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  1. netglow

    job offer questions...

    You will only know if your license is at risk once you begin working.
  2. netglow

    job offer questions...

    Well, I'd say if you think it (might) work out take it. You know your limits. If it ends up being a total nightmare then leave. Unfortunately, it almost seems like if they make an offer quickly to a new grad, that is a sure sign you should not work there these days with unemployment running so high you'd think it would be competitive interviewing there. At least that seems to be how it's gone for many. But, everybody has their own idea of what they will tolerate, so I'd see how it goes but I would not put my license at risk.
  3. netglow

    New grad moving from Phoenix to Chicago

    OP, here is one you might try: Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, Chicago, IL They often post of wanting bilingual nurses. The area that hospital is in can be dicey, and also I think it's probably gonna be a rough job, as they used to constantly advertise for NGs. If they kept every NG position they posted the hospital would have a few too many nurses, LOL. So big hint that it's a revolving door -- other hospitals hire few NGs. Also you should know that it is part of Resurrection Healthcare. They have their own nursing school and almost always pick up those students into any open position. They also have clinics and LTC and rehab. Those nurses are also placed in these areas, and are first choice to move on to acute care. So I see the posts, but don't know how many outsiders are ever hired.
  4. Understood, you were working on the other side of the thing. But in essence, it's the same, it's just applying a preset. I think you want a little more. Thing is, none of this needs an edu to do. But, as with a lot of the lower level jobs you could get years ago without an edu, it's all found a way to have some CC get you to have to get some certificate for a job in it these days. Heck I did all preauth/claims/billing for a doc while running his practice, as well as taking my prerequisites for my second degree nursing. Of course I have a business background, but it's not rocket science. Never would have actually paid for any kind of edu in it, LOL. It simply was a source of income, and a way to work with a doc and patients on my way to becoming a nurse.
  5. netglow

    The easy way in

    imported care: recruiting foreign nurses to u.s. health care facilities this is not a new one, but it is an interesting read.
  6. OP, your last ? to me... Depends on what you want to run. Most jobs will want you to have experience in that very thing to even get an interview. Usually that is of a clinical nature. Precert/claims is not related to management. What you did would fall under the Health Information Technology area, or HIT. These people usually just apply coding etc. for some facility in a back room. They just try to apply the best code for the most $ reimbursement. It is a low paying job. Not to long back, this work required no education.
  7. First step: Gain acceptance to college. Second step: Graduate from college with a degree in nursing (Associates degree, Bachelors degree). Third step: Take the national board exam for nursing NCLEX and pass it. Fourth step: Apply for and be granted a licensure to practice nursing in your state. Fifth step: Now that you are an RN with a unencumbered license to practice, you can begin to look for a job.
  8. netglow

    Previous felony convictions, 1400 percent increase!

    My college does background checks. You simply will not be allowed onsite at ANY clinical site with a criminal record. That means you also don't get into the nursing program, or any healthcare program that requires a clinical element.
  9. netglow

    The easy way in

    Yup, I have met a few Filippino nursing grads. They fly back here, then go through the process of getting the NCLEX stateside and licensed here somehow. I thought this could not be done with the newer immigration laws, but I have met several. There must be a few ways around immigration, because that somehow seems to not be holding them back at all. I've had a few ask me questions about the NCLEX and language testing, very nervously, etc. Thing is I gathered that they are original Philippine citizens. I didn't get into asking if they were US citizens eg born here. They were hesitant to even ask me about testing and all, like they were trying to feel me out. I do know that they were fresh out of school, not having gone through some long wait to get stateside. The ones I spoke with said they were assistants at nursing homes and about to take the NCLEX. I'd like to know more about this too.
  10. netglow

    Where are we headed?

    I agree. A special note to all you too quick to jump to CRNA. I have heard from an MD I know that a hospital network near me is putting the big ol brakes on the CRNA thing. You will be vetted. He says due to the popularity of this as easy money they are seeing poorly trained clinicians come into the system and they are now closely monitoring those that are currently in the system... Basically, unless you have lots of nursing experience prior to your CNRA, and the majority had better have been critical care, you will now not stand a chance of a job.
  11. Also really check it all out. Do not think you have employment opportunity in nursing/admin if you have read news articles that say healthcare professionals are in demand. These are false. Find out what actual job titles require healthcare administration, what are the requirements for hire? See if you can actually talk with people in these roles so that you know the minimum for hire - reality bites. I do know a few healthcare administration folks that have thrown that edu in the trash due to totally being unable to gain employment in that field. Healthcare administration is the first related profession that those career changers who really don't want bedside hands on care flock to. So what I am saying this is a flooded market at least for the last decade.
  12. netglow

    Position difference between RN vs. BSN

    Also, I remember applying for additional licensure in another state and it was asked if you had ever failed the NCLEX. Also I have a vague memory about if you have unresolved record with the courts of just about any kind, eg delinquent child support as well. Also, if you had defaulted on any educational loans.
  13. netglow

    Position difference between RN vs. BSN

    I am pretty firm in my thoughts on education. Edu first and formost should be obtained to gain employment. Your choice of profession/edu needs to primarily be made to ensure you can support yourself/family, after that has been researched, then you can consider what you would like doing most. If the profession you have interest in seems to require you to go into a sizeable amount of debt, but, does not pay you back with reasonable chance at employment ops and salary recovery for your debt load - or - give you options for other employment outside that profession with the same degree, then, that profession is one you should NEVER pursue unless you have another source of secure reliable income and you are able to pursue that profession/edu as just an interest you might have. It's difficult these days. Nursing is going down the toilet fast. You are screwed if you dump your financial future into it. You gotta keep your ear to the ground and nose into the wind on a lot of stuff these days. And yes, if you started the long road of edu, you need to maybe stop in your tracks and make monumental changes to save your shirt. Yes, I do not advise any person to pursue a BSN or higher if they think that will make them marketable. This is in no way a wise thing to do right now, and in the foreseeable future. Yeah its hard to swallow this info...
  14. Time to log off and study. Your answers are in your reading and should not be difficult to find if you put in your own time. This board is not a homework source.
  15. netglow

    Is it only hard for Asn and Bsn nurses to get hired?

    I have heard that MSNs who are new eg without experience have it harder than all. Others will have to post what they've heard or experienced. Now that would not specifically be true in the outside job world for a masters.