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NurseRies has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Nephrology, Dialysis, Plasmapheresis.

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  1. NurseRies

    Nephrology Nursing Certification

    Try the mometrix CNN review book, amazon has it for $50-60. That's all I did to pass, the core curriculum is too big and more of an outline format, which was minimally helpful to me. What will really help you pass is your experience and knowledge. If you are reading through the material and a lot of it is new information, it will be very hard to pass. The mometrix review guide was all I needed. Hope this helps.
  2. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I understand. I get the same negative comments about dialysis. I am an acute care dialysis nurse and we do a lot of bedside care as well (at least I do). But yet we still get people that apply and come to work for us trying to get away from bedside. I guess the point was, less patient load, procedure based specialties can have more realistic expectations of what nurses can do. Bedside care on a floor with 4-7 patients is just way too much. But I think we both can admit, our environment is probably more doable the telemetry or Med surg. Although I trade a lower patient ratio for longer hours and limited help. I just think the OP sounds like she doesn't want to talk to anyone , especially patients. I did not know OR nurses spent a lot of time with awake patients. My friend that did OR had a different experience.
  3. NurseRies

    Calling in for no sleep

    I work 4 days shifts a week 6am-6pm. I am also scheduled an overnight on call shift once a week. I can't tell you how many times I have worked worked 6pm-6am while on call, went home at 6:30am, had all day, then had to be at work at 6am the following day. I will admit it is very rough! But I have functioned well off 3-4 hours of sleep many times. Drink your coffee, eat right, drink lots of water, and double check everything you do. I'll bet you'll sleep fine the night after that shift!! If you can't see straight, call in yes... but I think you'd be surprised how many of us are regularly functioning with very little sleep. People with babies???
  4. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I have met quite a few nurses over the years who run from job to job, looking for something that doesn't exist. I work with a couple people now who blame the stress of the job for everything going wrong. Their relationships are suffering, their finances aren't good enough, they go home at night and cry. I feel bad for them , but nursing is tough... There just isn't ever going to be a job without stress. Hours are long, patients are rude, nurses are blamed for everything by the doctors, patients, other nurses. We are the middle man in a high stress environment. I feel for people that are struggling but unless they can find a way to deal with their stress, nursing will make them miserable. I guess as the years have gone on I've gotten more tough and just don't give a crap anymore about doctors yelling at me and coworkers talking about me. But unsafe nursing is a different story. If we want nursing to change, what are we gonna do about it?? Short staffing and patient ratios should be against the law, that's for sure. I have worked 26 hours shifts in my career. That's not right. We really need to band together right now before administration and CEOs push us even harder to make themselves more money.
  5. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    Deebuzz, I think it is best to find a new job, I completely agree. I think people may be taking some of the comments the wrong way. I was just trying to help by saying you've got to find a way to leave work at the door. We all do. I don't have a perfect marriage or a perfect job. Far from it! But I have found a way to deal a little better with the stress. We've lost 30% of our staff in the last 4 months. I'm one of the charge nurses and have been working 50-65 hours a week to help the team because I'm in a specialty where it's hard to get nurses trained quickly. I hardly see my husband and it sucks. Believe me it's not perfect. I have always believed in positivity/optimism and sometimes that makes people sick to their stomachs. It's what works for me. I hope you know I am just trying to give you a view into a different perspective. I waited tables /bartender 8 years before becoming a nurse. I guess I'm just used to putting up with a lot of idiots and jerks. And believe me , they are everywhere.
  6. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    What about OR nursing ? Any OR nurses out there that can say that it's better then bedside?
  7. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I understand everyone deals with a stressful job a little different. I remember my mom used to come home and vent for an hour every day and tell us a lot of details. I guess I've somehow learned to leave work at the door. It is a hard thing to do!!! Keep working at it. And I do understand that some people hold the stress and can't just let it go magically. As for marriage , I guess everyone is different- we don't have kids yet which helps. But we both have insisted on having Sundays off. We both work every Saturday. And then he has more set hours so I get to see him Wednesday and Thursday nights also. Sometimes an occasional morning as well, but our time is limited. We both have made an effort to have one set day off a week together and we always spend the day together. He works 50 hours a week, I do 50-60 hours a week plus on call shifts. It's not easy...
  8. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I think it's blame game to say nursing ruins marriages. It does if you let it. I've had opposite schedules with my husband for 7 years, but I understand that I don't need to be with him 24/7. If we want the same time off we plan ahead. I don't bring my job home with me and burden him with my woes. His job is hard too in a different way. I come home, and spend time with him when I can, keeping a positive attitude and thankful for a good job in tough times. Don't let your circumstances determine your attitude. If you are depressed, seek medical help, it is a disease and I understand that. Maybe re-evaluate your well being.
  9. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    How is bedside nursing hurting your marriage? We all have to find out spot in nursing.. Maybe OR is another option for you since patients are mostly asleep. Sounds like maybe you don't like people very much. It takes a very patient, tolerant person to do bedside for years. But I'm glad that if you feel this way, you're getting out. In your next job try not to focus on the negative parts. Were there ever nice families? Appreciate doctors? Polite coworkers? There had to have been goods too...
  10. NurseRies

    NP/Crna vs MD

    Sounds like a ton of commitment and 60-80 hours a week of nothing but trying to achieve your goals for the next 8-10 years. But if you want to go for it good for you! I would say if you're going to school for 2 separate masters/doctorate degrees, just go for MD. You'll get more for you vested time once you're finished. Don't CRNA's take on call? When will you have time to be an NP that you went to school for 3 years to become? I say focus your goals a bit more. 6-8 more years after you graduate nursing school... Either 2 redundant degrees or one that will pay more AND make way more sense.
  11. NurseRies

    How much lifting in Dialysis?

    If you can get into education or peritoneal dialysis training that might be good. What about case management?
  12. NurseRies

    How much lifting in Dialysis?

    I recently had a coworker that left because of back problems. I would say probably not good. Acute dialysis involves pushing and moving equipment and setting up, bending over a lot, unpacking supplies, carrying jugs. Chronic dialysis is all day on your feet, lots of branding over to assess patients. They aren't in normal beds so you can't adjust their height. It is certainly a physically demanding job, despite what many think when they see us sitting down monitoring a treatment. I come home physically exhausted and I am in fairly good shape and young.
  13. NurseRies

    Why Colorado Nurses need a Union

    I don't know about anyone else, but I go to a lot of hospitals as an acute dialysis nurse. Across the 12 hospitals I routinely go to, ICU nurses and floor nurses are overworked and short staffed. My team is absolutely drowning right now, it's unsafe. Nursing has become a revolving door of employment, people running like rats from job to job looking for a good place to work. Does it even exist? We need to stand up for our rights, patient safety, pay for years experience , yearly raises, cost of living assessments. I shouldn't have to work 55-60 hours a week to save for a house and pay day to day expenses with no kids. I am tired of listening to nurses complain that they're underpaid and overworked. Does anyone know if there's any kind of movement towards a union?
  14. NurseRies

    Help. Acute dialysis nursing

    I think it's a very demanding job and does not work well with someone who needs predictable hours. I recommend staying where you are if you want school to get most of your energy. Acute dialysis is a job for those that don't mind overtime and are constantly asked to stay late.
  15. NurseRies

    Help. Acute dialysis nursing

    If you work full time for an acute program you can not work whenever you want. You usually have expectations, I work 6-6 right now but have also done 7-7, 10-10. Depends on the program and their needs. You can't pick and choose how many treatments you want or when you work at all. Even the per diem acute nurses must do as their told and have expectations of when they need to show up. I have work for 6 acute programs in 5 states as a traveler. There are not usually techs in acutes unless you have a very busy inpatient unit with 4-10 stations. Most of the time I am by myself in an ICU or in an isolation room. Getting paid per treatment is a thing of the past. It's actually no longer compliant with billing in the US is what I understand. Dialysis nurses used to bank but now they all make hourly. When you're on call, which can be any variety of hours, you are expected to be available at any time and must be on site within 30 minutes after the Doctor calls you. With any full time job there are regular benefits. It sounds like you're looking for some kind of dream gig where you go in whenever you want and get paid based on how much you work/how many treatments you do. This is not the case at all. You will have set hours and high expectations, you will be paid hourly and will be expected to take you fair share of the load for the team. If you want to work whenever you want you will have to do per diem and likely will have no benefits.
  16. NurseRies

    Fresenius pay/offer

    I would think that's pretty good for the area then! When I was a new grad 6 years ago, I got $21 in South Carolina in dialysis. Even here in Denver, new grads are making about $25-27 and the cost of living here is crazy. So I would say you have a very good offer. If you want to make more 5 years from now tho you may have to try a different specialty or new job. Then when you come back to dialysis if you want, you will be paid for you experience . But for a new grad that's a great rate.