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  1. MedSurgeMess

    Seeking Your Opinions, Please - Coworker Stuff

    I agree with Leslie. BTW, if you come across the equipment that's broken, make a note on it yourself, and state that for further info, contact SuzyQ and her number. Maybe after she sees it, she may possibly get the message~~probably not, but you may get lucky.....These types of people always think it makes them indespensible, where it really just leaves a mess for everyone else to work around! And shame on your boss for chiding you for wanting to share information. You never said you wanted to take SuzyQ's responsibilities--heck she could still order, make delivery arrangements and such--but she should still let everyone know what's going on.
  2. MedSurgeMess

    Factory worker one day ... nurse the next?

    I totally agree with that. In fact have heard about it already. The couple of jobs that hired new grads in my area recently, did it at less than $3/hr than previously. The claim is supply and demand, and unfortunately for all of us, that argument is a valid one.
  3. MedSurgeMess

    When things at work make you think of allnurses.com

    I think we've all have that "aha-I read that on allnurses" moment
  4. MedSurgeMess

    Why should I be a nurse if it's so awful?

    poor staffing also affects relationships with coworkers and patients and their families. If you are constantly running like a headless chicken, you will just eventually snap, and it will eventually begin to affect all aspects of the nurse's life. Short staffing is one of the things that has the most negative effects on nursing.
  5. MedSurgeMess

    Factory worker one day ... nurse the next?

    I think we all have these concerns. I teach clinicals, and so many of the students think that there are jobs just falling off of trees. I keep telling them the truth, and of course, the school and on campus instructors are not big about me doing this. I feel that the truth would serve the students so much better. We hear about a projected nursing shortage around 2017-2026, and yet the market is flooded now, with a program on every corner. I also think that the shortage won't hit every state or locale, just some markets will be hit harder than others. What is everyone's thoughts on that?
  6. MedSurgeMess

    Question for those that hire ...

    Unfortunately, in most cases, a BSN is a BSN. Some places of employment may be different as far as hiring for some entry level jobs, but some jobs require BSN, and that is where there would be the sticking point. I hope this answers your question.
  7. MedSurgeMess

    professional medical surgical organizations

    Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses, the cert is CMSRN
  8. As long as it's accredited, it shouldn't be looked down upon by any MSN program.
  9. MedSurgeMess

    Are my classmates delusional??

    The hospital I work at hasn't had CNAs in over 5 years, so nurses can't "pass it off". They'd hate working there!
  10. MedSurgeMess

    Is It Possible An LPN Can Make More Then An RN?

    perhaps she also has more years experience in general. As others said, I wouldn't say a word to anyone.
  11. MedSurgeMess

    Lawsuit Against The College Network

    ISU is not directly affiliated either. If you call their admissions office and nursing department, they will tell you to RUN in the opposite direction!
  12. MedSurgeMess

    Are there nurses out there that actually LIKE Med-Surg?

    Another m/s nurse here, and yes, I love it like crazy!
  13. MedSurgeMess

    New grad got fired, help

    don't lie! There's always someone who knows someone.....and word gets around. Be as honest as you can be. And find a more reliable babysitter, this shouldn't become any employers issue!
  14. Unfortunately, this is what many new grads are running into. Hang in there, something will come along, even if it's not an area, location, or specialty that you want to work in.
  15. MedSurgeMess

    background checks

    yes, even if school says you're okay, check with BON, as they can refuse to issue license if they have a problem. I think you'd want to know that before spending the money and time to go through school. Let us know how this pans out.
  16. MedSurgeMess

    Hi I'm new here

    If it's a requirement for the schools in your area, then you really don't have a choice. Check with all of the schools to make sure first though.