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  1. WineRN

    Switch to elementary?

    600 sounds so much better than over a 1000.
  2. My best friend is a social worker in the Chicago Public school system. One of her high schools has over 2200 kids and only a part time nurse who doesn't see students, only attends meetings and then leaves. I can't even imagine signing a 504 on a student I've never met. The rest of the time the front desk staff just take their temp and offer to let them use the phone to go home.
  3. WineRN

    School Title

    Prior to school nursing, I was Nurse First name and it is a hard habit to break! My staff refers to me as Nurse Wine in front of the little ones, but whenever I call home I just naturally say Nurse First Name. When the littles aren't around most of the staff still calls me Nurse First Name because there are 3 other teachers with the same first name here
  4. WineRN

    Good Kids

    One of my daily med kids came in and asked if he could shut the door to my office to tell me something important (my door is open 99% of the time). So I said ok, shut the door and with such a serious face for a second grader he said "Nurse Wine, a girl likes me" He also then told me how they have been texting each other all weekend and now I feel as ancient as a TRex because I wasn't flirting in second grade!
  5. WineRN

    Do you run any special groups?

    I run a Healthy Leaders group and last year I co lead a small group of girls being raised by only their dads. First step is getting the Principal on board. If your district is as strict as ours there might be a few extra hoops, for the small group of girls we needed to pick a time where the students wouldn't be missing a significant amount of class because holding it before or after school made it "less inclusive" because not everyone has transportation to come early/say late. I LOVE my Healthy leaders. We talk about how to call 911, how to make sure the "scene is safe" before going to help someone, helping new students find my office and the difference between being sick and being uncomfortable.
  6. WineRN

    When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    This is how it is in my district. I think because they all are so chatty with things like head lice and influenza, they assume we are too.
  7. WineRN

    Happy Friday!

    I hope everyone has a restful weekend!
  8. WineRN

    C'Mon Now!

    it is a curse lol I thankfully don't need to input attendance, but our secretary forwards the voicemails of any of the ill ones to my phone for me to listen to in case there are any i need to track (influenza, strep etc). But just listening to parents ramble on sometimes on the voicemail is just a huge time suck
  9. WineRN

    Child Abuse

    I agree with everything that was already said and I am sorry you were put in that situation. Handling child abuse is by far the worse and most heartbreaking part of this job.
  10. WineRN

    PTO/Sick Leave, etc.

    ^^ THIS. If it is classified as Personal Time then they legally cannot tell you how to use it or "black out" dates. And you don't have to tell anyone WHY you are taking off, just that you need to use it. I would be using all that time before leaving to find a new position. Our district offers 3 PTO days with an emergency 4th if needed and "unlimited" sick time (after 3 days in a row you need a doctor's note and after 6 absences HR calls you).
  11. WineRN

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    Oh these parents. Whenever I get a similar situation, I graciously thank the parent for the information (and apologize if the situation warrants it) and let them know that the matter is being handled. They don't need to know that I am handling this by only charting a quick note.
  12. WineRN

    Another Measles Outbreak- Scary Stuff

    These topics always hit me hard. My God Daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of ALL at 2 years old. She thankfully is in remission and doing so well now, but because of her history she cannot be fully immunized. She fully relies on herd immunity to protect her from things like this.
  13. WineRN

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    I think it counts...mostly because i am counting the pink polka dots on my scrub top lol
  14. I originally just came here to stalk the topic since I'm an elem nurse, but this right here hits home for me too. We have had a few students here that fit the above description to a T and as they have gone to middle school, I wonder if they continued the behavior or if any of our interventions worked.
  15. WineRN

    New School Nurse - how to prepare

    Amen to that! But really I think the advice you have gotten so far on here has been spot on.