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  1. So glad I followed my instincts! Just found this "wonderful" letter (note the sarcasm). Seemed a little bit too good to be true. I am too from a small town in Florida. Wonder if all the "Top nurses" come from small town cause they think they can pull the wool over our eyes.
  2. NicuRN73

    How long did you study for the RNC exam?

    Sorry, my dog pushed enter before I was finished. I passed. I am one that I would start studying then stop. So I paid and registered for the test and started studying. I will not lie, it was a little difficult. Some of the questions, I do not remember seeing in the core curriculum book. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Kathy
  3. NicuRN73

    How long did you study for the RNC exam?

    I studied for approx 2 months with the core curriculum book. Still asked questions using rule of sixes for inotrope drips.. I just took it in Jan of this year.
  4. NicuRN73

    Low Census in the NICU

    Here in Tallahassee, Florida we are busy. Short staffed, more staff hired. We spent over a year extremely slow, at times 6-8 babies total. We are a 32 bed Level 3. So we are GLAD to be busy. No more mandatory call offs. Kathy
  5. NicuRN73

    I'd like to talk with a nurse :)

    Email me by hitting the email button underneath my name by the registered user.. I don't want to post said email address for the whole wide web to know. Kathy RNC-NIC
  6. NicuRN73

    I'd like to talk with a nurse :)

    Ask away... I'll answer your questions for you.. Kathy RNC-NIC
  7. NicuRN73

    Taking my med/surg certification today!!!!

    Good Luck and many good vibes coming your way.. I took my NICU certification yesterday. Passed.. I am sure that you will do the same.. Party afterwards
  8. NicuRN73

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    In the middle of report of a baby in an oxygen hood, Off going nurse stated that they baby was crying all night long so she taped the pacifier to the baby's mouth.. I was like "what????!!!!" She stated it again.. I was floored. In a state of disbelief that she stated it twice. I was like "Hold please" and in the middle of report, I removed the tape. Four side tape job on the pacifier to mouth!. I explain to the foreign nurse that this isn't allowed here in the states, that it is a risk for aspiration (esp since this baby had projectile vomiting episodes). She then told me I could do what I wanted on my shift, and that she would do what she wanted for her shift. I reported her to my charge nurse. I was treated like cowdung for the rest of the assignment ( since I was a traveler at the time and she was staff) But I didn't care. My babies come first!!! Kathy
  9. NicuRN73

    Who came up with the idea of 12 HOUR SHIFTS?

    I personally :redbeathe the twelve hours shifts. Less time in general at the hospital. I have more time with my family a week. When I started as a nurse I was working 5 8 hr shifts a week, plus pulling 2-3 8 hr shifts of on-call a month. We Begged Admin to let us go to 12 hour shifts. Much happier work staff now . I have been a nurse now almost 11 yrs. I have done a varied 8-12-16 hr shift on days/ evenings/ nights. I seem to feel rushed in my job with 8 hour shifts. With my 12 hours, I can give my babies time to recover from procedures before the next one has to start IE Weights/linen changes, assessments,labs, X-rays ect.. This is just my , but if the hospital decided to go back to 8's, I would have to find another job . Kathy
  10. NicuRN73

    Co-bedding twins - telling the difference!!

    I thought that co-bedding has been slowly phased out due to the risk of sids. Most NICU that I have worked at have stopped this practice. We consul the parents on the risks of Co-bedding based on the recommendation of the AAP.
  11. NicuRN73

    Low Census

    Was just wondering how widespread low census is in the NICU. Here in Tallahassee, Fl, we have been slow for the last year, and really slow the last 6 months. Upper management has figured out that we have called off 6,000 hours in the last 6 months with no end in sight. Is this just a regional thing, or is it an ecomomy thing? We have noticed that we aren't getting the micros like we used to.. 34-35 wks is now what we are seeing. How's your unit? Kathy
  12. NicuRN73

    Low Census??

    lucky you for those of you that are getting to work.. My unit (neonatal ICU) has been slow the past year, with the last 6 months the worst... The hospital is trying to find creative ways to keep us on staff, but for how long I dont' know.. We are calling off at least 2-3 nurse's a shift....
  13. NicuRN73


    CLD = Chronic Lung Disease
  14. NicuRN73

    Adhesive Use in Neonates

    It is part of the AWHONN/NANN skin guidelines. I have the guideline book at work, and I am currently at home. I will post what it says when I get to work tonight. Kathy
  15. NicuRN73

    Skin Care protocols or guidelines

    Good morning everyone, I am hoping that some of you will be able to help me. I have been given the task from the higher ups at my hospital to implement the Neonatal Skin Risk Assessment Score, to hopefully prevent skin breakdown. However, the score was done in 1997. At the bottom of the score sheet, it states if equal to or greater than 13, implement the Standard of care of Neonate at risk for skin injury. Needless to say, my unit doesn't have a formal Standard of care for skin care, let alone one for a neonate at risk. I was wondering if the wonderful NICU nurses that frequent this forum would share their unit's standard, Protocol or guidelines that you have for skin care. I have looked at Nann and AWOHNN and have gotten some very good ideas from them. I also have a second question for those units that use sheepskin. Do you use it on all babies while on Radiant Warmers regardless of gestational age, or do you only use it for those less than 35 wks? Reason I am asking is that with the Skin Risk assessment score, a term baby could easily reach a score of 13 just for being NPO, On Radiant Warmer ect... Thanks so much in advance, Kathy in Tallahassee.
  16. NicuRN73

    Skin Integrity

    My unit is in the same boat. We are starting the NDNQI pressure sore audits next week. In the training, It stated that the Neonatal Skin Risk Assessment score could be used for looking to see if infants are at risk. It works like the PIPP pain score/apgar scoring. It looks at gestational age, type of bedding equipment ie, Radiant Warmer, Double walled isolette, crib, Nutrition and several other things. I would like to know what other units are doing to assess skin risk assessments and what tool they are using. How hard was it to implement to staff? Feedback from staff after starting tool? Kathy