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  1. Mulan

    Homemade masks

    Check out the videos on under "face masks for covid-19 relief".
  2. Mulan

    What do you do with your wedding ring?

    Leave them at home.
  3. Mulan

    Fox News calls CNA a nurse

    Would you be as upset if CNN had reported it?
  4. Mulan

    Silly rant, but people keep steeling my tissues

    Good idea! Maybe she should write "this was STOLEN from the nurse".
  5. Mulan

    Jokes on me....?

    Who's calling it a prank or a joke? Sounds more like an act of sabotage.
  6. Mulan

    Should I quit? Idk what to do!

    Why not switch, full time at the second job and contingent at the critical care job, best of both.
  7. Mulan

    Should I quit? Idk what to do!

    State retirement, better insurance, great staffing (less stress) vs shorter drive, more money, bad management, short staffing (more stress). May have more money in the future with state retirement, better insurance. Money isn't everything, neither is...
  8. Almost everyone is focused on the cup of coffee and that is not what the OP is concerned about. This is: quote from NurseMom2016 " THIS is the part I am questioning myself about-I told him "no sir, I have already removed everything and you have signe...
  9. Edit from beyond the grave?
  10. I would be concerned about liability if he said he wanted to stay and then something happened to him after he left. I would have contacted the doctor and see what she had to say about it. CYA.
  11. I was never taught that, about being arrested. I'm curious too, what language did she use to provoke agitation. Even if she did, he should have had and kept himself under control.
  12. No, that's not the case, I have no idea where they came from.
  13. Why are those question marks in a diamond at the end of my post?
  14. I'd like to see what was redacted. So they were in violation of policy. Now what, a slap on the wrist? í ½í¹ƒ
  15. Mulan

    Mean Nurses

    I know what you're talking about. Had that experience at an HCA hospital that I was going to. (like snarling wolves) I finally refused to go there and found somewhere else to work. I later heard (at the new place) that nurses at the HCA hospital w...