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  1. netglow

    Abuse Culture in Nursing...How Far Does it Go?

    The further I move away from all of this ...I understand that many nurses faced with what the profession has become, reach some kind of crossroad where they must decide to either work on getting out of nursing, or disassociate themselves mentally from the mess that is their reality, in order to survive. Those that are still in reality and objectivity, try and see if there is any logical reason to keep beating the dead horse (the OP), and will take concrete steps to get out of Waco if their attempts to improve things don't pan out. Those that have no way out must become someone else. These are the posters who chime: you want rainbows, you aren't tough, you can't hack it, it's the same in all work, etc..... I guarantee that the psychiatric conversion to #slavelifeiswhereIfeelmostfulfilled means you've flown over the cuckoo's nest, peeps. What really blows, is that the clinically awesome and mentally intact often execute departure from this profession (or are "let go") - leaving the ...well you know.
  2. netglow

    Do you need all those degrees?

    PMFB-RN, Geeeez! Your new manager can be labeled A FOOL, as she has demonstrated a complete lack of comprehension - even at the most basic level, of what that job requires of her - that she would dare to apply for the position. This all makes me sick....
  3. netglow

    Your Experience with Your Hospitals Cath Lab Personnel?

    Some insight I've had about some labs. Cath lab "monitor techs" are often the entitled relatives of MDs - radiologists, cardiologists etc. Used to be, there was no real education involved in that, also, no certification either - just on the job training in many hospitals. I got the low down about that when I was a student and in the cath lab one week. Those peeps bring in a good buck too! At that time, some were getting rad tech certs, for "the paper" should someone decide that there should be SOMETHING edu-wise involved. I'd figure it's a great find for a tech without having to drop the money for much education "if" that's required at all. The bossy stuff comes from the entitled part and the lack of education part, and not wanting to eventually be "found out" part :)
  4. or, 250 x 10 (over) 4 x 60 which becomes: 2500 (over) 240 which equals: 10.416....
  5. netglow

    Do you think physicians could pass the NCLEX-RN?

    Of course. Anybody with very basic RN/MD education should be able to pass the NCLEX, if they have reviewed a NCLEX test taking strategy book. The NCLEX test has nothing to do with finding out if a person has knowlege of anything really - other than how to play the game of taking the NCLEX. It's a rather dumbed-down and insulting excuse for a board exam.
  6. netglow

    Kicked out of class for a "HIPAA" violation?

    Truths: You have just begun to realize the gravity of your situation. You will need to wallow in it first. You will need to meet with your school nursing admin and totally honestly "own" your situation. You will be remembered at this particular clinical site. I BS you not, you will be remembered at this clinical site. You will most likely have an uphill battle to finish your nursing clinical education. Best start to construct a way to make up for your losses with your college nursing administration. Then ask for advisement on apologies to this clinical site... Why??? because there ain't no nursing shortage.
  7. netglow

    Kicked out of class for a "HIPAA" violation?

    No RN with a license intact, shares your brand of "common sense".
  8. netglow

    Kicked out of class for a "HIPAA" violation?

    OP, you should be able to arrive at clinical, be assigned your patient(s), take report, and then get to your orders. Just a glance should tell you if you are familiar with a med or not. If not, you have many resources eg your drug app, your hospitals drug database, a book. No excuses. And if you don't yearn to know your pathophys like the back of your hand, you're a danger regardless. Insulin. Following what's been written is the easy part. Knowing what the consequences of any delivery of insulin *might* be is what you seem to me to be totally missing, and is likely why you got canned. You do need to "time-out" so to speak. Look. Once you've killed someone from being selfish, you're just done in every way.... and there is a sort of selfishness in your original post. You need to stop looking for a way out of things, and just deal.
  9. This is a totally awesome thread!!
  10. netglow

    Constant Vein Blowing?

    Yup the business she works for makes it's money on these infusions among other things. If she educates the guy, or all the others that they don't need this stuff IV really, and it's best to OTC buy supplementation PO, she's out of a job. It's like saying no, no, no, don't buy our product. After all the guy already got the "song and dance" from the business owner about how he must have this stuff...
  11. "The number of home health providers in Cook County, Ill., increased from 301 to 509 between 2008 and 2012." In my personal opinion this is way late in coming. Let the heavy axe fall. http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20130726/NEWS03/130729816/feds-ban-some-chicago-home-health-care-agencies
  12. netglow

    The dumbest things you've heard from a provider

    "anticoag is no big deal, it really doesn't matter, nothing can really happen, we don't need protocol, I don't have any real way of figuring it to put in writing" - Cardiac EP specialist (so funny that at the time, I forgot to laugh - I ...you know what, you not ...folks)
  13. netglow

    A confusing interview...should I be concerned?

    Look out. Ask what she means EXACTLY by "hand holding". Often it means.... 1. MD that yells and shouts, at you, at everybody 2. MD that refuses to chart until a week later, if he does at all, and then wants you to try to OR schedule with crap for patient records. 3. MD that along with refusing to chart, refuses to learn the EMR too and the practice looses money because of him. 4. MD that will expect you do do all of his worker's comp paperwork (this is big easy money in ortho, lots do it ...that is, have you do it) 5. Most of all, it means a basket case that they shove off on a new RN every 3 months or so. Be careful. They warn you - which seems ridiculous, but they feel like they are throwing you in with Nutball MD, and even though they all know he's a PITA, they'd rather actually blame you for accepting the job, since they DID forewarn you. Thats some crazy crap too, now isn't it.
  14. netglow

    Medical / healthcare sales

    I have found this forum silly, angry, but extremely enlightening. All sales, mostly pharma, but HH/Hospice too......cafepharma.com/boards/forumdisplay.php?f=491
  15. netglow

    Corrective Action or Bullying???

    Eh. I'd go ahead and send a few resumes out there. See what your net brings in. I think that interviewing can be a morale booster in that you are being proactive in trying to remedy your situation - not talking internal transfer tho. I look at it this way, you have been feeling a weight for some time now, if more time goes by and you say to yourself, you know what? I wish I had sent out some resumes months ago!!!! ugh... then if you get some bites you will feel less trapped where you are. I also think a little targeted push-back is in order. Remember, the type of people who do what you describe are usually very weak - you can smell the fear in them. This is not reason to pity them. It's a tool for you.
  16. "My question to the older workers who are new grads is why do you feel like you deserve jobs over the younger new grads? " It's not about deserving anything. It's only about ability and skills. You have to have something to offer an employer WML, I mean, really.. Best get yourself some provable skill, something an employer would want

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