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travel50 has 26 years experience and specializes in LTC, geriatric, psych, rehab.

I have 6 children, all grown, and 4 grandchildren with one on the way. I love to travel. Have been to 19 countries, 6 Canadian provinces and all 50 states. Now I am going to all 50 again. Presently am the director of nursing at a 67 bed nsg home.

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  1. travel50

    Are we experiencing mass burnout in healthcare?

    I have just quit my job of 10 yrs., and it was b/c of the harrassment from my immediate boss at the corporate level. If I can do so, I may never work as a nurse again. For 26 yrs., I've been the best nurse I knew how to be, and I am just tired of it all.
  2. travel50

    found ANOTHER one :(

    I had to try and help deal with that years ago when I was in nursing school and was just an aide. That wail is unbearable to me. I remember that we could hear her all the way down the hall. And they kept the poor woman on the OB unit. Her roommate had her healthy baby in the room. Seemed so cruel. They don't do that now. As a nurse I've always avoided OB b/c I didn't think I could bear to hear that wail again. I cannot imagine such pain.
  3. travel50

    Do you carry personal liability insurance?

    I carry my own professional liability insurance. Costs $99 a yr and it is well worth my peace of mind. I went years without it, but I am seeing more and more lawsuits. Most suits seem ridiculous, but people are looking for ways to get money. They don't care if they sue you to get it. I don't feel like it makes me more apt to be sued just b/c I have the insurance. No one needs to know I have it. They may be less likely to drop the suit once they see you have insurance. But just in case, I am not opting to hand over everything I have to somebody looking for easy money. So I carry it.
  4. travel50


    Thanks for the response. I have the LL Bean catalog out thinking I might should invest heavily in it. I'm thinking the warmest boots they have, lots of wool, layered clothing, good warm hat, etc. I lived in Michigan one winter many yrs ago and nearly froze, but after outfitting my 3 little girls, there was no money for clothes for me. I liked Minneapolis when I visited, but I prefer to live in the rural areas. I'm a country girl. And yes, the scenery is beautiful. I've been as far up Lake Superior as the Split Rock Lighthouse which is almost as far as where I'll be going to live. Thanks again
  5. travel50

    set up for failure

    I had never been a DON before when I was handed the job 4 yrs ago. It was certainly not my dream to be one. But I did the best I could with it. Dearly loved my residents, and the staff and I worked great together. Increased census from 50% to 85%. Went from losing $ to making $. Got a new adm not long after I took the job, and he was wonderful. Corporate could just not be satisfied. They just kept criticizing. I finally had enough. I resigned last month. The staff has been so upset that they are now leaving. That seems to be what corporate wants. Guess they want all new people. Now the adm has resigned. I don't feel like I failed. I gave it my best, learned alot, and my residents got the best of care when I was there. As long as you give it your best, that is all you can do. There are plenty of DON jobs out there if you want another one. You can do whatever you want to do, so do not give up if that is what you want.
  6. travel50


    I am looking to relocate in Cook County, Mn. We presently live in the deep South. My husband will be going there for his job. Does anyone know of job opportunities on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation? I just completed my MSN for teaching, but there are no schools in that area. Will appreciate any responses. And it gets HOW COLD there?!!!!!! I'm thinking I'm going to freeze!
  7. Sounds like some of us need to start our own nursing homes! Great ideas. I have just resigned from a nursing home where I have worked for the past 10 yrs, most recently as the DON. We have had pets that whole time, big dog, lap dog, cat, birds, rabbit, hampster, etc. My employees were allowed to bring their kids to work if they behaved. The kids thought the nursing home was a great place to go to play. Some of my residents loved sitting in the hallway, however. Seemed to be their form of entertainment. I begged corporate to make a way for residents to go outside and be safe, even the most confused. They said it was too expensive. Maybe someday they'll be in a nursing home and remember that they said that. I have to have fresh air. And I hate all those medications. If there were more activities that the residents really enjoyed, they wouldn't need so many meds. As for staffing...I agree, lower ratios would be great. But my state pays so little for care that it is hard to afford. Corporate has decided to make the home less homey and more institutional. I quit because of that decision.
  8. travel50

    is nursing theory important to nursing practice

    "Let's hope the caring ideal continues to seem like common sense to you -- and to many others. But don't forget the fact that it seems like common sense to you because somewhere along the line, you acquired that value and internalized it -- probably from Jean Watson or someone like her that taught you about the importance of caring." orig poster, llg Thanks for your post llg. Guess I sounded negative, but I didn't mean to be. But these things do just seem so basic to me. I did not learn to care about people from a theorist. My mother was an LPN, and sisters old enough to be my mother were a physician and a nurse practitioner. Caring was understood. It didn't matter if it was a patient, a neighbor or a stray kitty I rescued...you cared and were expected to always show that. Same as the theory of helping patients do as much for themselves as possible, same as behavioral theories, etc. It was just all part of my life. And I guess I have no understanding of the person who does not care. Yes, in reading some posts, and in being a director of nursing, I see nurses who do not seem to care. I wonder why they are nurses. And if they are working for me, they are quickly terminated. I think the only theorists I have enjoyed reading about were the very first ones...it was all new for them.
  9. travel50

    is nursing theory important to nursing practice

    I agree...and we had a RN here one time who was about to change a treatment order on a resident's bottom b/c "it doesn't look too good. It is purplish!" The resident had expired...and she didn't realize it...!!!
  10. travel50

    is nursing theory important to nursing practice

    Here is my problem with nursing theory. Some nurse comes up with a "new theory", write books, teaches on it, lectures, etc. I look at this "new theory" and think, well good grief, who doesn't know that. For example, the theorist who came up with the idea of "nursing as caring". How is that new? Of course it is caring...that is one reason why we do it. And if you don't care, you need to quit. But yet she is famous for creating this "new theory" that is just common sense to me.
  11. travel50

    Questions on patients with Anthrax

    Do you actually have a patient with respiratory anthrax?
  12. travel50

    Health Care pay decrease with new health care plan?

    I'm with 3boysmom3, if I don't have the money to buy it outright, then I do without (Except for my house).That has been my motto for many, many years. I was raising 6 kids, and I could not afford to put myself at financial risk. Now even though I am okay financially, I need to leave myself open to be able to help my kids if they get in trouble. They adopted my habit of not buying on credit, but if they lost their jobs they might need help. So I still don't spend much. I don't know what the new health care plan will do to our pay. But something needs to be done. As it is, so many of my nurses and aides at work do not have any insurance and they are unable to go to the doctor or pay for meds. As for the student loans...there are many reasons when they will allow you to defer payments...loss of job, illness, going back to school, etc. As long as they know you are trying, they will work with you. I certainly wouldn't panic. It'll all work out somehow.
  13. travel50

    Things that leave you stunned.

    My son, when he was 11...I thought he had the measles. His MMR had been ineffective. He'd had the mumps after the shot, which is how we knew. I failed to revaccinate. So I thought the rash, the fever, eye pain, etc was measles. Then his little butt turned solid red from bleeding under the skin. I rushed him to the closest doctor. She insisted it was measles. I insisted it was not. She called the pediatrician. (an hour away). He knew me. Said if I was worried, then there was a serious problem, and for me to bring him in. I did. He turned the child's hands over. Then I saw it. The rash of rocky mountain spotted fever. Why hadn't I seen it? Got him to Vanderbilt per ambulance. (over 2 hrs away) The doctors were very kind, but not hopeful. He became grossly edematous. He became delirious and combative. Then he developed ARDS. They put him on a vent. He developed DIC. The doctors told me he would die, there was nothing else they could do. The students (it is a university hospital) stayed away out of respect. Only family was allowed in. I am white...they let my best friends in...they are black...the doctor pointed out to a questioning nurse that they were "obviously" family. I was grateful. A pastor came in to perform an annointing ceremony. All the family came in, even from overseas. And then...the boy made a response...a single solitary tear. Then I saw his finger touch the ventilator tubing. Another tear. I told him the tube was not forever, just until he got better. I promised we'd take it out then. The doctor was called. Slowly, as the day progressed, he improved. The doctor became hopeful. Every day he was better. The students started coming to see the child who had cheated death. 10 days later, he came home. It was the most amazing recovery I've ever seen. And I know it is so to me b/c it was my child. He completely recovered, is now grown and in the air force.
  14. travel50

    Do you ever feel guilty about....

    No, I don't feel one bit guilty. I do what feels theraputic to me when I am off. If I don't, I'll never survive when I get back to work. You can't keep emptying the glass and expect there to still be something there. You have to take time to fill the glass also.
  15. travel50

    You should NOT become a nurse if...

    if...there is anything else you can think of to do! Yes, I've had a bad day.
  16. travel50

    "Twins By Surprise"

    I would love to have given birth at home, but if I had I would have bled to death with # 1 and # 6. And then # 5 would have died b/c of some comps. My bleeding was very questionable with # 3. So basically, I would have been good to go on #'s 2 and 4. My odds would not have been good! But I think it is neat that people can do so. At least some prenatal care needs to happen, and if in the end there is a problem, I certainly hope my daughters would have the sense God gave a goose and go to the hospital.