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  1. dhbrn

    Does size matter (Gloves nurses, gloves!)

    Food service gloves?! Jeez, that facility gives a new meaning to cheap. Those clear gloves NEVER fully keep out liquids, I’ve tried many brands for food service. Hard to say how you could attempt to explain this to management, they strike me as folks who have never touched a pt. Perhaps a hands-on demonstration of the gloves failing with some creative props/food coloring?
  2. dhbrn

    Energy Vampires

    Thank you for the great tips, everyone. Really needed this today
  3. I keep hearing informatics is the next big thing but not yet in my area, sadly. I think population health, “care coordination”, and other forms of case management are growing.
  4. dhbrn

    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    Dialysis will sometimes hire newer grads, family practice clinics/urgent care, home health. Keep networking while you build your skills in the hospital. Find the job that panics you the least at the thought, then go for it. I’ve never had any regret about leaving bedside, and even if your first job out of the hospital isn’t ideal, there are so many other options. Love and light to you.
  5. dhbrn

    Nurses Week Gift Jackpot!

    I think unit-themed gifts are lovely and promote team building! Are you listening, management?
  6. dhbrn

    Constant interruptions

    This is one of the myriad reasons I got out of bedside, probably one of the most unsafe reasons for risk of errors. It is especially disabling if you’re an introvert whose longer neural pathways require more time to take in and process each new interruption. To maintain a high standard of care for pts and keep my own sanity intact, I think the only way I could ever go back to bedside would be with a rolling soundproof bubble, big enough for me and one patient. Someone let me know when this gets implemented, I really miss all those differentials
  7. dhbrn

    Energy Vampires

    I have read quite a bit lately on the topic of empaths and energy vampires (check out books by Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Judith Orloff for some fantastic insights.) I’m all for paring down toxic people in your life, but what about when that’s not possible? How do fellow ED nurses, case managers, home health nurses, etc. cope with patients you have to interact with on a regular, (often frustratingly) repeated basis who happen to also be “vampires”? What are your favorite strategies for boundaries and self-care?
  8. dhbrn

    New Grad Burn Out

    This is great advice. Only you can decide whether to stick out your full contract. Points of consideration that come to mind are being able to swing paying the penalty charge, and whether you’d need/want to work for this particular hospital/system in the future as most broken contracts=do not rehire. That being said, I know plenty of people who have left floors like this, broken contract and all, and never looked back. They are ALL healthier and happier today. Regardless of your decision, please keep reaching out and getting support. You are not alone. You will find your place to thrive in nursing and be such a strong nurse for what you have already accomplished and conquered.
  9. dhbrn

    Which job will help me reach my goals?

    Definitely a good point, thank you! I think eventually I will look into traditional inpatient case management positions. Just a quick follow-up, I decided to go with the job that involves a long-term caseload. I am really enjoying being able to see my pts grow and blossom over time and reach their goals.
  10. dhbrn

    Which job will help me reach my goals?

    Thanks for the insight!
  11. Good evening, all nurse folks! I'm trying to decide between 2 different job offers I've received. Ultimately I'm looking for what will provide the most relevant experience for landing a utilization review or quality improvement position in the future. I feel that working from home/for an insurance company would be a good fit for my personality. Job #1: care transitions RN, following pts from hospitalization to 30 days post-discharge. This job is strictly short-term care coordination and transitional care management, no long-term caseload. The focus is on establishing pts with primary care and resources in the community, with the goal of preventing unnecessary readmissions. Job #2: case management RN, includes elements of the above, but working with with a traditional outpatient long-term case management caseload. This includes home visits, monthly pt meetings, and goal setting/long term planning with the pt. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you!