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Oh'Ello is a BSN, RN and specializes in Heme Onc.

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  1. Oh'Ello

    Immunizations for uninsured

    Look up your local Catholic Charities chapter. https://cflcc.org/healthcare/ I was in a bad situation when I started nursing school. I had no insurance, I had absolutely no money, my dad had just died and my student loan distribution didn't happen until AFTER the semester started and I had to prove I was vaccinated prior to the start of school. I actually had met all of the vaccination requirements over the years but could not prove it (I had many done prior to or in undergrad out of state.). Catholic Charities was (no pun intended) a god send. The free health clinic, which is is designed to provide services to the working poor (which is probably you in this case), gave me the vaccines and documentation I needed. For vaccines and titers they could not provide, they gave me a voucher to have them done at the local hospital at reduced cost. Honestly I was embarrassed about using charity services because I wasn't exactly what you'd call an impoverished person, but everyone at the clinic reassured me that that's what the services are for, to help when you are in whatever situation you're in that is limiting your access to healthcare. Its worth a shot (pun intended)
  2. Oh'Ello

    ICU Question about central line infection control

    RN's change central line dressings where I work. A select group who've received training change PICC's (simply because of the displacement risk). I'm not sure who else is expected to change them.... Physicians? LOL
  3. Oh'Ello

    Auditing falls .. where to begin?

    I'll tell ya this right freakin now. Yellow wristbands DO NOT HELP.
  4. Oh'Ello

    Double Checking subQ Insulin Requirement

    Not required to double check insulin here. Level 1 Trauma, Teaching, Magnet, Pennsylvania.
  5. Oh'Ello

    JP/ Chest Tubes

    i was always under the impression that it was a matter of maintaining the catheter. Some JP catheters are kinda teensie and can clog if you don't strip out the clots. I've never had to or even thought about stripping a chest tube... I just don't even know how that would work. The tubing (at least that we use) is fairly large bore and isn't really very flexible or strechy, so I don't even know what stripping would achieve.
  6. Oh'Ello

    when to ask patient if they need an interpreter.

    Whether or not someone needs and interpreter is like the 4th question on our admission assessment, lol. I promise you, that nurse probably didn't give any kind of ****. She's just asking the questions that the computer prompts her to.
  7. Oh'Ello

    ALL equations for Mean Arterial Pressure??

    Which is why sometimes (at least on our monitors) you can have a crappy wave form and -/- for sys/dia but still have a map in parentheses that makes sense
  8. Oh'Ello

    What was your worst shift ever?

    Minnesota tube, 27 units in and 30 LITERS out. I think that pretty much sums it all up.
  9. Oh'Ello

    IV Push dilution methods... Is my method wrong?

    I also reconstitute In flushes. We don't stock saline vials....Because it's stupid. The ISMP assertion is stupid too. If I drew up 10ml of nimbex, and 10 ml diltiazem, how on earth would I know which one is which????? Labels that's freaking how (which is also an ISMP recommendation)
  10. Oh'Ello

    Unsupported at home.

    I've been a nurse for about 4 years now. My husband was shocked/irate/confused/disturbed/befuddled/concerned when he recently found out that I frequently encounter male genitalia at work. I don't think it's uncommon for "the others" not to know what we go through at work let alone what we actually even DO. With that said, I don't really have any advice to offer you other than, he'll figure out it eventually....in my experience at least.
  11. Oh'Ello

    What's In Your Staff Bathroom?

    There sure as **** is never any toilet paper
  12. Oh'Ello

    Why are nurse managers jerks?

    Are they all in the same health system? Maybe it's just bad culture. I've worked in places (not in nursing) where all of the management were jerks. And then when I transitioned into a management position, I realized why.
  13. I think it's ironic that your username is "Thank god for ativan" but you're apprehensive about giving prescribed controlled substances per order. You aren't a drug dealer because you aren't personally profiting from the dispense of drugs. She has pain meds ordered and they're indicated.If she is engaging in self-sabotage, self-harm, med-seeking, she will suffer the consequences of those destructive behaviors regardless of whether or not you attempt to control her pain. I think its important here to remember what our job IS and what it is not.
  14. Oh'Ello

    Lidocaine infusion for pain

    We use intravenous lidocaine perioperatively pretty often and the results are mixed but typically successful. We have specific programming surrounding its use and we're all quite familiar with the protocols. With that said, I've probably seen close to fifty patients with IV lidocaine infusions, and every single one of them was a GI / abdominal surgery patient. We implemented the use of IV lidocaine (in conjunction with ketamine) to reduce opiate requirements in this population because of the heightened risk of complications from decreased bowel motility that come with post op immobility and opiate use. This care bundle is apparently having a measurable positive effect on early recovery after gi surgery in our facilities. BUT Lidocaine has a very VERY narrow therapeutic index. Serial lidocaine levels MUST be drawn to assess for toxicity. And as we all know, tox labs take forevahhhh to result. Its also specified in our protocol that if the patient's pain is not adequately controlled with the ketamine/lidocaine infusion, and they are requiring more opiates (the opiate requirements are patient specific), the lidocaine must be discontinued and the plan of care can be reverted to a more common pain control regimen. The reason for this is that concurrent opiate use can obscure the early symptoms of lidocaine toxicity which are often very patient subjective (blurred vision, metallic taste, peripheral neuropathy, etc). These patients are also receiving the benefit of sedation for some time post-operatively, which is ultimately aiding pain control by lack of awareness. Long story short, we're giving this to bridge the gi-surg patients from the OR until their bowels start showing signs of movement and then converting them to lower dose opiates if necessary. with all that said none of that **** makes any sense for use in an ER. More (interesting and totally readable) info on ERAS here
  15. Oh'Ello

    To file a formal complaint or not?

    Complain. Because "half press" is a stupid, unscientific, and subjective way to pressurize something going into your brain.
  16. Oh'Ello

    Refusing to do Surgery Outpatient due to Bleomycin in 2008

    The ARDS actually isn't always immediately apparent, it can manifest to the point of emergency 4-5 days post operatively. At which point that particular patient would likely be far far away from anyone that could intubate them.