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jennjen512 has 7 years experience and specializes in SICU, CCU, MCU, peds, physician's office.

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  1. jennjen512

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    I will also add that I have went back to school to finish the MSN degree that I never finished at the urging of one of the cardiologists that I work with. The stress of bedside was just too much for me and have one patient at a time works much better for me.
  2. jennjen512

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    I had been struggling with not wanting to bedside for a long, long while. I have been an icu nurse for 8 years and just could not do it any longer. My family suggested to try travel nursing so I didn't have to deal with the politics. That was no help. I came back home and tried to take a staff job ( the one I quit) and it still didn't settle right. I ended up taking a cath lab job and must say I am happy now. I am still using my license and had no problem getting a job after leaving that one abruptly. Honestly, it was an HCA facility with a bad reputation so no one really thought twice about it. Granted, I can never work for HCA again, but I have worked many HCA facilities and that isn't breaking my heart at all.
  3. Just got a job teaching medical assistant and cna students. I am working on my masters degree and have always wanted to teach. I know this isn't an ideal position but I think it would be good experience since I want to eventually teach full time. Has anyone ever taught in a program like this and if so do you have any advice to offer to someone who is just starting out in education?
  4. jennjen512

    Rules of the Dr.office

    37. Do not show up in the office with a sob story about how you can't afford your meds while carring a Chanel purse and wearing Polo jeans. How about don't spend you money on that stuff and buy your meds?!
  5. jennjen512

    texting at work

    I admit I occasionally text at work, but I always excuse myself to the breakroom when I do so. I have also been known to send a text to a doc that says "Call me in CCU when you get a sec, no rush" Then again we know our docs really well and have their cell phone numbers. They really like for us to do this so their pager isn't going off constantly. Again, it isn't all the time or all day long and definately not when I should be doing patient care!
  6. jennjen512

    Low Census??

    I live in Southern Alabama and I have only worked 30 hours in the last 2 weeks. I luckily have a little holiday pay coming, but I am still nervous about how bad this check is gonna look!
  7. jennjen512

    Transfusion Safety Director

    Hello Everyone! I have been a nurse for 6 years now and I recently applied for a transfer from the CVICU as a staff nurse to the position of blood bank transfusion safety director. I have an interview on Monday for the position. I am looking for guidance in preparation for this interview. I have never interviewed for a director position and I really don't know what to expect. I assume they will ask the normal strenghts, weaknesses, etc interview questions and I am planning to brush up on the hospital's transfusion policy and procedure. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. jennjen512

    No cellphone policy at work? What about PDAs?

    My hospital also has a strict no cell phone policy and I also use my phone as a PDA and calculator. I have had a manager come to me and say, "You know we can't text at work." When I told her that I was using my phone to look up a medication she replied "OK then, that's fine. Just no phone calls or texting." She seemed to be OK with it and all of my coworkers know when I have my phone out that it isn't for personal chatting, but for work related into finding.
  9. jennjen512

    Propofol Shortage...

    I have heard the same thing. It really hasn't been an issue for me because I work in CVICU and we want our patients to wake up, but MICU is a different story.
  10. My facility only puts RN on there. Most of the nurses get around that by adding certification pins to the badge. I have 3 pins on mine right now-BSN, CCRN, and CMC. I am hoping to add CSC to it soon.
  11. jennjen512

    Skills in CCU Nursing?

    I would review common drips (amiodarone, cardizem, Natrecor, Neosynephrine, Nipride, Epinephrine, Lidocaine, Lasix, Diprivan, etc), pacemakers (permanent and temporary), ventilators, central line care, cardiac rhythms, hemodynamics (including PAP, CVP, CO/CI, BP). The list is really endless. Just brush up on some basic ICU skills and you should be fine. And remember don't be afraid to ask questions
  12. jennjen512

    Why don't employers start lowering wages for nurses?

    If my pay were lowered that drastically I would leave nursing for a job that is less stressful and has much less responsibilities than being a nurse. I take care of very ill patients in the ICU and I would not want that kind of stress if I could go to McDonald's and make the same hourly wage. Seriously, messing up a hamburger order is much less of an issue than messing up a medication order!
  13. jennjen512

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    The patho book we used in the spring semester this year was Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease in adults and children by McCance and Huether. There is a study guide that goes with it but I never used it. I personally didn't find patho to be that difficult. As long as you read the chapters and watch the lectures you should be fine. I am so sorry I took so long to get back to you. Life is crazy when you are full time in work and school. It definately can be done though!!
  14. jennjen512

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    I am currently in my 3rd semester at UAB in the Adult/Gerontology NP program and I love it. I tried USA's NP program and dropped 3 times out of frustration on not getting answers to my questions. I can call or email UAB instructors and I get a response with 24 hours in most cases, sometimes even within 2-3 hours. When I called or emailed instructors at USA it would be well over a week before I got a response. I also feel tha UAB's classes are more conducive for learning the material, for me anyway. From experience I would say UAB is an all around better NP education with instructors and advisors who want to help you succeed!
  15. jennjen512

    What is your first hint that it is gonna be a rough shift

    When the nurse giving report says "I'm sorry to give you this patient."
  16. jennjen512

    Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?

    I have set a May 11 date for my CMC exam. That is the day before my birthday. I am praying that I do well.