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Is just a BSN enough?


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What do y'all think about just having a BSN. Do you think in 20-30 years a BSN will carry the weight it does today? Or will RN's have to have a master's degree to get the better jobs?

This is a question that is not confined to nursing. There has been, over the past few decades, a higher education "inflation" if you will.

As more and more people attain bachelors degrees, people will continually need to seek more advanced degrees to stand out. So as BAs and BSs become more commonplace their esteem diminishes.

There are have been quite a few articles lately (check out The Economist) that are speculating about a higher education "bubble" and the burst that is inevitable (and likely to occur soon).

llg, PhD, RN

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It depends on what kind of job you want. It's one thing to talk about staff nurse positions: it's another to talk about leadership positions. I think grad school will become the common standard for any leadership, advanced practice, etc. In some places, it already is.

Personally I think it is a good option to think about. Think of it this way, if you are thinking about it now just go ahead and get it done. You can take your time with it and be alright. The good thing is if you ever do need it in the future you won't be apart of the flood of graduate students.

whichone'spink, BSN, RN

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I'm pretty certain a BSN will become the entry point for future nurses. Don't know how long that will take, but it seems the market is deciding that for us.