyone ever bought shoes off http://www.danskooutlet.com? I really would like to try Dansko, but I don't want to spend $120 for shoes I may hate. The outlet is ran by Dansko, and the website says everything is factory seconds. It says the shoes may be scuffed, wrinkled, color may be a bit off, etc. The shoes are about $60-70 compared to $110-120. I'm ok with a little wrinkling, but I don't want to pay $$$ for scuffed up shoes. Any experiences?
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    Master of Science in Gerontology

    Hi everyone! Got a question...anyone have or know of someone who has a Master of Science in Gerontology? If so, what kind of position do they hold? Nursing home administrator? Local government? Looking into getting this degree to combine with my BSN. Thanks for any input!
  10. For those that just love your job and wake up happy to go to work, what is your speciality? Have long have you been in it? What other areas have you worked before you found your niche?
  11. PAERRN20

    An ER "First" for Me...

    I've had Toradol for pain and it is good stuff
  12. PAERRN20

    Trauma roon in your ED... who gets it?

    Anyone of us could get the trauma bays. In fact, we could get assigned 2 traumas at the same time. It sucks.
  13. PAERRN20

    splattered with CellCept in first trimester

    Call your OB ASAP
  14. Well in the ER I often start the IV, draw/order labs, start a fluid bolus, order an Xray, and sometimes give meds before the MD even got to see the patient. I was still within scope since these labs/meds/xray is all on a standing order protocol. But I will often suggest what med I want and the MD will write the order for me. ER nurses often have close relationships with the docs which allows this kind of thing. I find they trust our clinical judgement more often than not.
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    Skin assessment in the ED

    My post above should say that the ED nurses AREN'T being lazy
  16. PAERRN20

    Skin assessment in the ED

    Sorry, but that is ridiculous. Skin assessments are about the last thing I am worried about in the ED. Who has the time to do a skin assessment when the patient next door is seizing and needs intubated? Or that level 1 trauma that just rolled through the door. Or the psych patient who is running through the hallway naked? The ED nurses are being lazy by not completing the skin assessments. And really, the ED is not the place for it to happen.
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    Is just a BSN enough?

    What do y'all think about just having a BSN. Do you think in 20-30 years a BSN will carry the weight it does today? Or will RN's have to have a master's degree to get the better jobs?
  18. PAERRN20

    Most competitive fields to get into?

    Med/surg, LTC, rehab, psych are usually easy to get into ICU, ER, PACU, cath lab, outpatient surgery are generally more difficult
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    drawing blood

    I hate those retracting butterfly needles. I don't use them, so I have no advice on those. Just be very aware of where the needle is. Do not become careless handling them. Also, watch out for patients you made need someone else to hold. I don't do venipuncture or IV starts by myself on children or confused patients. Get someone to hold the arm so you don't get stuck. The AC is the obvious place for a blood draw, but you can use other spots. I like to use above the AC in the elderly who have used up veins. Hands work too, but I don't like to use them unless there is no other option. Tie the tourniquet tight. I like to have my needle almost flat against the arm when drawing from the AC. Bevel up. Remove the tubes from the vaccutainer before you take the needle out. ALWAYS wear gloves...ALWAYS! Know which labs go in which colored tube. You can google these. Know the order of colors in which to draw. Good luck!
  20. PAERRN20

    Departments that cut the most shifts?

    ER's are never allowed to close and usually busting at the seams, esp. in a bad economy.
  21. So have any of you left nursing for a different career/profession and then return? If so, how long were you gone? What did you do for a living? Was it difficult to get back into nursing?
  22. PAERRN20

    How long to stay at a job you don't like?

    I knew the pay was lower going in but the hassel of the job is not worth it. I'd rather be working 3 nights a week and be done with it then the 9-5 headache this job is.
  23. PAERRN20

    How long to stay at a job you don't like?

    I have 3+ years RN experience. I took a case management job in the private sector and it is not going to work out long term for me. I'd like to go back to the acute care setting. I thought I'd stay 6 months and them make an exit. Is that reasonable?
  24. PAERRN20

    If you love your job, what is your speciality?

    Hmm...anyone love psych?? I left my ER job to work in a non-nursing but psych related job. I would eventually like to go back into nursing in 2-3 years and would like to try psych.

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