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MERRYWIDOW46 has 33 years experience and specializes in ER, OR, PACU, TELE, CATH LAB, OPEN HEART.

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    CNA attire during interview?

    When I was a DON on a Subacute Rehab Unit a CNA candidate came to an interview depressed as follows: dingy over worn white scrub pants, a tweety bird well worn t-shirt, and deity well worn tennis shoes, greasy hair. She interviewed well, however, since she did not exhibit good personal hygiene, I was sure she could not provide excellent care to our patients. She did not get hired. Someone clean and neat in appearance, though not dressed in high fashion is a better bet to land the job. Professional, neat, well put together. Does not mean expensive. How someone cares for their shoes is an indication of how they care for others. Just my 2 cents, and professional opinion.

    Can you Hold a license in two states?

    You can be licensed in multiple states. However, if you live in a Nursing Compact State, and are licensed there, you may not hold a license in another Nursing Compact State at the same time. Example, I live in Maryland, Virginia is part of the Nursing Compact State group. I may not have a license in Virginia, however, I may practice in Virginia with my Compact license.

    TRAVELERS in the OR- we need resources!

    I am not aware of antorganized review info.

    OR nurse, Which major I can in for master degree

    I have a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Health Policy and Administration. I am a "Seasoned Peri-operative RN". I have knowledge of regulatory agencies and administration.

    Is this a standard requirement?

    Be glad you are attending Nursing School today. Many years ago nurses needed to know the Apothacary, Metric, and American models, including how to convert from one system to another. Medications came in large bottles and the nurse would have to calculate the correct dosage and dispense the proper number of pills or correct amount of solution to administer. One decimal point error could kill someone. Get a nursing drug calculation book, read and practice. Today I work as an agency nurse. Once a year I must pass a medication test including commonly used drugs, indications, side effects, antidotes, substitutes, nursing measures for those taking the medication, and calculations. If I do not score 90% I do not work. This is a basic foundation of what nurses do and is very important. Death s a final outcome! Good Luck.

    Conflicted with two offers

    Garunteed hours depend on your family financial status. Not garb teed means just that. When I was doing PRN some weeks I had to be available 7 days to make 24 hour, other weeks could get 36 or more hours. Does your household depend on your income or is your significant other able to pay all the bills and have an emergency fund? Discuss with significant other and decide what is best for the household. Also, other opportunities may become available. Do not rush into something you quickly regret. Good luck.

    Need feedback ASAP

    You did not realize you were on call, it happens with how busy we are with work and home obligations. You did NOT get called in, I have taken call for more than 35 years, I would let sleeping dogs lie. You did not work while drinking. You are fine. Relax and forget about that night. However, NEVER go out again and drink without being 1000% certain you are NOT On-call!

    ADN chances of hire

    Where bare you thinking of relocating to? Geography plays a role in what hiring requirements are. Some facilities will ONLY hire BSN across the board, others will hire lower degrees and require BSN within a certain period of time following hire date. Others hire all nurses who pass NCLEX. Research hospitals you may want to work and go from there.

    NCBON Out of State Program Verification

    are you licensed in the state where you graduated? Are you trying to endorse or get your NC license by exam? These things make a difference in the time frame to obtain a license. I would contact the employer and discuss options if your license is not kissed prior to your start date. Most employers have more start dates and do not want to incur the expense of recruiting another nurse. Hopefully, they will understand and work with you. When did you get the job offer and when did you originally apply for your NC license?
  10. In my area, Washington/Baltimore Metro, MOST employers have done away with pensions. We have voluntary 401k and 403b plans. Many DO NOT match anymore, and those who do match 50% up to 4%. Social Security has been robbed by Congress for decades. Depend on yourself, make plans and put money away to retire. However, pray neither you nor your spouse gets seriously ill and requires custodial care. The government will only allow the well spouse a dwelling of residence, one automobile, and half of all assets belong to the other spouse, regardless of what was put away prior to marriage. The person requiring care is only entitled to $2500.00 in assets.

    Nursing license

    Technically, you are practicing Nursing without a license RIGHT NOW! What state are you working in? Most employers will TeRminate you Immediately for any license issue. They are liable for your practice.

    Which ICU?

    I am a Cardiac Girl all the way! However, you can learn tons in a heart and vascular ICU. Go for the most intense learning environment. A lot of codes on a unit is just repeating the same algorithms. Go for the diversity, save the repetition for later in your career.

    Questions re: Excelsior

    Be very careful. Maryland stopped recognizing Excellsior LPN to RN in 2008 or close to that year. You would not want to invest time and money to not be able to work in your state or have to repeat classes a third time.

    Is this Normal?!

    I would simply say, since I've been working here I have learned alot. However, the unpredictable and consistent over runs are not working out with my family and child care obligations. For that reason I must be fair to you and to my family and give notice. I would not mention another job. I don't think that would be looked on favorably. Good luck. As you work more you will become comfortable in terminating an employer in a professional manner.

    work 1 day week, 8 hours, is it possible?

    Also, many BON require a certain number of clinical hours to maintain your license. My state requires 5000 hours in 5 years. 1000 hours a year works out to about 20 hours a week every week for 52 weeks a year. Good luck, but I'd advise as others have to find another source of income to persue your love of music.

    New Grad RN, 17 weeks pregnant with upcoming interview

    I would NOT tell anyone I was pregnant. Not even after I started working. Some managers and HR will do whatever they can to get rid of someone who will use too many benefits. Hopefully, you are going to a unionized facility. It will be difficult but in this economy you need to provide for you and your child today and in the future. Good Luck.