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  1. pinkgator

    Manhattan VA is no longer paying for a ARNP degree

    Other VAs I've been to are organized, have new equipment, and nicer nursing lounges. The Manhattan VA lacks in all these areas. There are better environments out there for nurses.
  2. pinkgator

    Manhattan VA is no longer paying for a ARNP degree

    But yet they have money to fund a new program, ie CNL?
  3. pinkgator


    Your hospital should have them as a stock item on the floor.
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA love it!
  5. pinkgator

    Low Census??

    VA Manhattan has been busy too! Slow in summer but busy in the winter.
  6. Since you are in CCU it will be easier. Start looking now because NYC is much harder than others cities/states to find a nursing job. I am from FL myself and when I moved here as a new grad I practically had to beg for a job. You won't be begging bc you have experience but just give yourself enough time to look bc it is competitive here. Best of luck and I know you will love NYC.
  7. I've been working at the VA Manhattan for a few years and decided to go back for a ARNP degree. The benefit package claims they will pay for an advanced degree after a year of service. If you go to school for three years then you work off your debt for another 3 years in exchange for tuition. Fine with me. Looked into applying for the benefit and they tell me there are too many ARNPs and they refuse to pay at THIS time. Meaning they MAY pay for it later on down the road. Next I asked my nurse manager about the change and she was unaware that this occurred. Weird. Soooo I then go to the union about it along with a few other nurses. Plead my case and................6 months later......here we are in November with no progress. The Manhattan VA never formally announced this decision to the nursing staff, never informed nurse managers, and is unable to comment on when they will pay for this degree. They are pushing the nurses into the new Clinical Nurse Leader "CNL" program. It is like a CNS but on the opposite end of the spectrum. It is described as a "generalist" position instead of a specialist. To wrap this up, I just wanted to make future and current VA nurses aware of this change in the education benefits.
  8. pinkgator

    Bklyn/Manhattan VA Hospitals

    Base salary for a BSN nurse with no experience is about 71,000 a year. Higher than most hospitals. Plus you will make a 10% diff if you were nights and 15% if you were night weekends. You make dbl on holidays as well.
  9. pinkgator

    Rumor has it, Lenox Hill Hospital is CLOSING

    I was a new hire for 3 Wollman like 3 weeks ago and my start date was going to be on Dec 8th and they called me and said they had to push back the date. I called the nurse manager and she had no clue. I finally got some answers and Lenox is in financial trouble and I was told to find a job else where. I gave up another job for Lenox and they weren't even honest with me until I begged them to let me know.