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  1. leslie :-D

    Question for atheist nurses

    i love this part of your post... as i find it pertinent for each person to define their version of spirituality. more often than not, religion and spirituality are used interchangeably and for me, they are most certainly not synonymous. as i read els...
  2. leslie :-D

    Desperate for help with Gastroparesis pain mgmt

    seriously, i suspect the opioids are worsening his symptoms, as they further delay gastric emptying, delay gi motility, and can/do induce increased pain, n& v. we've used erythromycin with decent/improved results... along with neurontin and/or ul...
  3. leslie :-D

    Can a nurse refuse to participate in a code?

    yes, it'd be highly unethical to disregard a pt's wishes, even if the nurse personally/morally disagrees with it. afterall, we ARE supposed to be their advocates. but it becomes much grayer if you know the pt doesn't want to be rescusitated, and a co...
  4. leslie :-D

    Is a slow code ethical?

    thanks for this. i too, have completely disregarded family wishes when i knew the pt's wishes, which were contrary. more often than not however, i have seen pts defer to what their family wants... putting their own personal desires aside. it is at th...
  5. leslie :-D

    The right to refuse has so many interpretations

    it is evident (to me) that you are struggling... and hope you can forgive yourself, as that is when true healing will begin. in the meantime, i am confident your mom knows how much you loved her... and pray you will find the much-needed peace in ackn...
  6. leslie :-D

    The right to refuse has so many interpretations

    i wish families understood this. that yes, even with a low bed, floor mats, bed alarms and continual supervision... that the self-determined pt IS going to walk, whether s/he is able to or not. and these pts are going to fall, be hospitalized, return...
  7. leslie :-D

    Question on swallowing precautions

    i can assure you there are many pts on fdg tubes who are not eligible to eat foods by mouth... unless one's intent was to cause serious harm or death. also, fdg tubes do not prevent thirst, and so, a fdg tube would not address that particular proble...
  8. leslie :-D

    Question on swallowing precautions

    the bottom line is food is still considered a pleasure of life.... and is always preferable to a fdg tube. the pt still gets to satisfy this most basic need by tasting and swallowing her food. you don't get any of those sensations with a fdg tube. sp...
  9. leslie :-D

    The right to refuse has so many interpretations

    i think several posts may be overlapping, because of 2 separate continuums that we're referring to: nsg continuum - when residents refuse care, on one end of the spectrum are nurses who shrug shoulders and say "ok" and chart accordingly...to the othe...
  10. leslie :-D

    Childhood Obesity

    i agree with all that carolinapooh has suggested. the biggest barrier i see however, is getting the parent(s) on board with this. more often than not, the parents themselves are obese and aren't going to be proactive in getting their children to a he...
  11. leslie :-D

    Cry for help: I don't think I can do this.

    i seriously believe your state of mind is the culmination of nsg school stressors. i felt as you do, right towards the very end when i wanted to walk away from it all. a loved one gave me a dopeslap that knocked me across the room, but also reoriente...
  12. leslie :-D

    I think I might be a scary nurse

    i was fine after graduating, i.e., a healthy dose of anxiety but certainly not crippling. i *think* the "scary" ones are those who are completely cocky (vs confident). i wouldn't read too much into your lack of enthusiasm now... and agree it likely h...
  13. leslie :-D

    What do you call this respiratory pattern?

    long time ago i noticed a similar pattern with a pt... and the dr seemed to think it had to do with the splitting of the s2 heart sounds. i don't understand it, just repeating what was told me. leslie
  14. well yes...the specialty of parish nursing is the only specialty of our profession that would be conducive to addressing faith-based needs of a patient. here are a couple of links for the readers, to learn the connection betw community and church. Fu...
  15. leslie :-D

    Life and Death

    it has been commonly expressed for a long time, that suicide is "selfish". i never, ever agreed or saw it that way. to call it selfish because the person does not think how their suicide will affect others, is secondary to me. all i see are tortured ...