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PostOpPrincess has 19 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in M/S, MICU, CVICU, SICU, ER, Trauma, NICU.

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  1. Another Rant About Rudeness/Bullying/Eating

    Sounds like you work with a bunch of thin-skinned babies. Maybe you should stock your unit with lollipops and bottles. *shaking my head*
  2. Nurses, perception difference and education

    I agree with this. Math and science come easily to me, whereas my colleagues are very afraid. I learn things easily, and remember things easily, whereas many of my colleagues (master's and up, mind you)...need a constant reminder. It's the ability ...
  3. Nurses, perception difference and education

    He will come back sooner than later. Throw the stuff out. I would like not to enable him.
  4. It gives them an unrealistic picture. Nurses are first and foremost human beings...not divine beings that descended from heaven to take care of you and never, ever act like--ya know--human.
  5. Thoughts on improving caring

    Please forgive me, but you're making me laugh. Out loud. A lot. I care a lot. But no one can tell me how to improve on such an abstract concept.....some of us just aren't lovey-doveys, huggers, kissers, or smilers...but that doesn't mean we don't c...
  6. Rudeness in the Workplace

    Because people allow themselves to get easily offended instead of investigating and reflecting, AND clarifying. The best thing to do is zippa da lippa...
  7. Catheter size for blood and K level

    You have to do what you have to do, in an urgent situation, emergency? 22 isn't gonna cut it....
  8. "Do you you really wanna?"

    There are ways to set limits. I do it all the time--I do not allow people to "trample" me because--in real life, they do not. If someone is rude, family, or whatever, I tell them. I don't allow it. I do, however, do it very, very assertively and ...
  9. Pregnancy and job offers as a new grad

    It is illegal to ask about your pregnancy status or family life. If you meet qualifications, and they like you--you should get your job. However, like others have said, there is nothing to hold your job as FMLA if you've been there for a very short...
  10. I like learning about diseases but hate nursing

    Easy fix. Don't be a nurse. Do something your heart desires...
  11. The worst thing I've ever seen on my L&D floor...

    Working the NICU made me realize the preemies weren't the most heart wrenching...but the FTermers...without any reason whatsoever...I feel for are mourning...please seek help...
  12. Nursing is like a four year old vision screening

    Awesome! Those kiddies keep you hopping, don't they?
  13. Where are we headed?

    Well..for those trying to get the "easy" way in...they're not being hired. My hospital for the past two years, only hire experienced people. That's 5 hospitals in our network. Yup. ONLY experienced--that includes those with advanced
  14. hate night shift

    Depends on so many things...the environment, the people you work with, your attitude...unless you leave, the only thing you can change is the last one..
  15. What was the lowest diastolic bp you have seen?

    Zip. Zippa. Dead.