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rnlately has 6 years experience and specializes in LTC, Acute Care.

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  1. rnlately

    Would you report possible diversion?

    Not only will I report but I have reported it.
  2. rnlately

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    I swear we must work in the same facility.
  3. rnlately

    God Hates Nurses Now

    Ha!!!! Take that Mr. Odiferous!!!!! Sometimes I can't biter my tongue either; even when I AM on the clock.
  4. rnlately

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    Me too. Thanks.
  5. rnlately

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    I'm having to wait also; they haven't received my CLEP transcripts.
  6. rnlately

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    Oh boy. Hoping that won't be the case for me. Fingers crossed
  7. rnlately

    WGU Sept 2014..Anyone??

    I am aiming for Sept 1 also. The only hold up is a couple of transcripts and I hope they are received soon. Ready to start especially since it's almost impossible to do anything except bedside nursing without a BSN these days. At least that's how it is where I work.
  8. rnlately

    DNR- Do Not Treat?

    This sound identical to what happened to me the other day. I call the rapid response, unit nurses came and attempted to make us look like idiots. I don't feel bad though. I still maintain that I/we did the right thing. Some others obviously need to know that Dnr doesn't mean do not treat.
  9. rnlately

    Stupid hospital/company tricks

    Our policy is no cell phones; yet that's how our NM gets in touch with us even though there are several phones at the station a dedicated CN line. Maybe she didn't get the memo....*snicker*
  10. rnlately

    Stupid hospital/company tricks

    We have both...
  11. rnlately

    Stupid hospital/company tricks

    We still use those...
  12. Life has taught me 1. To develop a thick skin and 2. That people with that type of personality (not just nurses) either have personal insecurities or have problems managing their personal lives; neither of which were of my concern. Once I learned policies of the facility and enlisted the help of other seasoned nurses on the floor I felt better about myself and was able to let her issues roll right offy back. She soon realized that I wasn't easily intimidated.
  13. I had a Cn like that; always gave me admissions back to back; treated me like an idiot when I asked questions and wouldn't help out in a bind. This was over 4 years ago; well now she has finally run her course and is no longer the "top dog" as she thought she was. Time often brings about a change; however if this is causing you stress and distress, apply for transfer as soon as you are able. Best of wishes to you.
  14. rnlately

    When family refuses IV pain meds for cancer pt...?

    My dad was diagnosed with PC in September 2009. He didn't pass until September 2012. Also received chemotherapy and when one treatment would fail; he would switch to another one even tried radiation therapy. He wasn't in denial, he just had a lot of faith and hope. He was well aware as well as the family that the outlook was bleak but in cases like this hope is all you have.
  15. rnlately

    BE CAREFUL on social networks

  16. rnlately

    The right to refuse has so many interpretations

    Brandon, I totally get where you're coming from. I worked LTC for three yrs and have worked acute care for 4 yrs and they are 2 totally different horses when it comes to pt care. I can so relate to people NEEDING showers/meds and refusing. In LTC you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.