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WineRN has 4 years experience and specializes in NCSN.

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  1. Weirdest Thing About School Nursing...

    I'm at a k-5 and maybe it's because like the above mentions, I talk with my staff so often since the littles are always getting hurt, we know each other better. How involved in you with school things? I feel like the more they see you outside o...
  2. NCSN

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That test is definitely a tough one!
  3. Teacher Issue...

    I'm the odd one out here but I would talk with the teacher the next morning when kids weren't around if possible and see if maybe the student was having a bad day or hard time in class since your assessment showed they were fine medically and the par...
  4. Kids staying home

    I do similar to the above where we share the list of high and low risk symptoms and request testing for any high risk and more than 1 low risk. I've had a handful of positive, ALL started with low risk symptoms
  5. That was a first

    Amazing job! They are lucky they have you there to save lives!!
  6. I'm tired!

    I agree with so much of the above. Just hold on! I feel like every day since it's gotten warm here I've been having more "normal" interactions with my students and staff instead of being the "COVID news bringer" that I was in the Winter and fall. I...
  7. Positive Case after both vaccines

    Two in my building BUT they weren't at the 14-day mark from their second (One was 2 days out and the other was 11)
  8. New To School Nursing, No EHR

    I might throw in a little scare tactic about security. Word docs are not a secure form of charting. If anyone gets access to your computer or if a virus attacks your computer those files are at risk and FERPA is a BIG deal. Or if the computer crashes...
  9. School Nurse Software System

    I love SNAP. It was made specifically for school nurses. You can pull data reports on everything from med administration to visit log information, it has a lot of templates which save time and it's pretty user friendly
  10. I work at a school. Child comes in with a fever and dry cough so I call home. Parent answers and immediately says "It's probably COVID because his babysitter had it". I asked when the last time they saw the babysitter and parent responds "T...
  11. Well looks like you can ambulate on your own!
  12. Medication Error in School

    I second this. I just caught up on a thread and part of me wants to tell you to stay just so then if this IS a malicious attempt by your supervisior she does something else to give your lawyer more ammo to bury her in the dirt. And if it isn't and it...
  13. Considering Becoming A School Nurse

    I went from adults to school nursing and it is a BIG adjustment dealing with both your students and their parents. The other big adjustment was being the ONLY medically minded person in the building. You don't realize how different a nurse thinks unt...
  14. What are some of your office policies?

    This is what my district uses regarding COVID
  15. Summer Summer Summer!

    We are hoping to travel a little but I have two littles and a bun in the oven so I'm just looking forward to backyard adventures in the pool and in the garden. I will do the NASN virtual conference though because work just offered to pay for it ...