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needlesmcgeeRN has 3 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Care Coordination, Care Management.

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  1. needlesmcgeeRN

    Cdiff disease

    Why do you feel it is your responsibility to bring this up to the owners of the facility? I am sure the medical professionals, i.e. the nurses are aware these residents have c. diff. and what precautions need to be taken. Your responsibility is to take appropriate precautions as you complete your tasks.
  2. needlesmcgeeRN

    New nurse

    With your pt. with the UTI - did you reassess the BP? Did you assess the whole patient or just look at that group of symptoms? Same with the patient for whom you suspected c.diff. Did the patient have abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever? Any of other common symptoms of c.diff? Or were you only going off of the smell of the BM? Why are you asking for advice from others with potentially more experience and then disregarding that advice?
  3. needlesmcgeeRN

    Should I work in a SNF?

    You would be responsible for...maybe 25+ residents - med passes, documentation, treatments, checking physician's orders, calling physician or NP, possibly lab sheets or collecting specimens for labs, restock med cart, assessing residents, etc....and, if you are anything like me, you're getting your own VS, checking your own BGs before SS insulin, because I trust NO ONE. You may have a resident to takes 10 different meds, in pudding, and who takes 10 minutes to swallow each spoonful. And then a resident or three with a g-tube. And that's a night without any complications! I am sure I am forgetting something. Or many things. There is not enough money in this world to entice me into working in a SNF. I would rather work at McDonald's.
  4. Any hiring manager who would pass someone over for a position based upon their absolutely perfectly natural hair being "ethnic" should NOT be a hiring manager.
  5. needlesmcgeeRN

    body odor

    I am not a school nurse, so forgive me for overstepping - and also, forgive me for suggesting you take on more work than you already do - but what about a hygiene presentation, so for all of the students or say all of the 5th graders or whatever may be applicable. So, no one student is singled out.
  6. needlesmcgeeRN


    I'm a Care Coordinator in a family practice. I have a question for the care managers/discharge planners/care coordinators/whatever title you hold in the hospital setting. Do you contact your patient's PCPs to advise of pending discharge or to provide notice of admission? If not, why not?
  7. needlesmcgeeRN

    Nursing Job Change: Jump Ship or Sit Tight? 5 Things to Consider

    I've been at my current position for a couple of years. In all honesty, it is not a bad job - no nights, holidays or weekends, work with some truly great people. In spite of it all, I am not happy where I am at. I know it could be MUCH worse, so I'm just riding it out, occasionally scoping out other opportunities.
  8. needlesmcgeeRN

    RN/MA role in ob/gyn clinic

    OP - are you a nurse? Telephone triage should be done by someone with a clinical background.
  9. needlesmcgeeRN

    Bad pop up after using Kaplan but received Analysis Question

    If you tested in Brooklyn...why is the Florida BON posting your license number? Anyway, no drug questions?! That's what about 85% of my NCLEX questions were...on medications I had never heard of. I had some SATA, and a couple of the drag-and-drops. I thought I had failed for certain, when my exam shut off at 75, d/t all the med questions.
  10. needlesmcgeeRN

    Failed nclex 11 times.

    I think the fact that you've failed 10 times is a sign that nursing is not for you.
  11. needlesmcgeeRN

    Clinical failure for something I couldn't help?

    You were woozy? And you're in nursing school? I would have jumped at the chance to handle the organs. We never even had an OR rotation. I sure hope, IF you get to continue school, that you don't come face to face with a case of Fournier's gangrene! Jeeze. ALSO- ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be early.
  12. needlesmcgeeRN

    Slow reader

    You might want to read this: Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) | NCSBN
  13. needlesmcgeeRN

    Help with narrative documentation

    Your narrative needs to describe what is going on with the patient in a precise manner, with information relevant to the specific problem - VS, abnormal findings, etc. Both objective and subjective information. The reader should have a clear picture of what is happening with your patient by reading your narrative. Avoid inserting your opinion.
  14. needlesmcgeeRN

    waiting for provider

    Wondering what percentage of these patients are non-emergent?
  15. needlesmcgeeRN

    What was the REAL reason you called off

    The last time I called off - I was on my way to work, pouring rain, and my windshield wiper messed up - it somehow caught and then flipped. My position is very flexible in regards to calling-off.
  16. needlesmcgeeRN

    Preventing call-ins

    I took it to mean the call-ins were excessive, or a pattern. Obviously if an employee is ill, or an employee's child is ill, they should call-in. But, if it is happening repeatedly, over a relatively short amount of time, that is an issue that should be addressed.