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  1. Midwest4me

    What are they telling us/not telling us

    I Believe that you should always be properly oriented to a new position. You should be properly provided with the equipment that you will need. It is also the agency's responsibility to provide all of the information that you need to properly care for that client. In my opinion that means information regarding the care plan, diagnoses, medications, treatments, etc. Otherwise you are walking in blind. .
  2. Midwest4me

    What was it like to be a nurse in the 1980s

    I became a nurse in 1985. Yes, same core nursing tasks: patient advocacy, questioning MD orders when needed. Seemed we had more autonomy back then. As an LPN I answered to the RN of course but my delegation of tasks to CNA was more accepted where as these days my directions are ignored often; they "make sure with the RN." That's frustrating and demeaning. Wore a nursing cap the first year or so then it became obsolete. As an LPN in nursing homes many years ago, there were fewer RNs so we were definitely in charge. I passed medications, performed treatments, delegated tasks to CNAs, did rounds with doctors. Many changes these past 31 years. Tired of nursing. Tired of the toxic, bullying environment. Anticipating retirement next year.
  3. Midwest4me

    How much do you make 2016

    In Oregon with a state department, making $4800/month, 58,000/year. Not bad for a nurse with 30 years' experience. My first year (in 1985) as an LPN I made $13,920.
  4. Midwest4me

    How much do you LPN's make?

    I live in Oregon, make $4800/month so around $30/hour, state agency. Been a nurse over 30 years. I believe new nurses start around $3100/month.
  5. Midwest4me

    How much do you LPN's make?

    I live in Oregon, make $4800/month so around $30/hour.
  6. Midwest4me

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    Totally understandable. You are venting and here we SHOULD be able to vent! This is my first post in over 5 years(just got away from reading posts...nursing now over 30 years and sick of it) BUT I felt compelled to give my input on the necessity of at least graduating and taking your boards!! Don't throw all that sweat and toil away before taking the Board exam PLEASE. At least when you pass, you'll be a nurse. THEN decide your path. I wish you the best of luck and more blessings than heartaches in this field or whatever field you choose.
  7. Midwest4me

    Safe staffing levels

    Our psych hospital has about 650 pts. Each ward has about 25 pts. Staffing: 1-2 RNs, 1 LPN, 3-5 techs. This is NOT enough staff as we provide activities(like on-grounds walks, yard, gym, fitness, some off-grounds passes)--especially when a patient becomes physically abusive.
  8. Midwest4me

    Unit Keys - Where do you keep them on yourself?

    We don't wear scrubs at our psych hospital; we wear casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts. My keys are attached to a lanyard; the lanyard is attached to a carabiner and the carabiner is hooked to a belt loop of my jeans.
  9. I agree. I wish I'd just finished my Masters degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology back in 1985 instead of returning to nursing. Too late now: no $, no desire, too old, and too close to retirement.
  10. Midwest4me

    I am Afraid. Please Pray for Me.

    I believe that nurses should remember that spiritual needs are very important aspects of the patient's total healthcare. If a nurse is NOT of the same belief system as his/her patient, then get the designated "leader" of that belief system in for consult in order to meet that pt's spiritual need. I am a Christian and will most definitely pray with Christian patients if asked.
  11. Midwest4me

    I just got hired at a LTC any advice?

    Congrats! Now for the advice: Be prepared for constant interruptions during med passes, when on the phone with MDs, doing treatments. Often you are understaffed and need to help the CNAs or take on a patient or two yourself as well as do your nursing work. Often you are the only nurse in charge of 20-40 patients. Do NOT expect to leave work on time. Be prepared to get your heart broken by the kind things (AND nasty things) patients say to you. Make list after list of things to do and prioritize! Depend on your CNAs but don't be bullied by them. I wish you the best of luck!
  12. Midwest4me

    How has being (becoming) a lpn changed your life?

    You've indeed shown tons of perseverance! Continue to keep your chin up and positive thoughts going. Since this economy is so poor, keep the CNA job(s) until you land an LPN job. Keep in mind, too, that most nurses don't land a day job right away so be prepared for night shift(but usually there is a shift differential for swing and night shifts which adds to the pay!) Continue on with RN schooling if possible. I've been an LPN for 27 years and wish I'd just continued with the RN programs I'd been accepted into instead of stopping at the LPN level. LPNs are limited in many ways and seem to be getting phased out.
  13. Midwest4me

    What keeps you going? Why do you stay?

    Thanks, Elladora, for sharing that. I think I need to memorize that! Our ward has been "high" lately....seems the patients' degrading, verbal abuse is on the rise(which I have ALWAYS taken personally--and even more so as I age.... I am more sensitive these past few months anyway due to financial issues, and husband's health issues) too. I stay at the job because of the benefits and because I'm nearly the sole provider since my husband is ill and on disability. I hope to retire in 5 years; I sure feel like I'm semi-retired now since I do my 40-hr work week in 3 days, but am getting really worn down by the verbal and potential physical abuse every day!
  14. Go to GoodWill and invest in some jeans, t-shirts(inexpensive clothes). Then when you have to take a patient down and seclude him, or deal with those violent patients who throw feces on you, you won't be ruining good clothes.
  15. Midwest4me

    Behavioral Health Nurse- break from floor nursing?

    Our patients in the psych hospital have many medical issues too. However, primarily, we deal with strange behaviors, verbal/physical abuse from these patients. Sometimes they're hallucinating; most often they are not. It's a VERY CHALLENGING field and VERY EMOTIONALLY STRESSFUL. On my ward, there is not much physical abuse but there is an abundance of verbal abuse which can truly wear one down. Yes, it can also be physically stressful..as in when we staff have to restrain/seclude a patient while that patient is spitting at us, cursing, striking out. I have about 5 years left to work before retirement; I only hope I can make it through without pulling out my hair.