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needlesmcgeeRN has 3 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Care Coordination, Care Management.

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  1. needlesmcgeeRN

    RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    A few months ago I left a good, laid back Primary Care office job with great co-workers, in order to work closer to home. I am really enjoying my new position and awesome co-workers, but there are changes coming that have me anxious for the future. I hope changes are ultimately good and I can continue liking my new job.
  2. needlesmcgeeRN

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    What about your co-workers and their loved ones? Why are you a priority? It's called planning ahead. Period.
  3. needlesmcgeeRN

    Did I make a bad new job choice?

    I'm sorry, but LTC/SNFs require you to use many of your skills! Your friend is not right.
  4. Recently started 12 h nights and I LOVE it so far. I was worried, because I worked 12 h nights in a SNF, which I DID NOT love. I was muuuuuuch busier in a SNF, but time seemed to drag on and on.
  5. needlesmcgeeRN

    psych techs working with nurses?

    We have MHTs who are CNAs or STNAs (cannot remember which). They are AWESOME and INDISPENSABLE. No college degree required. They do a bulk of the direct care, 15 min checks, VSs, etc.
  6. needlesmcgeeRN

    Geri-Psych Admissions: Where's the Line?

    We have admissions of patients with dementia. I don't think these admissions are appropriate for our unit. Why do SNFs have special units, if not to provide specialized care to seniors with dementia? We currently have a patient with dementia with no underlying psych concern. Makes no sense.
  7. needlesmcgeeRN

    What sort of unit do you work in, and what is it like?

    I work on a 12 bed secure senior behavioral health unit at a local hospital. I work nights, and we are staffed with a great group of people. We don't spend a lot of time with the patients like day shift does, unless a patient is up and wandering. It all depends on the current group of patients.
  8. needlesmcgeeRN

    First SNF Job and seeing awful DM care

    I haaaaaate sliding scale. I worked as a Care Coordinator in a family practice. Often, our patients who went to the hospital ended up on sliding scale. I wish hospital providers would get some updated education on pharmacological management of diabetes.
  9. needlesmcgeeRN

    Right...or Revenge?

    Pet peeve - it's HIPAA. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. WHY is this so hard for people.
  10. needlesmcgeeRN

    Cdiff disease

    Why do you feel it is your responsibility to bring this up to the owners of the facility? I am sure the medical professionals, i.e. the nurses are aware these residents have c. diff. and what precautions need to be taken. Your responsibility is to take appropriate precautions as you complete your tasks.
  11. needlesmcgeeRN

    New nurse

    With your pt. with the UTI - did you reassess the BP? Did you assess the whole patient or just look at that group of symptoms? Same with the patient for whom you suspected c.diff. Did the patient have abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever? Any of other common symptoms of c.diff? Or were you only going off of the smell of the BM? Why are you asking for advice from others with potentially more experience and then disregarding that advice?
  12. needlesmcgeeRN

    Should I work in a SNF?

    You would be responsible for...maybe 25+ residents - med passes, documentation, treatments, checking physician's orders, calling physician or NP, possibly lab sheets or collecting specimens for labs, restock med cart, assessing residents, etc....and, if you are anything like me, you're getting your own VS, checking your own BGs before SS insulin, because I trust NO ONE. You may have a resident to takes 10 different meds, in pudding, and who takes 10 minutes to swallow each spoonful. And then a resident or three with a g-tube. And that's a night without any complications! I am sure I am forgetting something. Or many things. There is not enough money in this world to entice me into working in a SNF. I would rather work at McDonald's.
  13. needlesmcgeeRN

    Will my natural hair prevent me from getting a job in the future?

    Any hiring manager who would pass someone over for a position based upon their absolutely perfectly natural hair being "ethnic" should NOT be a hiring manager.
  14. needlesmcgeeRN

    Reasonable time frame for prn medication to be given?

    I do not think non-nursing folks should be allowed on these boards.
  15. needlesmcgeeRN

    Cna incident investigation

    You were "overwhelmed" and "stressed"? You need to learn some stress management skills before you even think about nursing school.
  16. needlesmcgeeRN

    Trouble for taking Doctors candy

    What the what...? Jeeze. What an overreaction. I work in family medicine - patients, specialty reps, and drug reps often bring in various "treats" for the providers (though, usually the drug reps bring in something for the entire office), but it's rare for our providers to eat any sweets.