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tewdles has 31 years experience as a RN and specializes in PICU, NICU, L&D, Public Health, Hospice.

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  1. tewdles

    12 hour shifts in public health?

    In some rural areas, Alaska for example, the PHNs travel to villages to provide their services. As one might imagine, it is hard to maintain "bankers hours" when practicing like that. I do believe that they are primarily M-F, 8-4:30 though, even here.
  2. I wish I could help you... have you asked the staff at the MD office for some insight? good luck to you...!
  3. Politician of any ilk want a trifecta in elections. That agenda is evident in EVERYTHING they do and in the amount of time they spend being concerned with elections vs. any other productive activity. I am not sure that it is reasonable to blame this POTUS for the state of affairs in government that WE have allowed for a long, long time.
  4. tewdles

    Hospitals / Corporations replacing nurses with...

    The robots should replace the administrators...that would be easy...cheaper too. No big bonuses, long vacations, big salaries...the robot can do the figurin at low cost, works 24/7, doesn't need a bonus, and the $$ can be used for bedside care.
  5. tewdles

    legal ramifications?

    I said I would dump it on the floor and call the cno. It will quickly get cleaned if it is on the floor.
  6. tewdles

    Is health care a "right"

    You are already paying for the cost of the uninsured...you are just doing it in the most expensive way possible. We have had government out of our health care, it has been run by capitalists. As a result we have the worst health outcomes at the highest cost in the world with millions uninsured and millions more under-insured. Too many middle class people are forced into bankrupcy every year due to medical bills. Our free market health system now costs us a significant portion of our GDP...you pay for it in that respect too. Before recommending we return to the failures of the past, perhaps you could consider improving things for the people of the country rather than the corporations. I would much rather pay federal taxes to insure that my fellow citizens are healthy than to pay federal taxes to insure that corporations get their entitlements and record profits. It is the government's job to protect the people...not the church.
  7. We still have republicans in Congress wasting time trying to repeal ACA... how many times have they voted on that now? and how many times have they voted on a jobs bill, or other helpful legislation...?
  8. Every single esoph Ca patient that I have cared for in hospice with a GT regretted having it place...every one.
  9. I disagree with you and so I, and those who think like me are "what's wrong with America" and an insult to our military??? Really? Cuz, see it is not people like me who want to make it more difficult or possibly impossible for the poor and working classes to get a piece of the American Dream. It is not people like me who support draconian policy which puts government in charge of women's reproductive health issues. It is not people like me who are anxious for the wealthy corporations to pay as little tax as possible while the majority of wage earners pay for those corporate entitlements. It is not people like me who want workers to be flexible enough to work without benefit of overtime. It is not people like me who devise processes that disenfranchise voters and require that citizens wait in lines for hours just to vote. It is not people like me who believe that 47% of the country are lazy, unmotivated takers. It is not people like me who believe we should cut SS and Medicare in order to preserve our corporate welfare. I am quite certain that quite a number of people who died for this country and who are currently serving disagree on some points as well, and may even agree with ME...are they also the worst and an insult? Geesh.
  10. tewdles

    Hospitals / Corporations replacing nurses with...

    Our corporate citizens don't care about the health of the American people...those citizens care about the capitalist laws and regulations that affect their ability to make profit. Our legislators pass laws to make the few corporate citizens happy because those citizens give them $$. As long as capitalism is the foundation of our health system, rather than prevention, treatment, and outcomes, American's will continue to have the worst outcomes and most expensive system on the planet. Corporate health care groups will continue to lay off nurses as a way to insure their profits...even though people are hospitalized for NURSING care. They will continue to ignore the plethora of studies that directly link outcomes to nursing hours at bedside and minimize access to the very thing patients need because of the expense. They will focus, instead, on whether or not the patients and families believe that their hospital stay was enough like a 5 star hotel to make them happy.
  11. Have you read it? Are you afraid of it? The insurance lobbyists were very busy first campaigning against and then for parts of the ACA. I wouldn't depend upon them for any factual summation of the benefits to citizens.
  12. tewdles

    And what other questions do you have?

    Depends on where I am interviewing... I may ask why the position is open, or what the best parts of the workplace are, I may ask about the management style of the "boss"... I may ask about patient mix, or insurance mix, or caseload, etc dependent upon the work setting. If the interviewers have been warm and friendly with me I will be warm and friendly in response. I often ask what types of attributes in a candidate will they be looking for or something similar. Good luck.
  13. tewdles

    Top 10 Reasons Against Unions

    top 10 reasons against unions: 1) unions interfere with management's ability to treat staff in their preferred fashion 2) unions generate contracts which hold both sides to the agreed upon language 3) unions are designed to protect the workers without harming the business 4) unions help to create job protection/security for the workers 5) union workers tend to make better wages than nonunion workers 6) unions help to equalize pay amongst workers doing the same work 7) unions provide a voice for the workers in the workplace 8) unions provide a voice for the workers in the halls of government 9) unions tend to make workplaces more transparent 10) unions provide workers with a grievance process.
  14. tewdles

    Hospital policies

    If you were supposed to work that shift and sent home for low census, then yes. No, they don't have to pay you for the "oncall".
  15. tewdles

    Hospital policies

    Soon it will be legal for all of us to have the "flexibility" to work for our employers without the burden of OT, if some conservative legislators get their way...just sayin.
  16. New patient or new stroke? How long has the GT been in? Has the family discussed the goals of care relative to that tube and the artificial nutrition?