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  1. bsyrn

    First Reaction to Changes

    I don't really like the changes, I liked the old site much better. I do not at all like the thumbs down feature, I think it is going to cause more hard feelings then it is worth. Hopefully I will be able to figure this new stuff out as I truly enjoy allnurses.
  2. bsyrn

    Is it wrong to ask

    Kind of....I think he might feel like you were putting him on the spot.
  3. bsyrn

    Ugh...what would you have done?

    You are too nice! Never give the teacher the option of having the child return to class. They will always say no. You did everything else right. If they are fine after 20 minutes, drinking, no vomiting, no fever...back to class they go :)
  4. bsyrn

    Holiday Bonus

    Bonus...uh nope
  5. bsyrn

    Need help from anyone crafty

    bake some ballerina cut outs :)
  6. bsyrn

    Help Please!

    1)What do you like/dislike about school nursing? I love the hours and time off. I love my school and working with the kids. I have high school and pre school! 2) Tell me what is a typical day like? a lot of cough/cold/flu stuff. Occasional injuries, med pass once a day 3) What is something you wish you would have known before becoming a school nurse? how truly on your own you are 4) Last but not least...what would you do if you were me? If you can afford it, go for it. I also took a 30,00/year pay cut but it allowed me to be with my son when he was home from school. Also the time off and health insurance are amazing.
  7. bsyrn

    All I want for Christmas is... (the school nurse list)

    burn cream, Tylenol, Motrin and anti itch cream, and the ability to actually use them!
  8. bsyrn

    Favorite school nurse resources?

    New York State Center for School Health / Homepage My go to site!
  9. bsyrn

    Use of nurse's office

    I had a teacher request to use my room. I explained that while I try to clean after each student, my office is a pleather of germs and I would not recommend using it. She decided to use our counselors office. We now (due to state mandates) have a lactation room which is essentially a storage room with a desk and chair. We do not currently have any nursing Mom's.
  10. bsyrn

    Would you? Do you?

    My kids ask for A&D. I stock little packets and give them one to self apply. I do assess the tattoo for obvious signs of infection though.
  11. bsyrn

    financial donation to a needy patient

    I would not give something directly to a patient, however there are plenty of things you could do. Donating or volunteering with a local homeless organization is a great place to start.
  12. bsyrn

    I quit on the fourth day

    Sounds like you had a pretty normal day, at least in my school...I am sorry it didn't work out for you.
  13. bsyrn

    Bathroom Breaks

    Poor kid...that teacher must be a little loony. I agree with the others, definitely an administration issue.
  14. bsyrn

    Shared Space

    Why would your administration want to expose healthy kids to sick kids...privacy aside, that makes no sense. a privacy screen only provides visual privacy.
  15. bsyrn

    Ambulance call

    Better safe then sorry! You did a good job on both your kiddo's.