Just had to Heimlich a kid


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Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! The first graders were eating lunch and they asked me to cover the front desk (about 20 feet away from the cafeteria) for 10 minutes. All of a sudden a teacher looking terrified comes running to me yelling "Someone is choking". I had just answered the phone when she grabbed me and I threw the phone onto the desk and went running. The little boy was legit choking. I did the heimlich and a giant glob of food came up and out :wideyed: How he fit that much food into his mouth is beyond me. Anyway, he then vomited, cried and will be fine. I called his mom to tell her so she is aware. Poor kiddo is still shaking. The funniest part is, I went back to the front desk and the hone rang and the person says "Um, I just called a few minutes ago and think the call got dropped" :roflmao: I said "actually, the phone got dropped, by me".

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Well done!


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You're a rock star!!!!


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Superhero in action!!!

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Awesome Job!!! Glad the kiddo is OK :)


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Awesome job!


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Very well done! Pretty funny about the 'dropped' call.... :)

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Sense of humor = still intact!

Go, you!!

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Awesome Job!!!!!!!

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School Nursing...snatching kids from the jaws of death; one kid at at time! Way to go!!