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Leaving Bedside Nursing


I hate nursing, never thought I would say that but after 1.5yrs of working as a floor RN, I know this crap is not for me. This job will suck the living life out of you.

Do you hate nursing? Want to leave it?

Leaving Bedside Nursing

Your emotional, physical and mental health will suffer along with your family life. I have finally decided to leave the bedside and I've never felt so happy. At only 25, I felt like I was going to be stuck in this state for the rest of my working life but I found the courage to finally make the decision that saved my health and my marriage.

I went into nursing with the intention of helping people and being the one to make a difference to those who may feel hopeless. All my intentions were quickly shut down when I started working on the floor.

We deal with some unappreciative, sarcastic, rude, and egotistical (patients, family members, physicians, coworkers, and managers). There is no care in nursing just bottom-line concerns.

My first nursing job was ok, I worked in ND at the time, I moved to FL and that gave me the green light to officially leave floor nursing. I hate the anxious feeling before every shift, the nagging family members, pts who are rude self-entitled, coworkers who throw each other under the bus, physicians who disregard concerns, and a whole lot of other things I can elaborate about that is just downright awful.

I'm glad to say my degree didn't completely go to waste as I am now an RN case manager. I believe being away from the bedside will renew my interest. I refuse to live a day dreading having to go to work, nursing has literally changed how I respond to people before I use to smile at everyone now I walk past people with my face looking like a pit bull ready to bite.

Whenever someone would tell me to smile I thought, "Wow I have changed for the worst" I refuse to be a martyr for this profession.

Taking care of myself is more important than risking it for people who **** on theirs.

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NurseRies, BSN, RN

Specializes in Nephrology, Dialysis, Plasmapheresis. Has 7 years experience.

How is bedside nursing hurting your marriage? We all have to find out spot in nursing.. Maybe OR is another option for you since patients are mostly asleep. Sounds like maybe you don't like people very much. It takes a very patient, tolerant person to do bedside for years. But I'm glad that if you feel this way, you're getting out.

In your next job try not to focus on the negative parts. Were there ever nice families? Appreciate doctors? Polite coworkers? There had to have been goods too...

I come home miserable most days that I work and just want to go to bed in a very depressed state. My husband hates that I bring that negative energy home. There is always that 1 or 2 patients that really tug on your heart and you feel a sense of purpose however the dissatisfaction far outweighs those feelings.

Oh'Ello, BSN, RN

Specializes in Heme Onc.

Aren't you still going to have to deal with all of those people you despise as a case manager?

Yes I would but on a different level, I won't be providing direct patient care. I don't mind going the the motions of dealing with people. I hate the direct contact I have with nasty patients who don't give a crap about their health and family members in my face at the bedside asking a million questions as if I have time to sit and talk and counsel them. CM is a different perspective so I'm hoping I'll like it.

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EaglesWings21, ASN, RN

Specializes in Medical Surgical.

Just fyi I feel like case management deals with families just as much if not more than I do. Their jobs aren't easy and I don't envy them. I also don't believee that one should blame their woes on everyone around them. Just my thoughts. Best of luck.

rearviewmirror, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER.

Well deebuzz you are right. Healthcare has things backwards and upside down. What a virtue should be is disregarded and what should be disdained in Healthcare world is actually favored by business operator we call administration. Here is truth: it's all about money. That's it! No one cares about patients, even those who used to care, used to smile now hate just being near a patient and hospital. Management places more values in attaining cheap satisfaction scores by giving sandwiches, warm blankets, plasma tv and valet parking while refusing to increase fte so they can pocket in a fat annual bonuses. We are told to do more with less, work our butt off with less and less staff and techs, then get dinged if name is not on stupid board. I am sick of this unjust nursing and Healthcare from top to bottom. I am mad about the injustice of administration and how they poison everything about nursing and medicine. Well, there's a saying if you can't beat them you gotta join them. I'm gonna pay my dues for few more months in the ER and look for desk job to stay away from patients physically, get my mba/mha and make that easy money, hopefully without screwing over other frontline workers like almost all these disgusting administrators do. Good luck with new position and truly am happy for you because I know how much I hate it as well.

Deebuzz said:
Yes I would but on a different level, I won't be providing direct patient care. I don't mind going the the motions of dealing with people. I hate the direct contact I have with nasty patients who don't give a crap about their health and family members in my face at the bedside asking a million questions as if I have time to sit and talk and counsel them. CM is a different perspective so I'm hoping I'll like it.

I have worked with some dedicated Case Mgrs, some who fiercely advocated for their patients and I respected them for that. To be a good and effective Case Mgr trusted by fearful anxious self destructive patients, often with some form of mental illness (the healthy good self cares with abundant resources aren't usually the ones who need a case Mgr) you have to care about the well-being of often difficult people and youwill need persuasive soft skills to get things accomplished working with burned out staff.

martymoose, BSN, RN

Specializes in PCCN. Has 18 years experience.

Our care manager deals more with families than we do. shes had some doozies too. I dont see how CM is going to not deal with families. They want nursing care in their home for the pt, or to pick and choose which facility they go to, or home care agency, or what services they will get , bla bla bla.

I cant see why you'd still want to do this.

I understand your plight, and have the same opinion of floor nursing.That's why I am seriously going to look into pursuing a different field at the local college. This nursing crap is for the birds.

Good luck to you, and I'm sorry you made the same mistake I did. :(

oh, and eta- my marriage is ruined too because of nursing. I'm forced to work opposite shifts, we never see each other or can get the same time off,and I am miserable because I cant seem to get a different job,, even after all these years that I have been trying.

People don't seem to understand that.

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needlesmcgeeRN, ASN, RN

Specializes in Care Coordination, Care Management. Has 3 years experience.

After a brief stint in LTC, I knew I needed to get out of direct care. Not because I don't like dealing with people or their families, but because of the ridiculous expectations cast upon nurses and aides. I can imagine it is even worse in a hospital.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a position as a care manager, and I am so thankful. I am much happier, there is zero job-related stress, and I still get to "care" for patients, through education and support. I feel like it is a whole different ballgame than dealing with patients in a setting where time is critical, so I can see why the OP may like the position more, and be more able to deal with patients/family.

I'm fine dealing with my patients because I really do love some of them, I usually wear a brave face and I don't show my unhappiness when I'm around families or patients. I do believe in keeping a professional demeanor even when I'm fed up. What irks me is the fact that no matter where I go the pt ratio is 6-7 to 1 nurse and I am suppose to treat people as if they are my only pt. If the aid can't answer the call light and I'm in another room that pt has to wait. When management does rounding the pts all complaint how we are not responsive to their call lights, well no **** 35 beds, 5 nurses, 2 aids..I tell my pts that if we are not responsive there is a reason as in we are very busy in other rooms and will get to them when we can. The hospital makes them feel like they are in a hotel and yet don't have the staff to treat them as such, my md's call back like 5-7 hours later on a tele floor, this is crazy!!! Things other disciplines can call the dr for, they call the nurse to tell you to call the dr. I'm just so sick of this crap and it's only going to get worst as the years go by with this HCHAPS ********,