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EaglesWings21 is a ASN, RN and specializes in Medical Surgical.

I am an RN with 1.5 years of experience on Med-Surg. I worked as a tech before that. My favorite patients are the confused ones!

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  1. EaglesWings21

    Jahi McMath is finally at peace

    As other people have said, no one got kicks from her mom's pain. Jahi never had a say whether she wanted her body to be kept alive for 5 years on a ventilator and artificial feedings because she was brain dead. We are rejoicing because her body has finally been laid to rest after years of denial and respect for her and everyone else best interests. What about the moms living children? They've been raised basically without her this whole time? I bet they needed her more than anything. And don't think that none of us have never lost somebody. Many of us have lost children, spouses, parents, and more. I think most of us can see when quality of life is more important than quantity.
  2. EaglesWings21

    Jahi McMath is finally at peace

    Elkpark- yes, but I would think that after seeing her code, be pronounced brain dead by multiple doctors, spend almost 5 years being hooked up to life support, battling an infection all year, going into DIC and bleeding out would be enough for her mother to think maybe we should just let her die. But no, they coded her for two hours. Things like this just leave me with nothing else to say expect WTF. Oh and I forgot, perform surgery on a child that was pronounced dead years before.
  3. EaglesWings21

    Jahi McMath is finally at peace

    Coded for over two hours? How is this having regard for her life or her best interests? That is the real tragedy here.
  4. EaglesWings21

    Jahi McMath is finally at peace

    Mother: Girl at center of debate over brain death dies - ABC News Let's all take a minute to talk about the elephant in the room here. Why on earth, who on earth would operate on a child that's been brain dead for 5 years. We knew this wouldn't end well. Finally Jahi can rest in peace. My condolences to the family. And again, I came across this on my Facebook people; I don't obsessively stalk this family on the internet.
  5. EaglesWings21

    Why so much Negativity in Nursing?

    I have found a passion in nursing and gaining trust from a complete stranger in one of their most vulnerable times. With that being said, nurses are pulled in so many directions daily. Your first responsibility is caring for your patient, and that means coordinating care between everyone who is involved with the patient: the doctor, specialists, other departments, therapies, and the family. With type of responsibility on your shoulders you have unreasonable and sometimes unsafe demands from corporate to take into consideration. Sometimes you will work short staffed and cannot provide the best care that you would like to for your patient. You will work like you should be making $50 per hour when actually you are only making half of that. At times, families will be unrealistic with their loved one's prognosis and push for them to have more and more interventions that are only prolonging the inevitable. Nursing is not for the faint of heart. It is a very difficult career choice, but if you have a desire to make an impact on the life of another person, it may be the job for you.
  6. EaglesWings21

    Keep What You Love, Return the Rest: Healing from Trauma with EMDR Pt. 1

    My family has many, many heartbreaks. My daughter will be trying this with her counselor once they build a rapport. I pray that it helps her, because at this point in time, the PTSD seems to take over her in every stressful situation.
  7. EaglesWings21

    Hospital Readmissions - What does the Research Show?

    Maybe we should treat each patient as an individual and not just a diagnosis. My unit boasts about lower admission days but I feel like a lot of their needs are not being met despite me bringing them up to the doctor, case worker, and management on my unit. It's really sad what health care is becoming.
  8. EaglesWings21

    Effect of #metoo

    Sexual assault occurs more often than any of us would ever have thought, and it doesn't discriminate against man, woman, or child. I think it is brave to come out in social media and say #metoo to bring awareness. I personally do not want to share with everyone that I have been sexually harassed and assaulted.
  9. EaglesWings21

    What if I'm the Bully?

    You post was very thoughtful. I sense that you are a caring nurse but question yourself for speaking your mind so often. I know your frustrations. I have precepted new nurses who don't know how to take a manual blood pressure. It makes me want to rip my hair out and possibly theirs. However, I heard a saying recently that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I think sometimes it's not what we say but how we say it. I would also try to keep the eye rolling to a minimum.
  10. EaglesWings21

    I SAW HIM! - Near Death Experiences

    Spot angel, I hear you. We have all been through trials in this life, some worse than others. If we never speak on them we never heal. Sometimes counseling is useless in people with PTSD. Sometimes people only confide in people they trust. Sometimes people take that experience and become stronger. They find a light within themselves and use it to light the paths for others. My life has been full of pain and struggle. I don't focus on that. I focus on God and His will for me. I smile and am personable with people. They may think I have my life together when in reality some of the trials I am currently going through are some people's worst nightmare. Humans were made to be there for each other.
  11. EaglesWings21

    I SAW HIM! - Near Death Experiences

    It seems as though she sensed something in those patients and they were willing to share and mutual benefit was received. You can be an atheist or agnostic if you chose to, but that tells me you don't have that spiritual connection that believers do. If you don't believe in things that can't be seen then you can't speak on it. Yes one should be careful with PTSD as to not trigger flashbacks, but honestly if one never confides in someone about their PTSD events, they likely will never get over them. And that person isn't always ther therapist. Sometimes it's someone they connect with. She also did not openly seek information about the trauma; she only asked a simple question. The patient did the rest.
  12. EaglesWings21

    I SAW HIM! - Near Death Experiences

    I have to speak up. Did we not learn in school that nursing is holistic including a patient's spiritual needs? Just because you have different believes doesn't mean we should never discuss anything spiritual related for disagreements sake. Some of these arguements do not make since and are completely invalid to me.
  13. EaglesWings21

    Manager catch phrases

    I don't think I can participate in this thread without dropping the f bomb. Why can't I just provide good care to my patients without having a bunch of BS shoved down my throat?
  14. EaglesWings21

    Anorexia and other eating disorders

    My daughter told me recently that she is anorexic. I watched her lose 50 lbs in 6 months. She said kids at school have been calling her fat. I remind her how pretty she is and how loved she is and she has been eating better. Some days are better than others, though.
  15. I'm so happy things are looking up for him. God bless you and the medical team caring for him!
  16. EaglesWings21

    Be a Real Nurse: Compassion is the Key

    Nursing is mentally and emotionally the hardest thing I have ever done. I went from being a task oriented new nurse to a nurse that can emotionally and mentally be in the moment when people need me. I do have boundaries, though.