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  1. lovethepeople

    Being put Oncall too often

    I work in California and we get canceled on my unit when the census is low too...I remember a couple of months ago somebody did post a message from EDD (that's who handles unemployment, as you may know) about filing claims because your employer calls you off for 'slow business'. I wish I copied it because, of course, now it's gone. I tried scouring the EDD website but couldn't find the specifics. I would contact your union rep about this for sure. I am planning on it! Good luck!
  2. lovethepeople

    Prep for ACLS certification

    I agree that you do not need an EKG class to take ACLS. As previous poster said, you need to know some basic rhythms and those you can learn on-line or in a book. If you want to take an EKG class to stand out, it may help. I am not sure how much it helped me but I took one while in school and graduated in March 2009. Things were tight for new grads then also and I finally got hired in med-surg in September. I don't know that I retained too much of the class but the book was good! Many hospitals have EKG classes for you to take once you are hired so if you take one before and need a refresher you may get one when you get hired. But honestly, it didn't help with ACLS all that much. You would have to review for that anyhow. You mentioned CEUs. You don't need to do CEUs for the first two years of licensure in California so check your Board of Registered Nursing for that information. Good luck!
  3. lovethepeople

    Anyone going to Haiti?

    I am in California and belong to the California Nurses Association. They sent out an email with this information and are recruiting for the RN Response Network nationally: http://www.calnurses.org/rnrn/ http://www.calnurses.org/rnrn/rnrn-volunteer-form.html Of course there is always Doctors Without Borders (not just for doctors) http://www.msf.org/msfinternational/volunteer/ I wish I could go but circumstances won't allow it. Good luck finding a way to help--- and thank you for helping!
  4. lovethepeople

    computer charting and having a brain

    Lucky you-- I love Kaiser's computer charting (and lucky you in Hawaii!)! I did a 9 month gig there and thought it was great. I worked in a step-down unit so I ended up using the attached sheet (Brain-1); I guess you can photocopy it to the other side for more patients. I never printed anything from their chart; I just wrote down what I needed. But I realize you may have less time to do that with more patients. In the end, I just used a blank sheet, made a grid for the systems, a section to write down the med times from the MAR and that worked just fine. I am now on a med-surg floor with NO computer charting and use the other sheet I attached. The horizontal side (which has a big space on it bc that's where I put the patient's sticker) I take report on and the vertical I use for my work. I am still on just 4 patients (orienting) so this one works for me. When I get to 5 and I have admissions and discharges I'll have to use 2 sheets I guess. Hope this helps at all and good luck! Brain-1.doc PT VERTICAL SHT.doc PT SHEET.doc
  5. lovethepeople

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    I can completely relate! Even though I know it doesn't help to worry, the med surg floor I'm on is so disorganized and overwhelming (even the nurses who have been there for years say so) that I am just always stressed out. I have a couple of days off and try to think positive again for a new day...but there I am again falling behind on charting and everything is tugging every which way. I can only offer that I am sure it must get easier and as a new nurse most people experience this to some degree. I am trying to meditate, exercise, eat well and do all I can to make it easier on my nervous system! It's important to have those effective coping mechanisms in place, even when they fall apart so easily once you hit the floor. Good luck to you and all of us...
  6. lovethepeople

    Low Census??

    I'm at a small private hospital in Northern California on a med-surg and nurses have been called off left and right because of the low census. People are definitely nervous and I feel bad for the new grads because the situation isn't getting better at all.
  7. lovethepeople

    CA governor fires RN board

    Let's not forget this is the governor that called nurses a special interest group and said, "I kick their butt" (which he said, by the way, at the California Governor Conference on Women and Children!) because we protested his health care policies. I don't trust him, and not just based on that comment. He has proposed health care cuts that would affect the most vulnerable of our population and when nurses speak up, we get demonized. Pro-union or not, it's about our patients and our practice! (okay, got a little off track there :) )
  8. lovethepeople

    Cottage Community in Santa Barbara

    No call back but I did receive a rejection email last week saying they had the applicants they were interested in...blahblahblah. Good luck!
  9. Not to mention the competition here for jobs- experienced or not- is very tough
  10. lovethepeople

    California's 2009 New Grad RN Program- Who's hiring right now?

  11. lovethepeople

    New Grads- What floor where you hired for?

    I am staring on a med-surg floor which was not my first, second or third choice (lol) but in this tough economy, I cannot complain! Good luck new grads-- I applied to this job in April and the offer came in July. I know it's so frustrating and I am praying things get better soon because our patients need us!
  12. lovethepeople

    UCSF - Critical Care/Trauma program staring Fall 09

    Is this internal? I have been looking like crazy and leave no stone unturned but haven't heard of this...
  13. I am with you! I will not be satisfied, and we will not see a truly healthy society, until we all have coverage (and coverage that is patient-focused!). I am not confident the government will do anything significant enough to provide care for all but I will certainly continue to raise my voice about it. . . Medicare is certainly the model. If nothing can convince people this is true, what about the overhead numbers? Currently, administrative costs are at about 31%!!! We can do so much better with single payer
  14. lovethepeople

    April 2009 Nclex takers...come on in...share ur thoughts

    I passed! I passed! I can't believe it Thanks to everyone for encouragement! :redbeathe
  15. lovethepeople

    I did it- I passed! Wow!

    I landed on the 1st leg of my vacation to a text from preceptor, "Congrats girl!" What? Luckily I have internet on my phone and there it was- my name followed by the cherished RN! I jumped out of my seat screaming 'Oh my God!' over and over. When everyone around me found out there was no emergency, just an overexcited new nurse (!), they all gave congrats and I couldn't wait to call my mama. I am so thrilled and want to thank you all on this site for your encouragement and advice. To all those waiting to take or retake: do all you can to fight the doubt in your minds because you can do it! Btw, I got 75 questions, took it in CA April 20th and it was on BRN early 23rd... Delirious with joy!
  16. lovethepeople

    TEAS Testing

    There is a TEAS prep book you can buy, here's a link but my school sold it too: http://www.atitesting.com/OnlineStore/BrowseStore.aspx?RootID=84&CatID=84&gclid=CKWt9-eVhZoCFRk_awodynVSLA That's pretty much all I used and I got a great score and got into the program right away. Good luck!