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  1. Chameleonchick

    When did you take the TEAS?

    Really?? Ughh. I'm glad I did wait. I will take this sometime during next semester after I complete AP2 this semester.
  2. Chameleonchick

    What is the difference between LPNs and RNs?

    Thanks for all the responses! I live in Colorado.
  3. Chameleonchick

    What is the difference between LPNs and RNs?

    I understand that one is a Licensed Practical Nurse and one is a Registered Nurse. I also understand the length of school is different and that the pay is different. Actually, I would like to know the difference between the job duties/hours etc. I have looked at older threads and I still cannot come up with a clear answer. I think it would be even better if there is an RN on here that used to be an LPN help me out with this since they have been on both sides of the fence. Thank you so much for your help and I hope this thread is in the right place.
  4. Chameleonchick

    Day 1 of waiting...check

    Wow, how exciting!! Good luck on your interview.
  5. How does the wait list work at Pikes Peak? After I finish AP2 and Human growth and development I will be done with my prereqs plus a lot of other classes. I just have to get my CNA and then I can apply. But how long after that is the usual wait time?
  6. Chameleonchick

    Advice needed about classes

    Has anyone had a course load like this before (this is for fall)? Nurse Assistant Healthcare skills (to become a CNA) Pathophysiology Math for Clinical Calculations Music Appreciation
  7. Chameleonchick

    Nurses with nose piercings?

    So basically the rules are just like in the Army. I didn't get my nose pierced until I got out, so I will just have to get one of those clear retainers, because I do not want my hole to close up.
  8. Chameleonchick

    Your pre req gpa....

    Right now I have a 3.44, but I have two more classes to take that I will be starting in two days. So hopefully I get A's in them so I can raise my GPA some more.
  9. Chameleonchick

    Nurses with nose piercings?

    Wow, while I respect your opinion I have to say that I disagree with you.
  10. Chameleonchick

    Nurses with nose piercings?

    Hi I am not a nurse yet, but are there any nurses out there with nose piercings? Do they make you take it out at work?
  11. Here is my situation. I have not worked for a few years. I currently have a license as an esthetician and have gone back to school to pursue nursing. It took me a while to decide between becoming a nurse or a dietitian but for the most part I have made up my mind. I was not working because I had young children. Well, they are still young but one is in the first grade and the other in preschool. Now when I started at the CC I was taking all of my prereqs for the BSN/Nutrition degree. I will be finished with my Associate's in the fall if I decide to take the AA or next spring if I take the AS. For either program at the university I will have the pre-reqs completed at that time, however I will have to complete one semester at the university if I want to apply to the nursing program. As most of you know the university is pretty expensive. It is like 350 per credit hour. We are only living off of one income, would it be wiser to get the ADN and then get the BSN later, or stay on the BSN track? Oh, and if I apply to the nursing program at the CC I still have to get licensed as a CNA. And I can't do that until next summer at the earliest spring anyways. Does anyone have some sound advice for me? Thank you.
  12. Chameleonchick

    Options of becoming an RN

    I am not entirely sure but if you have all the prereqs for the BSN couldn't you do the accelerated BSN program because you already have a bachelors?
  13. Chameleonchick

    Cosmetic procedures office RN

    I have no clue either, but that is exactly where I would want to work. I am already a licensed esthetician so that would be a great fit, I can't wait until I am done with Nursing School. Good luck on your interview!
  14. Chameleonchick

    Failing Micro

    Just an update I ended up getting a B in Micro. SO all in all I got an A and 3 B's this semester! Yay!