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  1. rnlately

    What's your opinion about Excelsior Nsg Program?

    Georgia does accept Excelsior but there are additional preceptorship hours that some grads must complete.
  2. rnlately

    Lidocaine with Rocephin IM?

    Always with lido in the nh I worked in unless otherwise contraindicated.
  3. rnlately

    Finally ready to talk about my CPNE experience 3/25/2011

    Congratulations!!! Confidence really is the key.
  4. rnlately

    Passed CPNE 3/25/11!!!

    love the online workshop and the ability to watch and rewatch the skills and lectures as much as necessary.
  5. rnlately

    Losing my motivation

    I have the CPNE pending; actually I already have a date but I need to reschedule because I want to test at a different facility. I think I'm the opposite of you; I'm motivated even more; especially when I read the journals on the EPN and related facebook pages. I'm feeling really good about my ability to do this but not without preparation. In your case, I believe there are tons of people that pass and don't have hospital/acute care experience. In fact, it may work to your advantage because once you attend a workshop, hire a tutor, or what ever your plan; once you learn it the EC way old "hospital habits" won't creep in. I have read the SG 1.5 times and try to apply the processes to my hospital work because we pick up bad habits in everyday practice. Don't give up on yourself because you'll never know if you can succeed if you don't try; you've come too far.
  6. rnlately

    Lpn to rn online programs approved by georgia

    Visit this link in regards to Excelsior; http://www.sos.georgia.gov/plb/rn/ . View the rules/law tabs about non traditional education. Legislation from 2008 and pending legislature as we speak about preceptorship hours in Georgia for EC grads. Don't count them out yet. I still have the CPNE pending. As for College Network, you really don't need them. They have rode on the coat tails of EC for years and now they are preying on ISU. Get info first hand from Excelsior and Georgia BON. Best wishes in whatever your decision.
  7. rnlately

    So do you actually take your breaks?

    Insanity for sure; especially if your patients have mental issues concurrent with the medical/physical issues. Makes for very difficult shifts; to say the least. Best I can do most nights is slap food in my mouth while I chart...never a dull moment.
  8. rnlately

    RN of 12 years passing meds in nursing home? S L O W..

    I was S L O W when I started in LTC 4 yrs ago. Like someone else stated before; start with the walkie talkies; there are always a few that camp out around the nurses station close to med time. Take advantage of this opportunity. For me that was about meds for 5-6 residents knocked out really quickly. Either obtain BS before med pass and in order to prepare insulins to pass with meds or pass meds to the diabetics last so that you have time to obtain BS. My shift started at 1900 so as much as possible I'd try to obtain the BS at 2000; I usually had about 3-4 diabetics on my hall(s) and all had Levemir/Lantus in addition to sliding scale. Have a cheat sheet of pt's that require crushed meds and make sure you know ahead of time if they prefer pudding or applesauce; saves you from having to run all over the building at the last minute. If you have pt's that have nutrition drinks ordered; stock your cart with various flavors until you figure out who likes what. You will quickly develop a feasible routine. By the time I left LTC I was able to pass meds accurately and efficiently to 22 residents in a little over an hour and a half; as long as no emergencies arise. It takes practice.
  9. rnlately

    What's next?

    Thanks Nicolina; it's becoming more real for me now. I've been on this journey since 2007 and have endured many ups and downs; I'm just glad to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and am determined to pass this test on the first try.
  10. rnlately

    What's next?

    I just checked the MyEC portal and it shows all of the required documentation that I submitted as "Accepted". So what's next, my long/short wait for a CPNE date? Gosh I'm getting nervous; like I'm about to walk the plank...lol. I'm in Georgia, hope I hear something really soon.
  11. rnlately

    Ga senate bill 187 was passed today!!

    If my understanding is correct it has to be approved by the House also before it goes to the Gov. If this is in fact the case then as we know some sort of "compromise" will probably be made. If I'm wrong and someone knows anything to the contrary please let us know. In any event, I think that whether the bill is accepted as is or changed it is still possibly a step in the right direction.
  12. rnlately

    Night shift and Sleeping

    Where I'm from, sleeping on the job is grounds to get booted. Besides, it's been my experience that just because it's night time doesn't mean that the patients will sleep. Many times we have chronic pain/nausea complaints and with prn's available q 2-3 hrs for different patients; there is no time to sleep; even if it were allowed. As far as how I deal with nights; I guess I'm a nocturnal person. For example, I return to work tomorrow at 1830; I will get up in the am to take my daughter to school, return home, and nap for about 2 hrs. I will be good until I knock off Thurs am. Then I will take daughter to school and be in bed by 0830, sleep till about 1400 and be rested enough for another 12 hr. I had no problem adjusting but for some people it will just take time.
  13. rnlately

    "I'm A Good Nurse" Syndrome

    It's weird because I'm just the opposite; I don't think I'm good enough and even when people tell me that I'm a "good nurse" I just blow it off as flattery and keep it moving. My personal motto is "you're/I'm never good enough"...meaning there is always room for improvement. I always keep my eyes and ears open for different ways of doing things and arriving at favorable outcomes. I've worked with people that are just the opposite; come to you for advice/help and when you give to them they are too busy talking over you and telling you how your theory/action won't help and all the while their pt continues to make a decline...SMH.
  14. rnlately

    Ga senate bill 187 was passed today!!

    Welcome to GA Lunah!!!! You are about a little over an hour away from where I live.
  15. rnlately

    Ga senate bill 187 was passed today!!

    I'm praying for it as well as have my fingers and toes crossed. If it does pass that means no preceptorship for me. It's hard not to get prematurely excited though.