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WineRN has 4 years experience and specializes in NCSN.

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  1. WineRN


    I recently passed and I thought it was appropriately hard, kinda like boards were, so I didnt know for sure if I passed but I didn't think I completely failed. I used the second edition of School Nursing : A Comprehensive Text by Janice Selekman and I feel like a lot of the questions came right from there.
  2. WineRN

    Masters in Nursing

    Another thing to look at is nursing informatics. We have a few nurses in my district going that route because of the changing charting systems and requests for data regarding student health.
  3. WineRN

    Really Sick

    I'm still a newer school nurse so I feel like my immune system is still struggling to keep up. My first year was the worst. I also have 2 littles at home so we are quite the germ factory.
  4. WineRN

    Snack Time

    We do the same request but we have some students where it's in their 504 plans to not allow the snacks in the room (Which i think creates a false sense of security, but here we are...) which is why my teachers are spending so much time checking snacks it's taking away from instruction time.
  5. WineRN

    Snack Time

    School breakfast is from 8:45-9:05 when school starts. Our lunches begin at 11am and every 25 mins a new grade level starts and we end the day at 4pm. When you factor in the snack times at each level, most grade levels are eating every 2.5-3 hours here in school. I think promoting this culture of constantly snacking even when you aren't hungry is a part of the obesity problem. We talked about how if we do move to no more set snack times, we wouldn't restrict snacks if a child truly needed it for a medical need or even if they just requested it. Anyone who is hungry will still have access to food. I just really think most of my students are eating snack because it's snack time and not because they are hungry which is why when lunch comes they barely eat. Thank you all for your responses!!!
  6. WineRN

    Snack Time

    Looking for opinions. We are thinking of transitioning to be a snack free school because honestly my teachers are spending over an hour each week checking snacks, washing hands and following other accommodations specifically around snack time to keep my students with severe food allergies safe. Personally, I am all for it. I never had snack time growing up so it was strange to me right from the start that we have it. And there is SO MUCH waste in the cafeteria from kids not eating their lunches. Also the snacks sent are usually fast acting carbs (candy, chips, etc) so I feel like any argument regarding it being needed to "get them through the day" isn't really true. BUT there is no real data regarding snacks, so I am just reaching out to get some opinions and data if you are willing to share, please take my survey! https://forms.gle/s8oBc4PgkuRWQ2L66
  7. WineRN

    Fun end of year complaints

  8. WineRN

    Moral Injury

    I am a little late to the game with this video but it hit the nail on the head when it comes to why I left the hospital and why I am never going back.
  9. WineRN

    Do you do a countdown to end of school?

    Last year I had my lead team make a chain for my office and then I removed one link each day One of my teachers has a really cute board that's all summery with the countdown in the middle
  10. WineRN

    Where are the school nurses?

    I think the article titles are a bit misleading. Is there a "shortage" or are schools just unable to afford nursing staff? Or do schools see school nurses as only "bandaid givers" and not grasp why they are needed? I agree with Nutmegge that our salary definitely scares wonderful nurses away from our profession, but speaking from my own experience, when we post an open full time position in our district we have at least 20 applicants within the week.
  11. WineRN

    Sub for my school left a mess

    One of the other nurses in my district always says that a school nurse's office is like someone's kitchen, it has all the same tools but it's exactly how the owner wants it. I've had issues with subs both moving and stealing things from my office.
  12. WineRN

    Dear Parent....

    Sending you hugs. It always stings a little when a parent is unhappy with the care you provided or when they complain to the powers above. You know you are doing the very best for your students, so let that negative energy roll off and keep your head high.
  13. WineRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I have a little one who has asked every 2 minutes if his dad is here yet...we are on 20 minutes in.... C'mon and hurry up spring break. I need you
  14. WineRN

    C'Mon Now!

    This made me laugh outloud in my office and scare the little ones I have in here resting.
  15. WineRN


    I spend so much time using this intervention and I never gave it a name!
  16. WineRN

    Switch to elementary?

    600 sounds so much better than over a 1000.

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