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Well.... I just resigned from my job and I am very angry about it! I have been a RN in a high acuity sub specialty for 14 years. I started at my new job one year ago and I've never been happy there for numerour reasons but most of all my CNM is completely innapropriate to say the least. Well, long story short, she belittled me and yelled at me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE UNIT- infront of all of my coworkers(and any other family member ect who might have been walking by) Because I refused to take a ventilated UNSTABLE pt ON 2 PRESSORS to radiology for what would have been an hour long procedure that was nonurgent and could be done at the bedside! I mean she yelled at me like I was her child! I walked away, informed the intensivist that I was not about to travel for this test- and guess what- test was done bedside!

The next day, I told my other NM that I would resign effective XYZ date( I gave 3 1/2 weeks). She encouraged me to stay on perdiem. It was decided that I would stay on a few days a month. One week before my last day.... the offending CM comes to me and asks me to cover the remaining 2 days on the schedule(after the date of my resignation). I tell her I will need to check with my husband (we planned that I would be already resigned)- turns out he was going to be out of town. I called her and told her that I could not remain for the additional 2 days- she told me that "- I was leaving her in a bind- and I needed to find someone to cover my 2 shifts or else just resign.":uhoh21:

I said reminded her that we only had one person that would not be overtime if she covered 2 shifts- she told me that I had better call her. I didn't..... I left it at that. I called HR asked for an exit interview, they called my CNM's boss who called me- I told her that if this NM is willing to loose a nurse with 14 years experience over 2 days on a schedule, then this is not a place where I would like to work. She apologizes, says she will speak to NM. Then she calls me back later and leaves a voice mail saying that "NM is sad... that there must have been a breakdown in commuication.... she thought I was going to stay on prn... that she NEVER TOLD ME to find a replacement or resign!!!!:madface: Oh... and she never received my resignation letter! I knew I should have forwarded it to HR- I had a feeling!

I am just so disgusted with this person- she is totally inappropriate and untruthful! I am sooooo glad I left that toxic place! I just worry about retaliation- it's a small world ya know?


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Good for you. Probably was the best decision that you leave that employer. It's not worth it.


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Well, if they retaliate, they retaliate. You know that is a possibility. But it is also a given that you will overcome any repercussions as you move on. Good luck in finding a better situation. I find it hard to believe that they can't seem to see where the real problem is on that unit, but then, management tends to overlook the most obvious.


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That NM is very toxic to say the least. I don't think I'd worry much about retaliation. Someone as unstable as that is bound to hang herself.

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Well at least you're out of there. *hugs*


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I suggest that if you can, you take a few week off just to re-coop. And congrats! Not sure I would have lasted as long as you did.

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Good for you holding your ground. After all, this decision you made for your patient is not one outside your realm. How stupid they are over something easily remedied.

Now take a deep breath (so your head doesn't pop off your body) and exhale. Don't let them muss a single hair on your head.


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You're not the first person nor will you be the last to endure this kind of situation. When one door closes, another one opens. The way I see it, it was time for you to move on to something that is better for you, it's in the wings, and it is yours at the right time. Best of luck and never look back!



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Hugs to you, darlin', may you find that open door that Paco386 was talking about, and may it lead you to a job that is everything that you wish. I hope your NM gets exactly what she deserves. Fate has a way of making people pay, even if it takes a bit

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Fate has a way of making people pay, even if it takes a bit

oh boy, that's for sure.

it is that very sentiment that keeps me hanging on some days...like today.


op, vent away.

may your future be filled w/peace and success.


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Hang in there. I completely understand as just going through very similar situation now. I am encountering retaliation but will keep my head up as the old saying goes "What goes around, comes around". I'm finding it is opening new doors up for me and you will find the same as well. I chose to completely leave my dialysis job and never look back. Now I'm interviewing for research position and have had other offers I never would have looked at before. In the long run it may be a blessing in disquise. :)


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You made the right decision. Take a breather. Something better will open up.

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