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  1. Fribblet

    Bedside Reporting starting Monday :(((

    How to end this in 3 easy steps: 1. Just say in front of the patient everything you'd normally say in report. 2. Watch complaints skyrocket and patient satisfaction scores plumet. 3. LOL in break room. Optional step 4: Have another job lined up.
  2. Fribblet

    Magnet Hospitals

    IT'S A TRAP! Also The general rule of thumb is this: Whatever HR and management tell you about a place, it's actually the opposite.
  3. Fribblet

    Nurse's getting younger

    *Facepalm* She's bemoaning the edging out of experienced nurses by employers eager to hire newer nurses who are more desperate for work and willing to work for less, thus driving down wages and driving out older nurses. It wasn't a commentary on your nursing ability. Sheesh.
  4. Fribblet

    Johnson & Johnson commercials

    Preach it, Sista!
  5. Fribblet

    Johnson & Johnson commercials

    Thanks! Waaaaay back in the days of dial-up I went by a handle of Fribbles. For some reason I couldn't use that when I signed up for this site, so I went with Fribblet. Apparently, it's also used as an alternative term for Dingleberry as another poster pointed out. I could change my name, but I tend to **** people off, so I keep it out of both spite and appropriateness. :)
  6. Fribblet

    Nurse's getting younger

    I'm confused. What exactly is it that belongs to the nurse that's getting younger?
  7. Fribblet

    Magnet Designation

    Lobby or no lobby, with the economy in shambles and more and more people trying to get into this "recession-proof" job, employers have the upper hand. Why, then, would you not hire a bachelors prepared nurse at the same price? More effective/safe/whatever or not, the perception among employers AND the public is: more education = better. As a result, the BSN will inadvertently become the standard, while the ADN replaces the LPN in the hospital setting. Overall, I don't think this is the outcome of a carefully constructed plot by the BSN only crowd. But, that this is the "invisible hand" of the free market at work. Thanks to the ****** economy, employers are able to (at least in my area) pay BSN prepared nurses LPN wages. Lucky them!
  8. Fribblet

    Nursing is not easy money, no gain no pain

    I've held a job ever since I was able to work. I think nursing sucks. The amount we're dumped on by administration, patients, families and other departments, our responsibility, and the detriment this job has on our health does not correlate with our ****** pay and lack of a voice when it comes to policy. I have a lot of complaints. Are they valid now that you know I worked before attending nursing school?
  9. Fribblet

    Magnet Designation

    I'm going to have to check that out. That would quite an interesting tid-bit of information. Although my hospital just received Magnet shat-us, and we're an University affiliated hospital.
  10. Fribblet

    Magnet Designation

    Absolutely not. They just know this hospital is CERTA-FRIED! So it must be good. Now tell that nurse to move her perky ass to the cafeteria and gimme a sammich.
  11. Fribblet

    Magnet Designation

    How much cash your facility is willing to pony up. That's my cynical response anyway. Per the ANCC website, a Pathways to Excellence facility "is earned by healthcare organizations that create work environments where nurses can excel in their practice. The designation substantiates the professional satisfaction of nurses and identifies best places to work." A Magnet facility can demonstrate (on paper, not in practice mind you) that they have quality patient care, excellence in nursing and are "advancing" nursing practice.
  12. Fribblet

    Magnet Designation

    If hospitals spent the same amount of time and money they waste getting magnet status, to actually improve working conditions, care would improve, and happy nurses make happy patients. Word spreads fast. They wouldn't even have to spend money advertising. I know, after going through (and getting) the process of magnet designation with my current employer, I will be avoiding magnet hospitals from here on out. It's a sign that the hospital cares more about PR than nursing. What a waste of time and money.
  13. Fribblet

    Magnet Designation

    Magnet designation exists for three reasons: 1-For an additional PR marketing tool for the hospital. 2-A way for the ANCC to rake in piles of cash. 3-For management to engage in a self-congratulatory circle jerk while staff nurses are overburdened with additional paperwork, the same ****** working conditions, and remain as the facility's go to scapegoat. Discuss.
  14. Fribblet

    Hospital Using FirstNet in ER?

    We use it. It's the worst program I've ever used. I, and my coworkers, hate it.
  15. No hospital is going to pay for a volunteer to go school, and some tuition reimbursement programs require you to be in an actual program (each program is different), so they likely would not reimburse you for your pre-requisite corses. With the economy in the crapper, and the government cutting education, even state schools are costing a small fortune to attend. Unless you have rich parents, or are willing to go into the military, don't count on getting out debt-free. Also, I'd work on your writing skills. Entrance essays are important. Also, start looking for scholarships, but be aware you're probably going to have to do a lot of writing to get them as well. Also, try using Google and doing some research. There may be special programs specific to your state that we're not aware of. Your advisor at school should be able to help you as well.
  16. Fribblet

    Why Nursing staff harm thier charges??

    Why u no ask them? I no harm pt.