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Lacie is a BSN, RN and specializes in jack of all trades.

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  1. I currently work FT for Senior Bridge (not under other agency contracts as some others have mentioned) and have for 2 years now. Senior Bridge occasionally contracts with an agency if for some reason we are down on staff. If FT then it is a salaried position. PRN's are paid by visit. I will say my salary is more then I ever made in HHC. Pay is good. Mileage if 51 cents/mile. Senior Bridge is actually owned by Humana whom bought us out June 2012. We only handle Humana clients (PPO and Medicare Advantage programs). We have been in the merging process for abit now. Generally the case load is expected to be a minimum of 25 clients with weekly visits for FT (5 - 6 clients/day). There are many times I have had up to 35 or more dependent on the staffing situation. No on hands, but primarily educating client's on Disease Managment, community resources, med reconcilation. My area does Long Term In Home and 30 day Transitions. I love the Transitions program most of all. I have a great director and have had no issues with the job in my 2 years and actually quite satisfied. Been an RN for over 30 years and probably at my happiest with this job (other then when I was younger and could do the running in the ICU). I will say you must have good time management skills or this isnt the job for you. My office is the center for the entire state. It's not a 9 - 5 and if case load is high then you may spend nights catching up charting. Then there are times when I may be done early afternoon and relax abit. We are provided with a Blackberry and some of us are fortunate to have Ipads supplied as we are entirely computerized. They anticipate everyone to have an Ipad after 1st of year. On-call is also part of the job but I have yet to go out when on call over my 2 years with the company. I will say the on call pay is $225/week just to answer the phone, so don't mind it at all. I have gone without a single call when on call many times. It can be flexible if you have a doctor's appt or other personal things if not excessive without having to use your PTO. Some areas have long drives to clients homes depending on thier area. Fortunately I have localized cases usually within 20 min of each other.
  2. Lacie

    Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    Hard to live in Daytona and not ride. Especially with Biketoberfest and Bikeweek rolls around. Real hot days and a lousy day at work takes off the stress. Beats a drink or a valium any day for me lol.
  3. Lacie

    Pts need PT/OT only

    Just to clarify, we dont bill for the RN to do the Oasis - but do for the PT to go in the same day and also to the PT to d/c the Same day. Believe me we avoid that big F word as much as anyone possibly can. I cant tell you how many oasis I kick back every day to the field nurses. Especially when you find one stating pt can walk 250ft without assist, then why the heck PT in? or the "On arrival pt washing his sidewalk!" Jeez, can say it over and over but sometimes just doesnt get through lol. My office has really cracked down hard on documentation and communication between the disciplines. It's getting better but still a bit to go. We've started kicking in contest for the least oasis errors or turning in daily pw on time, etc. Small gift certificates but at least they know we are trying to show some appreciation. Boss took us all out for nice steak dinners last week after work and we made a point "no work discussions" during that time. We are required to read every pt/ot note and question them at anytime. If an issue then we write it off and delete the charge. Forturnately I'm in an office that does pay attention.
  4. Lacie

    Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    I live in a major "bike" area of florida and wouldnt give it up!! Have a son who is a stunt rider also (spent lots of time in ER with him) but he still loves it. Of course I cant watch when he stunts as it terrifies me to actually see him get injuried but he's doing what he loves and I have to respect that. I love to ride, tattoos and all lol. Most of the time I find it's the "other" drivers I have to watch for. We dont have a helmet law here which I disagree with and never fail to use mine. I also use a special jacket (hot or cold out) with Kevlar in it. (the kevlar can be removeable but I leave it in). Lots of ways to protect yourself.
  5. Lacie

    Help! Any Home Health RN'S in Ocala Florida?

    Go to Almostfamily.com and check for your area. As anywhere it depends on the particular office you are at. I wish I had done this long long ago!!!! They have numerous companies under different names - some private, some strictly medicare. I like the medicare with intermittent visits better. I make more money and less stress then I ever did any where I've ever worked and treated like a human being most of all :).
  6. Lacie

    Question about pts leaving AMA...

    I'm with Fribblet on this one. I dont argue with them. If they want out AMA then so be it. I get the paperwork and leave it at that. Insurance issues is not my job nor should I be expected to know the insurance issues in relation to payment.
  7. Lacie

    What scrubs do you like best?

    IguanaMed have to be my favorite of all brands I've tried. I have Landau, Cherokee and others but IguanaMed have been the most comfortable for me with all the bending, squatting, kneeling, etc. Fit is nice, have not only elastic waist but have the drawstring as well together. They come out of the dryer wrinkle free and require no ironing.
  8. Lacie

    can you work in dialysis as a CNA?

    We hired/trained PCT's who had either CNA or Phlebotomy experience. I hired a few who were phlebotomist certified.
  9. Always wore around my neck until I went to work in dialysis then it went in my pocket of my scrub pants. I was always getting caught on equipment so had to change my usual neck habit. Now I'm out of working dialysis so back to the neck.
  10. Lacie

    Latex Allergy

    Brands of syringes contain latex in the plungers, some brands of foleys...
  11. Lacie

    dear patients, please quit saying that to me

    Well I had the double sword then - being small my entire career and looking much younger then my actual age, I not only get the comments on that but also on my name (which I cant of course post) but will say I get "are you sweet or sour, or worst yet "What flavor are you"...I wish it was just I appear young or small lol. I understand your vent though but learned long ago to let it roll off my back, smile and move on if it wasnt said in an abusive manner or an attempt to be demeaning directed to me personally.
  12. Our Nurses are required to turn in PW on Mon, Wed,Fri. We also check all our variances before Friday. If pw isnt in or incomplete they dont get paid. If pw doesnt have the proper documentation they have 24 hours to come into the office and make all corrections. Money tends to do the talk when they wont listen to anything else.
  13. I have a full back and working on a 1/2 sleeve. Have been an RN for 30 years now in various settings from Floor to being a DON. I am still in management and also cover for my staff when needed. When in school you will need to cover it up more than likely and I would advise if you do get one be sure it's what you really want and not because you feel left out. Maybe get it in an area easy to cover at least till you graduate. Long sleeves can be killer when your running your tail off even in air conditioning lol. Remember it's there for life. I made some mistakes in what I got and now in process of doing a full back coverup. It's never held me back in this profession but I dont advertise my ink at work and I definitely never allowed them to show during an interview. Yeah 1st impressions can stink but it's a fact of life. Granted it's becoming more acceptable but you still have those people who label very quickly by appearances although most of the time inaccurate. Some of the best nurses I have ever worked with have ink and metal.
  14. Lacie

    Pros and Cons

    I work as a CLM in the office and supervise the field staff. I love it for the fact I work 8:30 to 5pm M-F with my weekends off. I also get holidays off with pay. I have yet to stay overtime and get a full hour for lunch. My office fortuanately is very flexible if you have personal appts with Docs, Dental, or even just to get your hair done as long as not taken advantage of. I do go in the field but mostly when on call. We take ours for a week at a time and make some extra cash in doing so. Fortunately I have to do it only once every 3 months or so. Our Director doesnt allow anyone out past 9pm at night. Personally I wish I hadnt waited till my 50's to figure it out. I'd rather be where I am no then any hospital, burn unit, dialysis clinic or open heart that I've ever worked. Kind of like the V8 commercials and slap myself in the head for not doing it sooner than I did. :)
  15. Lacie

    Chasing doen pt's

    We call the night before, then when on our way. If no response after multiple calls then we do a driveby and leave a door hanger. Recently a pt was in the home and found dead in the floor after a weekend, you never know. Also document, document, and should I say it again document. Use a communication note documenting your attempts for the the chart. If you can confirm they are out for anything else then the allowable reasons and it's repeatedly occuring then reassess that homebound status. You also call the doc every missed visit.
  16. Lacie

    INFO on outpatient dialysis

    Dialysis constant is turning over not only in patients but staff. My opinion is there should never be less then 2 nurses on the floor due to I have had more then 1 pt crashing at the same time. Trying to run back and forth treating to can be emotional/physically exhausting. Your pretty much in a dead run the entire shift and lucky to get a drink of water much less use the john. At least this has been the case in every dialysis unit (chronics) I have been employed by and been the DON of one. I finally decided my body couldnt take it anymore.