What is the next "big thing" in healthcare for nurses for career advancement?

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Good day nurses! I am a UR nurse who's been off bedside 3 years doing utilization review, and currently in a hospital setting. The longer I have been in this setting, I am getting to feel that the career advancement is very restricted as UR is confined to only what it does, and not many opportunities for leadership roles.

What are the next big things for nurses in healthcare? For example, I believe IT nursing and informatics, telehealth has been quite big lately because of expansion of technology in hospital and charting systems. Also focus on compliance and quality because of stronger regulations hasve been on the rise.

Please let me know what you think about different areas of nursing that you recommend for young nurse who is thinking about furthering the career and making myself marketable: quality improvement, risk management, compliance, CDI, performance improvement, patient safety, and so on. I am sure as many of you have been in this longer than I have, you have insights that I do not have. Thank you!



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Population health seems to be a big area of hire right now.


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Was this topic too "ugh, not this paper-pusher off the bedside" type? I know bedside nurses hate management, myself included, I guess that didn't work out...



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I keep hearing informatics is the next big thing but not yet in my area, sadly.

I think population health, “care coordination”, and other forms of case management are growing.

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