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NurseRies has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Nephrology, Dialysis, Plasmapheresis.

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  1. NurseRies

    burning out in acute care

    About half of the nurses that leave acutes to go to chronics come back to acutes within a year. That has been my experience, but then again, about half never come back, so my advice is go for it! You can always come back to acutes if you don't like i...
  2. Thanks for the comments! I got my CDN when I worked outpatient, then got the CNN when my acutes manager asked me to. I didn't plan to get both, but apparently since I was doing a little educating and precepting, they preferred the CNN. For the record...
  3. Hi everyone, I have been in dialysis for 7-8ish years, depending on if you count all the overtime. I LOVE it... Have done chronics for 2 years, then acutes for the rest. I have learned PD, become charge, been a traveling dialysis nurse, learned plasm...
  4. NurseRies

    Nephrology Nursing Certification

    Try the mometrix CNN review book, amazon has it for $50-60. That's all I did to pass, the core curriculum is too big and more of an outline format, which was minimally helpful to me. What will really help you pass is your experience and knowledge. If...
  5. NurseRies

    Acute dialysis or new grad program

    I love dialysis , started as a new grad and planned to leave, but here I am 6+ years later... I figure there's plenty of time to go to icu or tele later. Doing acutes give you some basic hospital nursing skills, it's all what you make of it. When I'm...
  6. NurseRies

    Consents for inpatient acute hd

    I don't know that it's any different then a Jane doe who needs blood to live. They don't question giving her blood do they? I don't know for sure, but I would guess that they assume everyone is a full code and wants everything done unless they can fi...
  7. NurseRies

    Learning new modalities / Travel Nursing Question

    I traveled without any problems and I only knew HD. Most programs don't expect you to do it all, that would probably be too much training anyway. On my assignments they just gave isolation patients, ICUs, and a couple programs had me working with tec...
  8. NurseRies

    Transplant Nurses: looking for information

    I've never heard of a post transplant clinic. I have done dialysis in several large cities. Don't they just see their nephrologist once every few months? Or who do they meet with normally after a transplant?
  9. Hello all, I am curious about someday starting my own staffing agency, specifically for dialysis nurses. I live in a big metro area and I know there to be at least 40 outpatient clinics and 30 hospitals that provide dialysis to patients on a daily ba...
  10. NurseRies


    I used to wear running shoes , expensive one, but for extensive standing and time on feet , I now west danskos. Some ppl hate them but I find that they support my lower back. I had them fitted to me at the walking company store. They last me about a ...
  11. NurseRies

    Please just go to your clinic!

    Oh my... I hear you. I have seen those patient who continually have high K while in the hospital. I think some of them cheat on their diets, but others of them I believe have some major problems with glucose control. It's usually the brittle diabetes...
  12. NurseRies

    Univ of CO hospital

    A lot of places won't even interview you until you live in the city. They are not that desperate at this time, since this is a very hot market to live in.
  13. NurseRies

    Please just go to your clinic!

    In my area, if patient miss a week of treatment or even 2 treatments, then show up at clinic, some clinics will send them to the hospital because they do not know their current state of health. Sure enough they'll show up with EKG changes and a K of ...
  14. NurseRies

    The future of hemodialysis?

    I imagine the ultra filtrate would be a small amount at a time since they are wearing it everyday. Like a colostomy bag or drain, the patient will have to go to the bathroom and drain it. Kind of like how we all go pee. I wonder if there would be was...
  15. NurseRies

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I understand. I get the same negative comments about dialysis. I am an acute care dialysis nurse and we do a lot of bedside care as well (at least I do). But yet we still get people that apply and come to work for us trying to get away from bedside. ...