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rearviewmirror is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. Howdy folks! I hope you are all doing well amid these times. So I got a LTAC infection control/employee health interview but it is at a LTAC. As a RN, I worked at ER, medsurg and currently in Utilization Management, but never at LTAC. I'm sure lot of...
  2. Rude nurses

    If you did, then I owe you an apology but if you put yourself in my perspective, it appears from your first post you were talking me down and saying I'm insecure, which I didn't understand since that was uncalled for. If you didn't direct that to me,...
  3. Rude nurses

    it's only logical step to think it's strange to have a bachelor degree, then have a post-bachelor degree that takes minimum 4 yrs, not even accounting the yrs that OP was not in school for due to work. You mention my thought is d/t insecurity, but it...
  4. Rude nurses

    Really? You went to nursing school, worked as RN AND got your MD at age 26? hmmmmmm
  5. Punched by a patient

    Simple. If your employer doesn't do anything about it, admit yourself as a patient (preferably psych in the ED) and punch the CNO in the face. Double points if you get the president.
  6. $3.85 dollars an hour. I may cry

    Hot dang, are the dishes and plates paying you tips?
  7. MDS Nursing

    I didn't work at LTACH so I can't say too much in this area, but from what I know, most "office jobs" require 2-3 yrs of experience. It took me at least 3 yrs grinding at the bedside to be considered for care management job, and most employers do. No...
  8. Deciding New Specialty - Advice!

    You might want to try going off bedside altogether which is what I did. Work life balance is pretty awesome. You did mention that you would stay prn at current ICU gig to keep up your bedside skills, so in case if you hate office work, you can always...
  9. CE Express

    Been using it last two renewals myself and no trouble, but I've never been audited yet. I did have nurses more seasoned than myself use it a lot so I wouldn't worry. Just for your safety please do read the content just in case... I know it's tempting...
  10. Clinical resource nurse

    In Dallas, that means a float pool nurse who gets paid twice more than regular staff because they are hired to float every shift. The pay is ridiculous. Not sure if that's same job as you describe though
  11. In a perfect world, how would YOU like to see nursing education improved?

    100% agree with those who said to follow medical model. We will get nursing education so it won't be the same, but I find stuff like holistic nursing, therapeutic touch, "nursing research" (Look, if you wipe the pop, it reduces skin rash), and all th...
  12. Was this topic too "ugh, not this paper-pusher off the bedside" type? I know bedside nurses hate management, myself included, I guess that didn't work out...
  13. Good day nurses! I am a UR nurse who's been off bedside 3 years doing utilization review, and currently in a hospital setting. The longer I have been in this setting, I am getting to feel that the career advancement is very restricted as UR is confin...
  14. Do you miss bedside nursing?

    You will get it!!! I probably applied close to 100 openings over the span of year or two nonstop before crossing over. It's game of timing and luck
  15. Do you miss bedside nursing?

    I'm there with been there done that. I do UR for hospital system but work at home. Anytime it gets even slightly stressful, I remind myself of the crap working at bedside. Honestly, this is the easiest money I've ever made. I work in pjs for crying o...